Monday, September 15, 2014

The Crazy Report

The hurricane lilies are opening up their fantastical blooms on their slender stalks. They seem so unlikely, yet there they are. I see scattered groups of them marking former home sites around Lloyd, the old houses long gone, but the lilies still bloom where people once lived.

Quiet here today but the boys will be coming soon. Owen can't do the family whistle yet but he vocalizes the notes when he hops out of the car. Whoo-hoo! he shouts and I whistle it back, thus we establish where we are, announce greeting and welcome.

My weekend's hard labor did not harm me and I took a very good walk this morning. I got a text from Jessie and she is making a short solo visit this week to have an interview at the hospital in Tallahassee and to go through the house with the painter. I am so glad she is coming. Perhaps she will coax me out of my malaise and isolation.

And now I need to go make three medical-related calls, none of them anything scary but which shake me just by their very nature which is that of being related to the health care industry in any way. And also because they are phone calls. It is at times like this where am aware that the monster of anxiety is always right here, behind a door so thin that it is nothing more than an illusion.
Which of course does nothing but make me more anxious.
Illusions within illusions.
Funny how I'd rather spend five hours sweating like a draft horse than to make one silly phone call. Yet, there you are.

I never said I wasn't crazy.

It looks as if we might get some rain in the next few days. I will be glad of that.

May your Monday be a good one.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. My dad was a good whistler. :)
    I never did develop the skill.

    Enjoy your visit. Hope it fills you with joy.

  2. I am right beside you with what crazy looks like. And for some reason that makes it a little less scary.

    I am glad your Jessie will be near you soon.

  3. I hope you made the calls and they're now over and done with.
    I'd be contemplating those beautiful lilies....

  4. The Crazy Report shd. be a title...

  5. Have you heard of the singer Kate Wolf? She has a song called "The Lilac and the Apple Tree," about two plants growing on the site of an old homestead where the house and everything else is long gone. The hurricane lilies, growing beside the ghosts of houses, remind me of that song. I love how plants persist long after the things we build disappear.

  6. Well, the hurricane lilies came up just in time for old Odile to hit Cabo. Been watching the devastation and it is extreme. Terrible.

  7. can't whistle though not for lack of trying. just don't have the right shaped mouth I guess.


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