Wednesday, September 3, 2014


What a day it's been! There's Tarzan in the fig tree. Or as I call him, my little Calvin Klein model. Is that wrong? Too bad. He is so beautiful and so is his brother. Owen's doing better every day with going to school. Today he told me had a good time with Mitchell. That Mitchell was AWESOME! I'm not sure who Mitchell is but I'm thankful for his awesomeness.

So yeah. Doctor appointment, getting-a-brace experience, doing laundry, cooking chicken, making chicken stew to put dumplings in, making peanut butter cookies with the boys, playing outside with boys, changing diapers, downloading and trying to figure out games for Owen on the iPad, reading books to Gibson, washing dishes, sweeping the floors, chasing chickens off the back porch and cleaning up chicken poop which is mostly like sauteed grass which ain't so bad. Gibson and I played a game where I pretended to remove his ears, his cheeks, his lips, his neck, his chin, to kiss and then re-attach. He and his brother chased each other around the house and laughed loud enough to raise the old pine rafters. I've also tried to put up an author page at Amazon which was sort of fun. I'm sure ones and ones of people will visit there.

I talked to Kathleen and that was good. She sounds lovely. She sounds grand. I'm taking her chicken and dumplings tomorrow and also some collard greens and black-eyed peas and rice. I'm looking forward to seeing her.

On Friday morning Mr. Moon and I are going to load up the boat and go to Dog Island for a few days. Water, sand, pine trees, egrets, herons, osprey, nobody but us and time to do whatever we want to do.

This morning when I got up and went to get the paper, this is what the sky looked like:

Only better. 

It's all a wonder.

I'm just damn grateful. 


  1. I thought that I'd already commented here, but I don't see it! I love that photo of Owen at the top -- he is truly beautiful (as s Gibson).

    And Dog Island sounds perfect. I hope you get a bit of a crisp snap to the air out there, a harbinger of fall!

  2. Look at that boy! He's got charisma and good looks and a rich imagination and his MerMer around his finger. He's a winner at life for sure. I'm glad school is getting better.

  3. Dog Island sounds so great, especially after the busy day that you have had.

  4. I too have a little CK model. His perfect torso! His cutey butt... The set of his head... I could spend hours just marvelling at all of him. Small children, the strong, tiny, huge perfection of them.


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