Saturday, August 4, 2012

We Even Sang Beatles Songs

Lis and I just should not be left to our own devices.
We have proven this over and over again and yet, we felt the need to prove it again last night.
But it sure was fun!
I stayed up later than I've stayed up in about fifty years. Mr. Moon wrote me this morning and asked if we'd left anything to drink in the house.
"A little bit," I wrote back.

And poor Lis. Now she has to drive all the way to Asheville. By herself. She's doing that Swannanoa Gathering thing at Warren Wilson College and she'll be staying with Jessie and Vergil. I went up there with her last year and so did Hank, and Lis and I stayed in the super deluxe condo of a friend of hers. I just went back and looked at my posts from that time and it was so much fun! I should probably have gone again this year but the condo was not an option and Lis is staying with Jess and Vergil and their house is small and Lis and Jessie will both be doing Swannanoa stuff all week and so I am just staying home and letting the world of  Asheville go on without me although looking back at those posts, I sort of wish I was going for the bacon if nothing else.
Local bacon.

I'll go up and visit those kids soon. I swear I will. I love Asheville. It's a beautiful place and all the more so because Jessie and Vergil live there.

Anyway, Lis is on the road and I'm not.

Here are some pictures which aren't nearly impressive enough to rationalize my exposure to possible West Nile Virus via mosquito.

Elvis and Miss Dahlia. I have opened the garden gate this morning, hoping the chickens will go in and start helping me clear out the garden because it is DONE. I might actually put on my overalls and go pull some Sequoia-sized weeds myself. Maybe. I'm not really feeling suicidal so maybe not.

One of our banana spiders. Isn't she lovely? I think she is.

Tipsy pots.

My yard is not tidy. Things just get hidden and tucked and if the chickens don't eat the flowers I'm lucky.

Well, that's today's report. Nothing special. Lis and I laughed and cried and were shockingly intemperate and then I slept with this guy whom Owen left on the bed yesterday.

Big Bear is an excellent sleeping partner as he neither snores nor tosses about.

And the red passion flower is blooming as if the universe was giving me a blessing for my very existence.

As if I needed one.

It was a wonderful evening with my Lizzie and I wouldn't go back and change one thing about it. Sometimes girls just have to get some ya-ya's out and we did and the world seems to me today to be a more peaceful and lovely place, having shared my heart with her.

I wonder if Big Bear would like to take a nap.
I think he might.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. well, I have tried to grow those red passion flowers a couple of times but they always die. I love the banana spiders. when we were looking at the country house, it had been empty for at least a year, maybe longer, and there were over a dozen of those beautiful golden orb weavers with their huge webs all over the place. after we bought the house and started moving in, the next year we had a few and then none after that. where did they go?

  2. I'm sure we'd all perish without our women friends. I love your new flower photos.

  3. "And the red passion flower is blooming as if the universe was giving me a blessing for my very existence." Sigh... I love that, and your new header. Life is so good!

  4. I love nights like that. Glad you had one.

  5. I can't stop loving that chicken picture. The colors are unbelievable.

    Glad that you two were left to your own devices!


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