Thursday, August 23, 2012


First off, yes, I put the captchas back on. Sorry. You cannot believe the amount of email I was getting informing me of comments which of course were all spam. Now, I could just delete, delete all the anonymous comments but I do have commenters who comment anonymously and then sign their names so I don't want to block them and I don't want to ignore them and oh, shit.
I'm sorry. I'm making you go through a hassle so I don't have to.
It sucks but much of life does.

It's practically as black as night here and the rain is starting to patter down. Thunder is rumbling. I prayed that it would rain me out of my walk this morning but it did not. I know I'm complaining way too much about these walks but believe me- I could complain a lot more. I don't know what's going on with my hips, butt and legs. I guess I have sciatica for one thing. But that only explains part of it. Do I have lupus? Arthritis? Old age?
It's funny. I did a Gallop survey last night and it was about wellbeing. One of the questions was to rate my health and I rated it very highly and then a few questions later it asked about my daily pain level which I also rated quite highly.
Makes no sense but there you go.
I am healthy as a horse. I hurt all the time.
These statements seem to me to be equally true. Is that possible? I am telling myself it is.

Russell left about an hour ago and so I have the house all to myself. No boys today and Mr. Moon is at work and I have plenty to do to keep me busy but I am sorely tempted to take the Stephen King novel I just started reading last night into the library where that leather couch has ended up and just get cozy and read all day long. The rain is encouraging me in this.
The Stephen King novel, 11/22/63:A Novel, is approximately forty-two thousand pages long. As Hank says, "That man can sure write a great beginning but he never met an ending he liked."
Haha! I love Hank.
When I went to check it out at the library, the woman looked at it, hefted it, and said, "I don't even try to read books this long any more."
Well, hell. I started it. It grabbed me. Of course. He's Stephen King. He can tell a story. And so far there's none of the ooky stuff. No doubt it will creep in there at some point. Probably around page 8,967. I need some sort of hydraulic device to hold it up.
But that couch. Well, it has two recliners on it. I could lounge in complete comfort and read that book. I  didn't think I wanted that couch in the library. Too big, wrong...uh, style? But I said I'd try it and after Mr. Moon and Jason hauled it in Mr. Moon informed me that no matter what I thought, it was going to stay right there for at least a little while. This was AFTER we'd hauled in the Dead Elephant wonderful new mattress and box springs.

Okay. Here's what the couch looks like.

I've tried to make it a little more homey by throwing a quilt over the back. Mmmm...
Whatever. At least now there's a place in the library where one can read comfortably, even if it's not a chintz Victorian sofa which wouldn't be comfortable anyway.

Up until the couch went in, Owen's horse was the main piece of furniture in there which is a swell thing to ride on but not at all practical to sit and read a book on.

The rain is really coming down now. I have made a donation to The Tallahassee Youth Orchestra in honor of one of my neighbors who died recently. She was eighty-eight years old and the mother of eight, the grandmother of seventeen, the great-grandmother of eleven. She was our village's historian and figurehead. She lived in this house as a child and as a mother. I should go to at least the Rosary and visitation of family and friends tonight but I will not, most likely. I should make a jello cake and a ham. I should...

Well. I am a crappy neighbor.

I am a crappy blogger right now too. Sorry.

Shit. Maybe I'll go make a cake. Not a jello cake, though. I am a southern woman. Death requires at least a cake which I believe is far more valuable than my presence in a church which, if there IS a god, would mean that lightening would STRIKE the church and everyone in it would die. So yes, I think a cake would be safer.

Yours truly...Ms. Moon


  1. That couch looks fine. It poured here a while, but it's eased off now. Togi stopped in to get out of the rain and chat for a while. Love you!

  2. So, I don't know how you feel about chiropractics, but I have to say, I always thought it was for people who had bad backs and whatever,,,
    But I have been seeing a Gonstad chiropractor for about 2 months and feel better than I have in a long, long time. The ache in my hips? Gone. The pain in my foot? Not gone, but found out I have a bone that shifts, so she adjusts it and I'm good to go for quite some time. Enough to start walking again after about 3 or 4 years! I have completely changed my mind about this and even encourage others to try it.
    Ok, so there ya go :)
    Keep safe and warm and dry in that lovely library!

