Wednesday, September 24, 2014

And bed it was and magazines and tea and a peanut butter sandwich and then I heard something, was it Elvis, come through the dog door onto the porch? but no, it was Gibson, and then I heard Owen and then Lily say, "Ssshhhh. She might be sleeping," and I called to them and they came into my room, three beauties, Owen carrying flowers, Gibson a balloon and Lily had pineapple nectar and food treats ranging from a chicken pot pie to a little bar of Halvah, my favorite candy, perhaps, in the world.
Oh, their faces!
They did my heart so good and it was so sweet and I was so grateful.
They didn't stay long, just long enough for hugs (but no kisses!) and I swear, Owen is bigger and older-looking than he was yesterday, and he caught me a love-bug duo and gave it to me, "For love," he said, and I was charmed beyond belief.
After they left I slept for awhile and had the acting dream- going onstage in an hour and having no idea what my lines were and nothing was blocked and it was simply a nightmare and I couldn't even find a highlighter to mark my lines and costumes? Were there any?
Yes well.
I woke up from that and tried to be a little productive. I made a dough for bread of flour and oat bran and corn meal and molasses and left-over mashed potatoes and an egg and yeast and it is rising and the pinto beans I started yesterday are simmering. I washed the dishes and swept a floor and had to lay down again and now I'm up again to check the beans and rising bread and make more tea.
It is cool. I am wearing a shirt with sleeves. All day the wind has blown, or at least a good, rustley breeze, there are lilies and roses on my hallway altar and twenty-nine years ago today I was two days away from giving birth to Lillian Rose Moon, moving as slowly as I have today, full and ready and yearning to hold this baby outside of my belly and five years ago today, Lily was the same with Owen, except only one day away from holding him and it's good to be able to think on things like that today, quiet in my house as I lay on my bed and felt the energy of it all bathe and enter me with the breeze and the cool air and if you have to be sick, this is the sick to have, this is the way to be.
And I feel so loved.


  1. If Elvis discovers the dog door, you're in trouble.

  2. The sweetest scene of caring, loving, healing.

  3. I've got some kind of creepin crud myself. It started yesterday with a little feeling of congestion in my chest. Today it's been a huge block of mucus that makes me cough but won't move. I've used Nyquil (my cure for everything), cough medicine, and Mucinex. It's loosened up a bit, but now I've added sneezing to the coughing and I can't eat anything. I set up a group of Big Brother fans to meet tonight for the finale....and I'm the only one not going.

  4. My mom had me and my brother and I had my daughter and son under the same moons. It is strange to think that we both convinced within days of each other and gave birth when the sun was at the same spot in the sky. There was only a difference of 7 days. I hope this makes sense.

  5. Being thought of and cared for when you're sick is the best medicine of all, I think. And the little scene you described is so wonderful. By the way, I adore halvah, too. I wish I had some right this instant.

  6. A lot of healing sweetness.
    Wish I could taste one of your breads! Feel better...

  7. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well - but how great to get that visit from Lily and the boys. Must be nice to be cared for!

  8. You always make me feel all warm and fuzzy when sharing your family with us.If there was more of you and yours the world would be so much nicer.. Get better soon. Do you have a recipe for that bread? Please? it sounds delightful!

  9. Mr. Downtown- Ain't that the truth? Some of the hens have discovered it but they don't appear to be inclined to use it very often.

    Andrea- It was.

    catrina- That sounds terrible. Make sure you're getting plenty of fluids.

    Beth Coyote- Thank you, dearest Beth.

    ditchingthedog- It certainly does!

    Elizabeth- Love is healing. And halvah is heaven.
    I ate my entire (thankfully small) bar of it by myself. I didn't even offer my husband a taste.

    A- My breads are my therapy sometimes. Making them, at least.

    Steve Reed- The nicest!

    Mary i- I never have a recipe for my bread. I just make it up as I make it. I'm sorry!

    Angella- It felt like I was being covered in angel kisses. I swear.

  10. Reading about your getting ready to give birth makes me a bit sad. I can imagine you must have been a bit apprehensive for what was to come. And I think of my wife and me with our decision not to have children. But it seems it was for the best. No need to pass on bad genes.


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