The Time Of Year When Winter And Spring Come Together In Lloyd

The Time Of Year When Winter And Spring Come Together In Lloyd

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Friday, October 24, 2014

Those Poor People At Disney World

This morning, here in the Magical Kingdom of Roseland, Mr. Moon and I were having our breakfast by the pool

when two Sandhill Cranes flew in.

We went from being worried we'd scare them off to realizing that this lady and her fellow were not afraid of us at all. In fact, they walked up the lawn to say hello.

The male is studying Mr. Moon closely. 

It was so magical. They dined on bits of seeds and bugs from the grass and then I watched the female catch and eat a lizard. But what happened next stole my heart. The male caught a snake and he shook it and pecked it and broke it into pieces with that fierce beak of his and then he gave the female the biggest part of it.
Sandhill Cranes, not unlike chickens, tidbit.

I can not imagine being happier or more enchanted and charmed than I am this very moment. And now I know exactly what it looks like when the breeze ruffles the gray-brown feathers of the Sandhill Crane from a foot away. 
Glorious. Soft. 

This is heaven.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hedonism And Halloween

A perfect beautiful fun day.
Thrift store shopping and memory hopping and napping and sunset.

And then driving up to the restaurant which has the most incredible Halloween decorations. We had a drink there and walked around and took pictures.

I'm not generally into Halloween but this place just does it right. Scary, creepy, irreverent.

And then we went and ate about fifty four pounds of crabs and THEN we went to Walmart and bought ice cream and chocolate sauce and whipped cream.
Oh yeah, baby.

We're on vacation.

Love...Ms. Moon


The lions are awake and spitting and the bamboo is making music again and we are up and have had our breakfast which I cooked on the little pink range and now we're going to go down to the thrift store and who knows what all and part of me would be happy as hell to just sit in the shady little courtyard right back of the house and sit and read and dream all day, surrounded by the plants and lizards and listening to the sound of lion spit.

And you know...mess around with the house boy. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Turquoise and Pink and The Wind Making Chimes of the Bamboo

We're here. We got here just in time to make a martini and walk out to the dock to see that.

The wind is blowing and as we sat on the dock I said, "This'll blow your ya-ya's out.

The lion pool is emerald lit, it is my childhood fantasy come true.

The lions are standing guard at each corner, the bamboo is knocking and squeaking and rustling in the wind.

The appliances are pink.

And so is the bathroom sink. 

Even though I live in Florida, I feel like right this moment, I am truly IN Florida. 

All the way down here I read "South Moon Under" to Mr. Moon. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' first important book. Somehow, I've never read it before. It was perfect. 

I feel as if I am home again. 

Love...Ms. Moon

Let's Go!

It's one of those mornings so very beautiful that you think, "Why would I leave this?" but we are going to and I need to finish packing and I can't wait to get on the road and let the worries and cares of this beloved home fade away with every mile we travel.

See you in Roseland!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Just Life

Here's my guys standing by the world's comfiest couch. Owen didn't want to have his picture taken but he told me that because he knows how much I love him and because I'm pretty, he would do it.

He's going to go far in this world, that boy.

We had to go back to Japanica again. It's our favorite. Owen is in one of those stages where he just doesn't like to eat much of anything. His favorite snack is iceberg lettuce, cut up into a bowl. With nothing on it. BUT, the salad they serve at Japanica and the miso soup make him happy.
Strange child.
As soon as we got there Gibson demanded "beans!" Last time we went Uncle Hank showed him how to eat edamame in the pod and he wanted some more of that. When they brought the bowl out, he wanted it right in front of him and he ate about 90% of them. He, too, likes miso soup, as well as sushi, salad AND white rice. A lot. No problems with his appetite.

Before we picked up Owen and went to lunch, though, Lily and I went to Goodwill where I struck up a conversation with a woman in the middle of the dress rack. Turned out we both live in old houses in the country and so we neither one of us have much need for fancy clothes and I said something like, "Can I feed the chickens in it?" being my criteria and she said, "Oh, I don't have chickens anymore. Thank God!"
She then proceeded to tell me that chickens are the stupidest creatures on God's green earth so you know she could never be my friend. I just can't even imagine how anyone could spend twenty minutes watching chickens and think they were stupid. Maybe if they're in a cage...
But hell, how smart does anything in a cage look?
I told her I disagreed with her on that point and that I find them fascinating and then we parted ways.

