Wednesday, September 24, 2014

If You've Got It, Shake It. If You Don't, Oh Well.

I'm sick today. I think it's just a cold but I don't feel like doing a damn thing and I don't think I will.
See- this is what comes of going out in public. I don't know how many people I heard sneezing when I was out last Friday. I was blessing people all over the retail world.
Bless you!
Some out loud, some only in my mind. Depending, you know.

This is what Elvis looks like today.

One pathetic tail-feather, blowing in the breeze. 
That's sort of how I feel with the exception of maybe not even having one tail feather to shake. 

Oh! Good news! Lily called me this morning and said, "Guess who walked out to the playground this morning with a big old smile on his face and said, "Bye, Mom!"?

Owen, we are so proud of you. And oh, the heartache you put your mama through!

Well, I'm going to go lay down. I'm just not sure where yet. Bed? Or couch? 
Decisions, decisions. 


(The agony.)

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Elvis looks like a hot mess with that single feather. He is such a good rooster, isn't he?

    Rest well! Oh, and yay for Owen that sweet sweet boy.

  2. "'Sneeze. Bless you!" Yup, I do that! Even if the person can't hear me because they are on the other side of the store or wherever. I just say it. :)

    Feel better! Here's a hot bowl of delicious BLOG.CHICKEN.SOUP for you. And, a {hug}.

  3. Always pick bed!! When in doubt, pick bed. When not in doubt, pick bed. May you wake feeling as if you had a tail feather, or at least a tail. xoxox

  4. I am with Betsy. Pick the bed, it offers the most delicious naps! I hope you feel better. I am sending repeated "Bless Yous" for all your sneezes.

  5. ' the agronize! ' as Dakota used to say.


    dang Mary so sorry


  7. Feel better, Mary. I hope you're just sick enough to take to your bed but not too sick to enjoy it.

  8. I hope you feel better very soon. Gail

  9. What happened to Elvis' tail? That's just tragic!

  10. I try to stay away from people especially this time of year. I don't/won't get flu shots. have heard too many people getting the flu after getting the shot. oh, it was just a different strain, one the shot didn't cover. well then, what the fuck! why get a shot at all. anyway, since my grandkids got out of elementary school I don't get sick. and haven't had the flu since my very early 30s. well, I did get sick with something about 14 years ago but it wasn't the flu. We do an open house with other glass artists during the first weekend of December every year and I am always afraid I'm going to get infected with something but I haven't so far. I just try and keep my immune system strong.

  11. So great that Owen likes school. And having him be so happy is good.


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