Friday, August 10, 2012

The rain came on hard the last block of my walk. I figure that in the last six weeks I've walked almost one hundred miles.
And yet, I gained half a pound this week.
I saw it coming.
My power is out. Posting this via the iPhone.
It's Friday, y'all.
Love...Ms Moon


  1. When I walk I fall in love with the town I live in, and the climate that covers me. Don't worry about the half pound - it's probably just water. I myself gain 8 pounds of water each month, and then cheer when it sloughs off again.

    Have a lovely weekend, Ms. Moon!

  2. I have to say that's a fantastic photo. Screw the poundage -- keep walking.

  3. I can't walk, but I do work out at a gym faithfully, three days a week. I missed a week on vacation, lost weight that week and was real pleased with myself, until the gym manager pointed out it was the muscle I had made working out. Keep walking.

  4. I love the picture; I crave rain.

  5. Chrissy- Eh, that half pound? I know where it came from.

    Elizabeth- I really like that picture too. It's ominous as hell, isn't it? They sky looks like this all the time here this summer. Unless it's just raining.

    Joanne- Hello! Nah, this isn't just muscle. I know it.

    Kori- We are so blessed with it this summer.

  6. Keep up the walking. We will be out there next week doing the same.

  7. "Oh, oh. Sure," ... I love that! What a sensible boy. :-)

    Ah the rain. I live in a rainforest and one would think that I have seen enough rain to last the rest of my life but my heart always rejoices when the rains come. The sun makes my heart glad but the rain settles it.


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