Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It's Been A Day So Far

So I had the craziest house dream yet and I turned that house we used to live in into the best place in the world with little donkeys running around the yard (have I ever mentioned my desire for miniature burros?) and plenty of room for chickens and it was like I kept adding to it and adding to it in my dream and then not only was there all of that and a beautiful house with gorgeous trees and plants and  a pool but IT WAS ON THE BEACH! White sand, completely gin-clear water, and I was like, "Why did we ever sell this house?"
And I was speaking to a guy who lived there and I told him that I dreamed about that house and then I said, "In fact, I'm dreaming now! I'm talking to you in my dream!"
And so when I got up I was pondering all of this and then Miss Butterscotch got up on the roof of the hen house and couldn't figure out how to get down

and in between all of this pondering and excitement, I forgot about Keith being on the Today show until it was too late and I missed him, dammit, but it'll be up on the internet somewhere before long.

And I've been texting with Lily and with Billy and with Mr. Moon and talking to Lily and Hank and I'm going to town to go with Lily to pick up Owen from school and then we're all going to lunch and not only did I miss Keith, I believe I've missed my walk but the sheets are in the wash and life will go on and how are you?


  1. I'm good, thanks for asking!
    Is it weird that I want to give you my number so we can text? Lol I think your texts would be so random and fun.
    It snowed here yesterday.
    That story will also be on the net soon.

  2. I'm headed into the city with a long list of errands.

  3. I want miniature buffalos and little horses the size of cats.

  4. I am fine. I went on a walk for you.

  5. I am wonderful. I just read a blog (don't ask as it was just a random one). It was about some lovely older lesbians (hope no one here gets offended, If ya'll do oh well) of 72 years that got married in Davenport Iowa. Made me smile ....

  6. PS Did not want to hurt feelings. Name of blog is "Cultural Snow" a bog by Tim Footman. Your non blogging/don't comment often/chicken loving fan from T-town AL. Mary i.. HAVE a Great Day!

  7. Mary i, offended by what, the lesbians being 'older'? They are in their nineties!! This ain't the sort of place where people take offense at people getting to marry each other after waiting 70 years :)

    Mary, how's Owen dealing with Kindergarten these days? Is the anxiety passing?

  8. Did Miss. Butterscotch make it down?

  9. I swear it's all due to that big fat moon up there. But at least you got the sheets done.
    I even forgot that.

  10. I don't think I have ever expressed to another person, in a dream, the fact that I was dreaming. I know I have realized I'm dreaming during a dream, but I haven't told anyone else! Interesting.

    Poor Miss Butterscotch. So confused.

  11. heartinhand- My texts are random. That is for sure!
    It snowed? What? WTF?

    Ellen Abbott- My list was mostly, "Have fun with boys." That sounds wrong. You know what I mean.

    Ms. Vesuvius- Oh god. Me too!

    Elizabeth- Thank you. I just couldn't pull it together.

    Mary i- I saw that! It made me so happy! And like Jo said- that's not going to offend anyone around this joint!

    Jo- Much better. Much better. Thank you.

    ditchingthedog- Absolutely.

    Sabine- And they were heaven last night.

    Steve Reed- I had never done that either. It was sort of cool.


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