  3. The couch looks great and a quilt perfect to curl up under on a cool morning or evening or anytime. I have a thing for curling up when I get cold.

    My first born was glued to Stephen King books and movies. I haven't read one myself but I did like watching the movies with my kids. He has a way of sneaking the creep in at that moment when ones home is all quiet and darkest...notice that? Yes, I get scared.

    Enjoy your day inside with the rain...looks like you will be keeping an eye on the weather for awhile.

  4. Hank'a comment cracked me up. Watch out for Isaac.

  5. Oh, a library. Now that is a wonderful thing - and the couch looks so perfect for curling up and reading...and falling asleep!

  6. I agree, that couch looks perfect for stretching out and reading. I'm green with envy over your built in boo k cases. Hank is right about Mr. King. He writes gigantic books. Trying to resist the urge to look at that one on Amazon since I just bought a bagful at Goodwill, two Barbara Kingsolvers! (no library district for poor little me, I have to buy all my books)

    I'm with you on the mystery aches and pains, I think I wouldn't mind so much if I only knew the cause. I'm a why kind of gal.

    Happy reading, and hope the walks stop hurting. I'm trying to be motivated by you, as I've become a lazy pile this summer. I would blame the heat, but you live in Florida, and look at you go.

  7. Can you think of any reason why the pain went whilst on your weekend away . . . ?
    I love the couch and books and rocking horse and rain, perfect.

  8. It took me 3 times til read that last paragraph before my pea brain understood that you being in the church would cause the lightening... Oy. I like the couch too. It seems to fit in a library. All the itis's seem to hit at out age. But you are not giving into the pain and that is great. You are motivating several of us with your daily walks. A lot of your blog motivates. S Jo

  9. That couch looks a whole lot like ours... which is not ours anymore, it's Shawn's. *We sold it. Does it have recliners built in? Those are fun.

    Yea, Ive been feeling like I should make some food too, but honestly... I think they are ok and I'm not up for it. Carol told me they are pretty much drowning in Lasagna!

    I'm sure whatever you decide will be fine. Will you make me a cake too, even though I'm still here? heh heh! You're cakes are pretty rockin.

  10. Stephen King is one more reason I love my Kindle!

  11. Can we be neighbors? I've had a cake mix (yes it counts!) on the counter for two days that I haven't had time to make. I'm dying to know what you think of the book. I've been listening to the audio version at work and I love it more and more as I listen on.

  12. DTG- It IS fine. It truly is. I miss Togi.
    I love you.

    Michelle- No! I totally believe in chiropractic! But...I would have to call and make an appointment. I am getting worse and worse at the telephone. One of my, oh, let's just call it...anxieties. But you have put the bug in my ear and I can't go on like this for much longer.

    Ellen- Some of King's books I have loved. Others not so much. But my god! There are plenty to choose from!

    Syd- We're watching.

    Liv- I didn't give it much of a test run today. A little bit. It was comfortable as it could be.

    Mel- I would DIE without the library. I feel so fortunate to have more than one available. The bookshelves were here when we bought the house.

    Bugerlugs- I would say that relaxation and adequate amounts of sleep, rest, love, and alcohol helped tremendously.

    S. Jo- I am trying not to give in to the pain and also, not do something stupid at the same time by being stubborn. Fine line.

    Ms. Fleur- I made the prune cake. I didn't tell Anna it had prunes. I just said "spice" with caramel icing. Yes, I can make you a cake sometime.

    Cetta- Hello! Nice to see a new face. I was thinking that indeed, the Kindle is perfect for King's tomes.

    Jacki- I'm still only about seventy pages into it but it is keeping my attention. Hello to you, too! Please come back any time.

  13. I like the couch. It looks so comfy. And Hank is such a crack up! Although, I do have to agree with him.
    Did you make the cake?

  14. I think the couch looks great! And I completely understand about the captchas -- I did the same thing. Had to put them back on because of spam.

  15. Angie- I did indeed make the cake.

    Steve- I'm glad I'm not the only one.

  16. Ms. Moon, the couch looks cozy and perfect in that library. And as for the pain all the time, I'm right there, even though I don't talk about it on the blog. i really hope whatever is pinched in me, miraculously unpinches as it did in you.

    Your library looks like a story book place, especially with that wooden horse. I can only imagine the magic of it when it's pouring rain outside. enjoy.


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