Friday, September 26, 2014

Birthday Post

I called Owen this morning.
"Happy birthday, my beautiful little prince," I told him. (Calling him "my beautiful little prince" sort of makes me want to put a gag in my own mouth and sort of makes me want to buy a smallish gold crown and crimson velvet cape for him to wear.)
No sooner were the words out of my mouth than he began to wail. "I don't even want today to be my birthday!" he sobbed.
Oh Owen. He is SUCH a drama queen. Wonder where he picked that up?
But he called me a little later to tell me that he'd opened one of his presents and I have no idea what it was but he surely was excited about it. He ended up saying, "See you at my party!"
Which will be tomorrow.

He is five.

Here's my post from last year where I sort of summed up his birthing day. 

The day he created a family.

I love that picture. I love those people. 

It's absolutely impossible for me to do justice to the way I feel about that child and the way his presence on this earth has affected me and our family. 

There are, of course, ten million more. 

But. There you are. A few moments in the five years of his life. 

Owen Curtis Hartmann.

My beautiful little prince. My firstborn grandson.  

Happy birthday. My god, but you are loved. 

Mer Mer


  1. As I am fond of saying - that sweet sweet boy. Who you have shared with the world here and made many to fall in love with.

    Coincidentally Owen's birthdays mark my "reading your blog" anniversary. I found your blog a few days before he was born.

    Both the birthday and the anniversary are nice thing :)

  2. Dear Mary; Thank you ever so much for sharing this with us! It truly bought tears of happiness to me. The best ( in my eyes) is Owen and Elvis Probably not correct spelling. All pictures are truly wonderful. You are an awesome MerMer :) Give that "Child Blessing" a big hug and kiss from a fan in Alabama!!!He is as Jill said made many hearts around the world around the whole wide world fall in LOVE. ( I was in a black puppy mood now i feel so much better. Off subject, I need some help about Hurricane lily. I have one.:( how do I make more?? it is in full bloom right now. HELP ME PLEASE!Interwebs are not much help at all. As you know I live in T-Town,Alabama so It will live here.

  3. PS ( chatty Kathy Sorry) as you know I am a non-blogger so will check back about H.L. and Bread reciepe. You Rock Grandma! ( still Smiling)

  4. Oh, my! The pic of him and Elvis brought tears to my eyes!! What a beautiful child he is! Grandbabies are the best thing EVER!!!

  5. Nice tribute to a lovely young boy. All good wishes for years and years and years of happiness.
    Enjoy the party. :)

  6. Happy birthday, Owen! See you at the party!

  7. Wow... where did those 5 years go? It seems like only yesterday you were sharing the news that he was born! Such a beautiful boy, a beautiful family, and beautiful Boppy and Mer-Mer. So much love, my heart bursts for you, dear Mary x

  8. Happy Birthday to Owen! Gail

  9. Happy Birthday sweet Owen! Sweet Jo

  10. These pictures make me cry. It goes by so very fast.

  11. Jill- Thank you so much for sticking around here all these years. Your presence and comments are precious to me.

    mary i- When I went back, looking for pictures, I found so many of Owen and Elvis. I hadn't realized we've had Elvis this long and yet, we have.
    As to making more hurricane lilies- well, they'll just make more of themselves, as bulbs do. Beyond that, I have no clue. Walk around and see if you see more in abandoned yards to dig up? Mine just seem to spring up out of nowhere.

    catrina- Yes, they really are.

    Crystal Chick- Thanks! The party should be big fun.

    Angella- Yes. There will be pictures. We shall ALL be at the party.

    Sandy- Thank you. Where DOES the time go?

    Gail- He has no idea he is loved by so many people around the world. Isn't that funny? Thanks!

    Sweet Jo- I'll kiss him for you.

    May- Too fast, too fast, too fast. I swear. I've been crying for two days now. Jeez. We're so damn emotional. I love you.

    Maggie May- I'll tell him!

  12. Wishing a wonderful birthday to Owen! What a great chronology in photos of his life so far. He will treasure all those photos and the blog writings about him.


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