Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New News

Well, strange day already.
Went to my appointment with the orthopedist and four-hundred and fifty dollars later I've been informed that the injury I sustained on my wrist 43 years ago (how can it have been that long ago?) was rather severe and there were bones involved that they didn't even realize the function of at that time (I'm lucky they didn't bleed me, I guess) and also, there was bad tendon damage and well, now it's all gnarly and fucked up and throw in arthritis and they could do surgery to fuse the bones but that would limit my mobility and here's an ugly-ass brace to wear which I can't wear and do anything and it's made of 90% velcro and how in hell do you go through life wearing velcro without getting half the world stuck to it?

So. They're going to send me to a neurologist to see if I have carpal because I guess they CAN do something about that but hell. Whatever.

I do like that doctor. He was nice and took time to explain things to me and so forth.

And here's a funny thing- when I checked in at the desk, they thanked me for doing my paperwork online and to show their appreciation, they gave me a coupon for a free Chik-Fil-A chicken sandwich and I said, "Oh, I don't really support them," and then apologized and said, "I didn't even need to bring that up. I'm sorry."
But then the guy who came in after me who probably has ten years on me (in the older direction) had also done his paperwork online and when they gave him his coupon he said, "Nope. Don't go there! Their politics SUCK!"
Which cracked me up and I said, "See? It's not just me!"

So that was amusing and gave me a smile.

Anyway, that's not what I'm supposed to be talking about today. What I'm supposed to be talking about is this.

Yep. That's my Shebooks book and it's not really a book because Shebooks just does shorter things and they're in an online format and not a physical, you know, book, but it's two longish short stories and it's available for download onto your Kindle or tablet. Sort of. The Amazon site is here although I don't think you can actually download it yet because it says, "No pricing information available," so there is that. And it's supposed to be on the Shebooks website but so far, it has not appeared. And by the end of the week is going to be downloadable onto your mobile device. 
I'll give you that link when it happens. 

The information on the date of publication didn't quite get to me and when it did, it was wrong, and there was confusion but as the publisher said to me in an e-mail, since it's not a traditional sort of publishing, it doesn't really matter. 

I am feeling extremely ambivalent about this and I'm not sure why. It is very exciting to be able to go to Amazon and type in my name as "author" and find a link, even if the link has "no pricing available" because, well, it just is. 
But on the other hand, there's part of me that feels as if it is NOT a real book because I'm old and real books should have a smell and so I'm not like jumping up and down about it. 
Then, on another hand, (who do I think I am, Lakshmi? and that would be terrific because I would then have three good wrists instead of just one)

I am proud of the stories and I do not think they are bad stories at all and they come from the heart. 
AND on the one remaining hand I would have if I WERE Lakshmi, I am so very, very grateful for the opportunity to have something published, albeit in a non-traditional way and I think our darling Angella for that. 

Here's what the blurb on Amazon says about my stories and me:

Mary Moon explores the landscape of long-married life—the hidden hurts and disappointments that lead women to consider leaving, and the tender weight of shared history that prompts them to stay. In “Into the Light,” a wife and mother finds the idea that she might legally choose the moment of her death comforting, but how will she balance the finality of that choice against the little joys and inevitable tragedies of living? And in “Missing the Boat,” a couple on a cruise vacation share very different ideas of how to spend their days, with unforeseen results. 

MARY MOON lives in the small village of Lloyd in North Florida with her husband. She has four grown children and tends a very small flock of chickens and occasionally an even smaller flock of grandsons. She blogs about her life and anything else she feels like discussing at 

This is a short e-book published by Shebooks--high quality fiction, memoir, and journalism for women, by women. For more information, visit

So. There you go. I owe everyone in the entire world everything. 
You know who you are. 

Love and Kisses...The Author


  1. This might be the best announcement of an impending publication that I've ever read. I love you so much.

  2. Ooh, exciting!... The book, not the news about your wrist... that sucks. I need that link... can't wait to download my first book onto ma mobile dee-vice girl! As always, love, hugs 'n' stuff. Love you loads x

  3. So sorry about your wrist, ugh.

    So, so excited about your book. I am a shebooks subscriber, so I'm going to keep hitting refresh until it's available for download. Congratulations!