And I'm tired tonight. I've begun packing which means I've filled a suitcase with a bunch of stuff I won't wear and nothing I probably will wear but it'll all work out. I've also packed (but not in my suitcase) olive oil and vinegar and coffee and stuff like that and tomorrow I'll pack a cooler with eggs and cheese. I promised one of our landlord guys that I'd bring them eggs and we'll want our own too. Might as well. I'm drowning in eggs.

And so it goes and tomorrow we shall go and I'm finishing up laundry and need to get a supper ready for Mr. Moon and there's another damn Scott/Crist debate happening and I could listen on the radio while I'm cooking but I might just wait for Stephen Colbert to tell me the good parts at a later date.

Let's all sleep well tonight, okay? Sweet dreams and all of that, and please believe me- chickens are NOT stupid. Humans frequently are, but chickens are wise in their ways.

Love...Ms. Moon

Keeping It Simple

Good morning!
Here I am. Where are you?
Another nice day in Lloyd and the requisite Early Morning Angst is dissipating and I am going to town to do a few things with Lily and Gibson and then go with them to pick up Owen from school.
Maybe we'll go have some noodles. We are Lunch Monsters, aren't we?
This IS my social life. And that's fine by me.

I'll report in later.

Much love...Ms. Moon

Monday, October 20, 2014

Doing My Civic Duty And Eating Mexican Food. And Other Stuff

When Lily and the boys got here today I said, "Hey, you want to go to Monticello and get lunch and I'll early-vote?"
"Can we go to the Mexican restaurant?" Lily asked.
"The best Mexican restaurant in Monticello!" I said.
Of course the joke of it is that there is only one Mexican restaurant in Monticello and we did go there and it was good. As we were walking in an old friend of mine was walking in at the same time and she ate lunch with us. It was good to see her and she's a former reporter, a, writer, an author, and works for environmental agencies and we talked a bit about politics and she assured me that Charlie Christ, the man running against Prick Scott (A Python On Ecstasy, as Stephen Colbert called him in THIS clip, which, if you haven't seen it, you really should just for the hilariousness of it) is actually very strong on the environment which was reassuring. I mean, I'd vote for a DEAD yellow dog against Rick Scott so I was already planning on voting for the preternaturally tanned former Republican, Christ, but it made me feel better about all of it. Plus, Christ is on the side of legalizing gay marriage (which, okay, I could make so many cheap jokes about but I will not) whereas The Python, of course is not.

Oh, Florida. How I do adore you!

So lunch was fun although the boys did not eat any. They did, however, find a little boy playing in the restaurant with some toys and they played with him. I think he must have been the child of one of the employees because he had his own little play area set up and that was fun. He was a very well-behaved little boy and I hope that Owen and Gibson took notes but I fear they did not.

I went to the place where you early-vote and Owen went with me and it was his first voting experience which he can remember. The man at the door asked Owen if he had his driver's license and the lady behind the desk grilled him as to his knowledge of politics, specifically, "Do you know who the President of the United States is?" and he did not but I whispered the answer to him.
"President Obama."
"President Obama!" he announced, and the lady was happy with that and she gave him an I Voted sticker and he asked for one for his brother and she also gave him two plastic cards with all of the presidents on it and told him to study it and that next time there would be a test.
I filled out my ballot, voting for Christ and for George Sheldon who is running against our asshole attorney general who believes in the sanctity of marriage so much that she is currently shacked up with a guy who is supposedly going to be her third husband very soon. I voted for medical marijuana and for the environment and some other stuff and then Owen fed my ballot into the machine and that was that.

Then we went to the Mexican import place. It was closed up but they have thousands of things outside that we explored at our leisure. Pots and folk art roosters and turtles and peacocks (like the one above) and iron furniture and pottery bird baths. I was enchanted with this one.

But the real reason we went was to let the boys play on the little carousel that I love and they did.


Right after I took this, Owen figured out how to not only make it go forwards but how to make it go really fast. He grasped the metal wheel in his hands and held them still and ran his feet like crazy. He got that thing spinning so fast that it flung Gibson right off his elephant and Lily and I both gasped and she ran to him and although his face had literally bounced off the dirt, he raised up and said, "I do that one more time?"
She and I laughed and laughed with the relief of him being okay and his strong Gibson spirit. 

