Saturday, September 27, 2014

Two Birthdays, Two Cakes, One Love

Very, very successful party. Plenty of food (including Lily's delicious quinoa tabbouleh salad) and lots of kids and two lovely cakes.

Mutant Ninja Turtle Cake. Best icing ever. 

Vegan chocolate and raspberry. I am proud of that cake. I actually SIFTED the dry ingredients, y'all! It was delicious. I got the recipe HERE. 
I did not make the ganache icing but a buttercream instead which was nothing more than Earth Balance margarine, almond milk, cocoa powder and vanilla. 
Also, the recipe calls for sunflower oil and coconut milk but I used coconut oil and almond milk instead. I also froze the layers before I iced them to prevent crumbling and that worked out very well. 
Whatever. It was a very good cake and not just "good for a vegan cake." It is not one bit healthier than a regular chocolate cake but if you or someone you're baking for is vegan or has dairy or egg issues, this would be a good one to make. Hell, it would be a good one to make if you just want a really good chocolate cake. 

Owen was very brave during the Happy Birthday song. We sang it to him and to his mother and maybe that helped. 

They blew out their candles together and made wishes and if Owen wished for a whole bunch of cool presents, his wish came true. I got this shot when he opened Hank's present which was a full-sized pirate flag. 

He was even gracious about receiving a book- "Gus And Me"- because he knew how much it means to me. He is a precious boy. 

Gibson liked his little present too and he and his Boppy played with it together. I would tell you what it was but I have no idea what that creature is. Lily told me he would like it. And he did. 

So yes, it was a good party. May and Michael were there and Hank and Grandma, who is Jason's mama, and Aunt Kelly and Uncle Brandon (family by choice), and Shayla and Waylon (who is growing like a weed- my god, those legs!), and some other dear friends and also Mark and maybe that was the best treat of all, to see Mark who has recently returned from Belarus where he got some major surgery and oh my Lord, but it was so good to be able to hug him, have him call me "Mama" again. He looks good. He is his funny, brave self, and I think the next party may be for him after Jessie and Vergil move back. He wants me to make ham and shrimp salad and greens and BREAD! And I will. 

So it was all good and I got to talk to a lot of people whom I love and haven't seen for awhile and for once, I got to talk to May when she wasn't being my server OR cooking my dinner. It just all felt really, really good and I was happy to be reunited with my husband again too and we smooched a little on the couch. I forgot to take the candles and the traditional little girl candle holders for Lily's cake but it was inevitable that I would forget something. I left them right there on the counter where I KNEW I would see them and remember them but of course I didn't. Right before I left, my neighbor came over to borrow some yeast and I'd blame that but shitfire- let's face it- I would have forgotten them anyway. At least I remembered the presents and pizzas.

So it was a good day and now we are home, cozy and well and it looks like we're going to get a lot of rain tomorrow and I so hope that Mr. Moon can get the garden tilled before that happens. I am in a fever to plant my greens. 

Here's what I look like tonight. Without my glasses. 

Yes. I am wearing overalls. I did not wear them to the party but wore a skirt and a shirt that when I wore it once before, Owen told me I looked beautiful. Tonight he told me that he didn't like it so much and that he liked my black shirts better. 

Ah well. You can't please everyone all the time. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I just wanted to say-your musings of your gorgeous family, your babies, your loving and living-they bring me such joy. Happy birthday to those babies, and Happy Birth Day to you, who remembers and relishes the sweetness. You are a blessed (by whomever and whatever you choose to call it) woman, and you are tuned into it in a way that I wish, at 35, that I can find for myself as my time on this earth moves. Beauty.

    P.S. Overalls are kickass.

  2. Did Owen love his present? The pig that bursts open?

  3. It all looks and sounds wonderful. Happy birthday to all of them and happy birth day to you. Gail

  4. Ha! Clothing tastes change, don't they?! Especially in children. Sounds like a fabulous party! I am intrigued by the concept of someone having major surgery in Belarus -- was that the purpose of going to Belarus, and if so, why Belarus? Not that I want to get all up in his business but that sounds interesting.

  5. I never get tired reading about your family and all the celebrations you enjoy together, large or small.

  6. Ashley- Thank you! And overalls ARE kick-ass. And comfy.

    ditchingthedog- YES! He said his head might pop off because he was so excited. His friend Gabe said to him after all the presents were opened, "Let's go play the pig game!" and Owen said, "Dude, you're on!" or something like that. "Dude" was involved.

    Gail- Thank you. It was a very nice party.

    Steve Reed- Yes, well. It was, as they say, elective surgery.

    heartinhand- Well, that's good because I sure do write about it a lot.

  7. I love that shot of you.
    Happy Birthday (belated) wishes!
    The cakes look fantastic. I'm off to get the vegan recipe. Right up my alley.
    p.s. love the new header!

  8. Great cakes! And you look beautiful.

  9. Ms. Yo- It is a most fine cake. Thanks for the birthday wishes and compliment. First time I'd worn any make-up whatsoever since I got back from Asheville in early, early August. And I wasn't wearing much, trust me.

    Jo- Yes, the cakes were good! See above about my picture. And thank you!

  10. It all looks like a great time. Owen seems to be totally happy. Also really like that photo of you. Glad that Mr. Moon is back and that there was time to be together.

  11. I had the pleasure of having our eight grandkids and their parents spend the day at our house. Double batch of baked ziti, salad with my mom's famous salad dressing, devilled eggs, green beans, veggies and dip, three dozen homemade rolls and 36 cupcakes were consumed. Everything my granddaughter (soon to be 10) eats here is 'the best I've ever had.' We're both drag-ass tired, and still smiling!

  12. Such lovely family time. Glad to hear Mark is back and doing well!


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