  4. Well, I'll be getting the book in whatever format I can.

    The wrist news sucks :( And even more that you have to pay that much to be told it's very bad and there's nothing they can do. I'm highly suspicious of bone fusing, it never seems to solve more issues than it causes. Hum. Not nice.

    Good on all you well informed people for refusing the Chik-fil-a coupon. What an odd, random reward for doing paperwork. Just pay me back some money, please!

  5. I can't wait to order it. You rock.

  6. I am very happy that your voice is more out in the world, and smug that I found you long before. xo

  7. This is such wonderful news Mary. Congratulations! Sadly for me, I have no electronic devices to download a book to but I will hang in there for a hard copy because I know you will be such a success that your work will go into print. Real print on paper.

    As far as the chik thing goes, I think people should say something, take a stand against tyranny so to speak. :)

  8. Well, you are most welcome! ;) Ha.

    I feel the same way as Maggie May (and the same way ABOUT Maggie May too!) and it was a jackpot of a day Mary Moon, when you stumbled into my life all those long years ago.

    I am sort of sick that it cost you that much to go to the ortho, but thank god you got that hate sandwich slip. Ugh. Although i have to confess that I still DO eat their spicy chicken sandwich even though i feel guilty because well, I'm complicated.

    Love you!

  9. Hate the whole doctor situation...and hell, they should really support local restaurants (with healthy menus)...they probably didn't even pay for the shicken vouchers! Freakin' awesome news re the book! I will have to get educated in the electronical book realm now....

  10. Thrilled for you Mary. Publishing anything can tend to make one feel vulnerable to judgment and somehow revealed but it's a wonderful book! I think all your blog readers and everyone else will thrill to your voice in these short stories. Even though it's fiction, you, your humor and humanity, your indomitable intelligence, not to mention storytelling chops, shine through.

  11. Darling, we're delighted and so very proud of you. It's HUGE. Love you so, L & L xo xo

  12. Publication is Publication, Tootsie. So glad to hear of it. You are to be congratulated!! I will toast you with a glass of bubbly (good Spanish cava) this evening. x0 N2

  13. WHAT??? I'm with Elizabeth! And I get excited about books all day long. YEE HAW! Wow, congrats. I guess I'm finally going to read a book on my ipad! YAY!!!!

  14. well, look at you, a published author. congrats.

  15. You should be proud! We have to celebrate these things in life. Though Angella is right, that vulnerable feeling is kinda hinky. I'm so excited to read it. I'm lucky to be in your company, your circle. Congratulations to you!

  16. Mary! Congratulations! You should be jumping up and down. I hope you will. But no cartwheels, because of your wrist. Anyway, I WILL be ordering it. I do 99% of my reading as e-books these days. I missed paper at first, but I've decided that it's the words that really matter to me. Congrats again, you rock!

  17. Oh, Mary, this is so exciting! As everyone else has said, and I'll repeat, Congratulations! Yippee! Whoo woo!!
    Love, Jan

  18. Congratulations, I am excited to read it. Gail

  19. When you're famous, will you still love us? :)

    I'm so very proud of you! For turning down the chick-full-of-hate coupon AND for being brave enough to get published! Can't wait to read it!!!

  20. You did it Mrs Moon... You DID publish a book. It does not matter if it is in paper or digital. A book is a book. I grew up in a book store, surrounded by "real" books my whole life and I am telling you that a digital book has as much value as a paper one. The words will be the same. Now what I would really want and would buy is an ebook with your blog posts... If that would be feasible.
    I am proud of you!

  21. My first thought was "holy shit, Mrs. Moon has gotten her book published, and I kind of know her." Awesome news!

    The number of places that I boycott has grown in the last few years. And you named one that I haven't gone to for years.

  22. Ugh. Sorry about the brace. I hope the carpal thing helps (although carpal tunnel is certainly no picnic either).

    Your book blurb sounds interesting. So here's my question -- why are Shebooks published FOR women? Can't men read them too? BY women I understand, but FOR....?!

  23. Well, I just got it! Easy breezy, downloaded right to my Kindle for Mac. :) Congratulations!

    I have to go add you to my sidebar of blogs now. Back later...


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