Friday, September 12, 2014

What You're Striving For, Even If You Don't Know It

The thing I love the most about the way Keith Richards is doing his kids' book publicity is that in every interview I've read or watched (and that's a few, trust me), he emphasizes the fact that not only are grandparents important in children's lives but that grandchildren are important in grandparents' lives. That it's a most important bond.
i.e. It's not just that we, us old grandfolks, are going to affect the lives of these children, but that they affect our lives as well.

I love how, when his publisher said to him, "You know, these stories in your book about your grandfather need to be explored more, so why don't you write a kid's book?" his daughter came to him with "that look which women have when they're going to have a baby" and told him that yes, he was going to be a granddad for the fifth time and he thought, "Oh well. Maybe it's time."

It's Friday night. You know what that means.

And Mr. Moon and I are both wearing beaded bracelets made by Owen tonight. They were doing "B" this week in school and Beaded Bracelets was a double-B and Lily came up with that idea and we are wearing this jewelry so proudly.

It's a dream I never had come true. All of it. 

And I love that grandfather so much and now I'm going to go make him some cornbread. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It is a dream that definitely HAS come true for you! And you fit in that dream so perfectly. Enjoy that martini with your honey. Sweet Jo

  2. I can't keep up with you!

  3. Keith. Grandparenthood. Owen's beaded bracelets. Friday night martinis. You life's true love. Life is so darned good.

  4. Enjoy your Friday night, Ms. Moon. The boys do indeed have some wonderful grandparents and I enjoy hearing all about the things you and Mr. Moon do. Take care.

  5. Oh -- I just love that. All of it.

  6. Sweet Jo- Oh, how I DID! Enjoy. The whole evening.
    My smile has carried over to today...

    heartinhand- I am prolific if nothing else.

    Angella- Some moments in time are practically perfect.

    Mr. Shife- And someday, this will be your life too! Isn't that something?

    Elizabeth- I swear, it was a wonderful evening.

  7. I think that you are probably the best grandparent. I sure do miss my grandparents. They were so good to me.

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