Monday, September 29, 2014

Pictures From A Walk

The sasanqua camellias are starting to bloom next door. Soon the tree will be a cloud of pink and then the petals will fall and the ground will be a carpet of them. 

I've never seen the hurricane lilies bloom like this before. These, too, are next door. 

Field of flowers with caterpillars. 

Where I stopped to pee in the woods. Such beautiful fungi. 

The ones at the bottom of the tree.

Black-eyed Susans, trying to dispel gloom. 


  1. Good morning to you in Florida! I do love camellias but we have the wrong weather for them so tis a treat to see and hear about yours in your neighborhood. I never heard of Hurricane Lilies before. And what is it about fungi growing on trees that just beckons us to look at it's growth and oddity of nature? They remind me of the the barnacles of land.

  2. So much colour for this time of the year! :-)

  3. Such beautiful flowers for Autumn. Our leaves are going brown and it's getting dark early again. I feel sad about it this year.

  4. Where you stopped to pee in the woods... I love you so much right now Mary! :D x

  5. Good job, black-eyed Susans! Keep it up.

  6. Honey, if you haven't seen the Muscle Shoals documentary, you must run out or stream it on NEtflix because KEITH is in there, his fine old self and I know he'd make you glad, your heart leap and all.

    XX Beth

  7. The fungi is (are?) amazing! Looks like oysters!

  8. Ellen- I would be so sad to live where camellias can't grow. They are probably my favorite flower. That fungi does look like barnacles. You are right!

    ditchingthedog- Our fall blossoms are amazing.

    Jo- How do you stand it? Gawd.

    Sandy- Well, sometimes it must be done, you know? And I so often find beautiful things where I stop.

    Sabine- Exactly!

    Ms. Vesuvius- I had never seen a display quite like that. Or, actually, ANYTHING like that.

    Beth Coyote- I DID see it. It was wonderful, wasn't it? I should watch it again. Absolutely amazing film.

    Steve Reed- They're probably some sort of incredible delicacy and I don't even have a clue.

  9. I know Mary, I know... I think your world is beautiful, and I love that you share it with us xox

  10. That lichen covered tree trunk is awesome.

  11. Nice flowers. Nice fungi. Gotta love nature.


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