Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Earth Has Turned And So Have I

Well I made a remarkable recovery today. I popped three Ibuprofen and got to work. I defrosted my little dorm-sized refrigerator that my microwave sits on where I keep my grains and beans and stuff. You can't believe the ants we have around here. The other day I was eating some wheat thins, mindlessly as a blind swan and suddenly realized I had tiny black ants all over me. When I actually looked into the box from which I was eating I saw that it was pretty much black. With ants.
So, that little refrigerator is perfect to keep my brown rice and quinoa and grits and soybeans and black-eyed peas and Pepperidge Farm Stuffing mix in, safe from ants and weevils.
I love Pepperidge Farm Stuffing mix. I use it for making meat loaf and topping casseroles and making squash croquettes and oh, all kinds of things. At Thanksgiving I actually use it to make stuffing.
Anyway, so yeah, I got all the ice out of that little bad boy and while it was in the process of defrosting, I decided to get into the Glen Den and do something about that room because not only was it a sin of dust-coated neglected shelves with thousands of doo-dads on them, it's also where the last bastion of dog stinkage lay, embedded in the rug in that room. There are two sets of shelves and a mantel and I actually cleaned one set of shelves and the mantel and threw stuff out and put stuff away that had been sitting there forever. Knitting projects of mine. Embroidery books of mine. Things I haven't touched in literally years. I organized the toys a little bit. And kid books. Because that's where the toys live and some of the more popular story books.

I got to the other set of shelves and I just crumpled. No way. I call it the Museum of Glen.

Rattlesnake skin, fishing poles, an antique clock, old Avon bottles and glasses from Europe and fishing lures and articles about Glen when he was a basketball player and pictures and antique other stuff and petrified oyster shells and oh hell, everything. EVERYTHING! 
So I just sort of fake-cleaned that and then I cleaned behind the sofa and rolled up the nasty rug and brought it out to the porch to be taken to be cleaned and finally I mopped the floor and it's all much nicer in there and smells of Fabuloso and white vinegar and the floor is gleaming. 
Here are more pictures of the Glen Den.

Deer heads. There are more than one. Trust me.

Fish mounts and our original Roger Leonard painting of the beach and our house at Dog Island which Mr. Moon traded Roger for a Suburban. As one guy said, looking at the picture, "You sure got the better deal."
Oh. You can see me in that picture too in the hallway mirror. 

So I did all of that and finished the little refrigerator and finished the laundry and found a dead squirrel on the porch which was Maurice's first mammal kill and oh boy, I'm excited about that. I gingerly picked up the corpse with a plastic bag and took it out in the rain to the fence line and threw it over. 

And then Jessie sent me this:

Just a little picture she painted today while she's recovering from her knee surgery. 
Click on it. Really look at it. 
She, like May, has no idea what an artist she is. 

My god. Where do our children COME from? 

So. There you go. The moon must have changed phases or maybe that storm in the Atlantic which is possibly heading our way has blown out some cobwebs and sorrow or maybe just getting off my ass and doing something which I could actually see the results from has sweetened my temper, has relieved my pain.

Or maybe it was the Ibuprofen. 

Whatever. And I had a nice chat with Kathleen and one with Billy as well. 

And damn. Now I need to go make a salad to go with the venison pot roast and potatoes and carrots I've made. 

Yeah. Here we go. Life is all right by me tonight. 

See you tomorrow.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm going with the moon shifting things. Up until today this week was absolute shit for me and today it turned a corner. I'm very proud of Maurice and the mammal kill. Very sorry you have to deal with the gifts - you know she loves you.

  2. Jessie's painting is charming!

  3. I read something is not positive thinking is actually positive action that gets us where we want to be. Seems like there was a lot of positive action going on today...

  4. I'm glad things took a turn for the better. I always feel good after I clean. Your house is so...HOMEY. And the painting is fabulous -- I love all the detail. I even recognize some of those flowers from my time in Florida! Those long purple ones used to bloom in the piney woods all around our house in the fall.

  5. Yes, what is UP with the ants this year? Even out here on the bugless west coast, the amount of ants amassing literally everywhere is beyond belief! I looked up one evening in our main family bathroom and there was literally a line of them circling the ceiling,single file on all four walls and across the ceiling. Bizarre.

    And Jesse's painting is so beautiful. Dang. I wish I could draw or paint.

  6. Fake-clean ... hehe, OH, I am good at that!

    I like the painting. :)

  7. Jessie's painting would look beautiful framed and hanging on my wall. She's so talented! Glad to hear you're doing better and that you triumphed over the Glen Den.

  8. Oh thank you for all the compliments on my painting. A friend gave me a flower arrangement from her garden and I just tried to copy it. Pictures of flowers never get old to me.


  9. Jill- This morning the gift was a mole. At least we'll never go hungry.

    A- Isn't it?

    aint for city gals- I believe that. Fuck the positive thought. Go mop a floor.

    Steve Reed- Yes. My house is definitely homey. And, uh, "lived in." And cozy, too, I think.

    Elizabeth- And she's all like, "I just copy what I see." And I'm like, "Right."
    The ants have been insane this year here. I don't care to discuss the roaches, either.

    Crystal Chick- We all know how to do that, don't we?

    Angella- I hope it becomes framed and on the wall in MY house. I'm so glad to feel better.
    Thank you.

    honeyluna- Pictures of flowers make my heart so happy. As you know. And that picture is SUCH a happy picture. And you make me happy. I love you, baby girl.

  10. The moon was fabulous this past week. Glad to have been on the boat when it wasn't raining. And I could see the sunrise and sunsets.

    Jessie is talented.

  11. I love the painting!! And, I will say that you always sound so industrious. Me, not so much. I can barely read blogs some day, all that clicking.

    Congratulations on your book!! She Does write!

  12. Jessie's picture is divine!
    And you must be super human. All that cleaning.


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