Thursday, August 30, 2012

You Know I'm Happy

Jessie made it in safe and sound and we've barely stopped laughing since she got here. We went into town and joined Lily and Jason and the boys for dinner or actually supper, as it should be more rightly called when plastic-ware is involved, which it was.

It was fun and Owen shared his chocolate milk with me and refused to eat his ice cream because it was too cold and at one point we told him that he couldn't have any candy out of the machine if he didn't eat his ice cream which we all realized was hysterical and also very wrong and he ended up not eating his ice cream so he didn't get any candy either which was probably good because he was already wired due to his excitement over Jessie being there.

When we got back to their place he grabbed her hand and said, "Come on, Jessie. Come to my room."
"Lots of boys have said that to me Owen," she said, "And it never works."
But then he added, "My dinosaurs are missing you," and she got up and followed him into his room so just's a good line.

We left their house just as Owen was really getting cranked up, demanding that his father attack him which means that they run screaming through the house, Owen eventually falling over in hysterical laughter.
When we left I told Jessie that truly, the best thing about being a grandmother is that I get to leave when things get crazy and it's true. Lily and Jason are going to have to deal with those boys and they will but I get to come home and put on my nightgown and watch stupid TV or read or just hang out with the girl. I swear, sometimes I feel guilty about it but then again, how many bedtimes did I proceed over? Billions. I can rest now and it's okay.

Jessie wil be leaving for the airport in awhile to go pick her Vergil and I'm sure we're going to have a great weekend. I am going to try like hell to forget about politics and just be. Just. Be.
Knowing me, I'll fail completely but I'm going to give it a shot.

I'm starting with NOT WATCHING MITT ROMNEY make his speech tonight. I think I'd have to be on a morphine drip to be able to handle that with any sort of equanimity. And darn it! I'm all out of morphine drips. So.

I got my babies and my husband keeps sending me beautiful pictures of rivers and sunsets and telling me he loves me (I think he loves me most when he's out in the woods or on the water- go figure) and all is well.

I hope you're well too. I truly do.

And here's the tiniest frog I think I ever saw. It was on the sink today, up near the faucet and I took it outside and then I took it's picture and I'm sorry the lens was foggy but that's what happens when you bring a camera out of the AC into the 500% humidity. If you click on the picture, you'll be able to see his tiny toes which look like they're made out of cellophane noodles. You can't really get a scale on how small he really is but let me just say that a dime would dwarf him. As would a cellophane noodle. Really. He was small as a hope, he was as real as a dream.

I hope the chickens didn't eat him.


  1. I love your mind and your grandsons and it is such a pleasure to come here for a read. How must it be to really, really be liked by people you don't really know just reading your words?

  2. When I took the boys to a fast food restaurant when they were little, I would threaten them with no more french fries if they didn't eat their hamburger.

    Also, I'm glad you're not watching. I just went out in the car to get dog food and caught a bit of Clint Eastwood's speech and he actually, I think, told the POTUS to go fuck himself. I'm serious.

    He sounded very, very old, and I'm amazed at the cynicism -- the whole crowd roared in approval, of course. You know, family values and all.

  3. I did. I watched him, the sanctimonious prick. Bain Capitol all smooshy, really? And to hell with the environment.


  4. The first comment was from S Jo - don't know why I forget to sign off...

  5. Have a wonderful weekend, Ms. Moon. Glad you got everyone in town for some fun, and tell Owen I am going to try his line on the lovely Mrs. Shife. Take care.

  6. Good for the chickens, bad for the frog.
    I'd rather eat a frog than watch Mitt Romney on TV.
    Enjoy the peace and quiet.

  7. "My dinosaurs are missing you."

    LOL. Hysterical!

    I love that frog.

  8. Mitt Romney = Canadian's Stephen Harper. At this point there is nothing S.H. can say that would ever make me vote for him or anyone in his party. He doesn't give a shit about people and cares only for business and money. He is trying to take Universal Health Care away from Canadians. He is despicable. Anyway...I don't know what my point it. Is there any point in praying and believing for a better life for people in the U.S. and Canada? *sigh*

    I love the frog. When my boy was small he loved frogs and would find them and beg to keep them. Some of them were just too small to keep but I let him keep others. Most of them lived a loooong time and it was so much fun! We would catch flies and feed them to the frog. It was a win/win situation!

  9. I share your thought about grand children. If I would live in the same country as they do I would probably be glad to leave them to the parents too now and then.
    I like his "My dinosaurs miss you" line for sure! He will be a winner later with that one...

  10. I watched and got the whole enchilada from Clint's debacle to Mitt's Bain Capital story. It was so disgusting.

  11. "He was small as a hope, he was as real as a dream."

    Dang I wish I had written that.

  12. Everybody said everything I was thinking. Owen and Jess, adorable. Tiny frog, adorable. And Denise made me laugh out loud, me too. But I couldn't eat that tiny adorable frog. I thought you didn't like to touch them? Did you put him out by yourself? He looks newly born and exactly as you described him.


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