And so it went and it was all very good except for the part where the boys yelled all the way home from joy and boy-juice and I thought I'd need a nap after they left but I managed to forge on without one. 

Mr. Moon has gone to auction. I have most of the chicken-and-Maurice-care arranged (thank you, Hank!) and I am hungry and will go heat up some leftovers. 

I am a most grateful grandmother tonight, a most grateful wife, a most grateful mother. And two nights from tonight I'll be in Roseland. 

One more thing. I read an online article about how Viagra can actually help with heart disease and the part that cracked me up was this:

"The analysis shows that PDE5i prevented the heart increasing in size and changing shape in patients suffering from left ventricular hypertrophy, a condition which causes thickening of the muscles in the left ventricle."

So Viagra does increase penis size and thickening but prevents all of that in the heart?

Shit. It's like the perfect drug!

Please consult your physician if you have a painful or prolonged erection lasting longer than four hours. I've always wondered- do you really need to wait four hours? Wouldn't two and a half hours of having a painful erection be long enough to cause you to reach out for medical help?

Okay. Obviously, that's enough. 

Love...Ms. Moon

Nothing More Than Feelings

We leave in two days for Roseland so of course I'm a perfect mess and we don't have anyone to watch the chickens and Maurice except maybe Hank on Friday and Saturday and so I woke up about fifty times to worry about that last night and also some other things that don't even need talking about and my dreams were horrible. Again.

And I have nothing to wear.

Oh. That is such a lie. But it does feel like the truth.

Things feel like certainty, like carved-in-stone.
And yet, generally they are not.

I just got back from a good walk. I strode my miles, twirling my stick of dog fennel, I felt a bit creeped out in one section of the woods and did not return that way but took another route home.

Here's how I feel about Maurice- like I don't want to leave her alone and no, I am not taking her with me. She has stolen my very heart although we both pretend to a certain distance. She follows me around like a little dog as I go about my days, both in the house and out. Not every moment, but many of them. She is like that with Mr. Moon, too. She greets him when he comes in, she meows her hellos. We have become her humans. This has become her house. She is growing bigger and fatter and her winter coat is thick and luxurious. She is not a long-haired cat but she is not a short-haired cat either. I love to slip my fingers into the softness of that fur and she seems to like it too. One night she was so insistent that every time I'd fall asleep while stroking her, she'd nip my finger to wake me up. This, I do not appreciate so much.

Lily and the boys are coming out in a little while just to play. Lily is off work this week and Jason is in Jacksonville, going to manager's classes. It will be great fun to have them all here. I have missed them these last few days.

Jessie is at her first day of work. Orientation this week. I hope it is going well for her. One part of me wants to be with her every second that I can be, another part of me knows to step back and let her and Vergil work their way into life in Tallahassee with us as a part of that life but with so much beyond us. I've never really been a in-your-face mama with my grown kids. I tend to watch and wait for my presence to be requested. I was talking to another woman once and she said that she was the sort of mother who is constantly throwing herself in front of her children, arms out, saying, "This is the wrong path!"
I told her that I was the sort who says, "Well, that path sounds interesting. Send me postcards. Call if you need me."

I don't know that either type is the way to be. We just are who we are.

And somehow, it all works out.

As it will with the chickens and Maurice. Somehow it will. Or at least, I feel that it will.

Good morning from Lloyd.

Love...Ms. Moon

Sunday, October 19, 2014

This Is What I Thirst For

They're singing next door at the church and playing drums. I like that this is their worship. I like hearing their worship floating in through my windows and doors, around my trees, and up into the sky above all of us.

I love finding the light. I love this peace and contentment. I love that the preacher next door is now wailing his message in call and response and the drummer is adding his own bass-beat emphasis. I love that my own sermons are the ones I see and hear and feel everywhere I look and that there are secret messages in every beam of light, every cell of plant and animal, every chitter of squirrel and song of bird, every piece of art, every note of song. Every beating of my own heart.

I love being here alone.

I love that this man will be home today.

I love that there is love. And that I am allowed to dip into the pure deep well of it with all of my heart and soul and ears and eyes until I am restored and made whole, and yet left open for more.