Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dental Procedures And Leather Purses

So I went to see my dentist and whenever I go see him, I think about the time he met me at his office two nights before Christmas Eve to put my crown on and I love him for that. Just love him. We discussed the bridge vs implant thing. He said, "Look- the bridge is a Mercedes. The implant is a Maserati."
For the cost difference, I think I'll go for the damn Maserati. He said, "It'll last at least twenty years."
I said, "I'm sixty. That'll do me for sure."
Which is sort of awesome. Hell, I have enough make-up to last for the rest of my life. This is comforting somehow. I mean, I'm still buying green bananas but there are some things I can buy now which I will never have to buy again.
Obviously not a kitchen rug.
After I went to the dentist I did a little more rug shopping. Either (a) I am the pickiest person in the world, or (b) I am not going to the right places, or (c) they make sucky rugs.
I ended up at a Goodwill. No kitchen rugs but I did buy a Ralph Lauren red silk velvet shirt for six bucks.

I also found a purse. Not at Goodwill. At the TJ Maxx. For those of you who do not know, I have a serious purse addiction. It's been quite in check for a good long time and I haven't bought a new one in a year. I shop. I touch. I pinch. I sniff the fine leather. I moan a little, very quietly so as not to draw attention to myself. But nothing has really tempted me in quite a while until...today.
Shit. That purse made me weak in the knees. It made my nether parts tingle. It was very plain leather, a little hippie, a lot Italian, the perfect size, lined in RED, and it was marked down to...one hundred and five bucks. 
After careful examination (some might call it fondling) I realized that the zipper on the side pocket was missing the pull thing. Which is no doubt why it was marked down. I told myself- You see! It is imperfect! and I forced my hand to place it back on the hook.
Sob. Sob. Sob.

And obviously, I am still thinking about it.
I believe I have a womb thing. I love bags, baskets, and bowls. And pockets. Things you can carry other things in. Things that hold things. Herbs, dough, eggs, babies, wallets, pens, fruit. Always have. Probably always will.

And dammit, that purse, like the implant, would last me the rest of my life.

Ten years ago, I would have bought that thing. I don't know why I am so loathe to spend money now. Another one of my neurotic behaviors. One I wish my husband would appreciate a little tiny bit more. (Says the woman who's about to get a dental procedure that costs more than some people pay for cars.)

Oh well.

Jessie will be here in less than two hours. I finally got the kitchen mopped. I just told Mr. Moon about the implant decision. I don't think he's thrilled. I should probably not bring up the purse, right?

It's been raining. It's nice. Clean sheets tonight, my baby will be home.

Life is fine. I am fine. Dinner will be fine if I get off my ass and make it.

I hope you're fine too. I truly do.


  1. And here I am with a deep fondness for fat, round pitchers and teapots. Go figure.
    My first thought when you mentioned the missing pull on the purse of lust was "Great! Now she can trot over to customer service and ask them to reduce the price."

  2. I am anxious to hear how your implants go. While I have already had a Cadillac in my mouth, it has rusted and fell out. I am in need of all lower molars. Yes to the tune of $10 to $12 grand. Just lowers. I am scared to invest that much money in my mouth and it not be good.

  3. I would have bought the purse. And this is why I am in the state I'm in, I suppose. Rich, perhaps, in purses but not otherwise.

  4. Buy the purse. You're still thinking about it. Also, just curious, how long did your dentist say bridges last?

  5. buy the purse and make your very own pull thingy! Imperfect is the new black. Life is imperfect!

  6. It makes sense to go for the Maserati, I think. (Though obviously I say this without knowing how much either option costs or how long the Mercedes would be expected to last.)

    As for the purse, I don't know anything about the price of purses, but $105 doesn't sound very inexpensive! I think purses fall into the category of things (like hair products) that I'm glad I don't have to deal with.

  7. I have a thing for baskets and tins. And candleholders. And birdhouses (although I'm terrified of birds) I always buy cheap purses so that my collecting them is justified. I haven't carried one for the last year or so, but lately I'll pack one around.
    I'm glad you decided.

  8. Ok, I've always totally bought the uterus thing, but yesterday on facebook, I saw... This! Agh!


    *Not for the faint of heart

  9. Jill- Like red gin, baby.

    Marty Damon- Hello and welcome! Your mind works like mine.

    Anonymous- Well, if I'm alive, I'll probably still be blogging so I'll let you know if they do last twenty years. That is WRETCHED about your bridge.

    Elizabeth- It's the small things- both that break us and make us. I swear.

    Angella- About (almost) as long.

    Elsewhere- Hello to you! I had the same thought.

    Steve Reed- I don't mess with hair products either except shampoo and conditioner. No, that's not too much to pay for a good purse. Not at all.

    heartinhand- Me too. Now to call the oral surgeon. I wish I liked cheap purses. But I just don't. It's a thing.

    Jo- I saw that too. Can you say...Gag me?

  10. I have a purse thing too. I love your analysis of it. I would probably make the same dental choice as well.

  11. I don't do purses. Oh, I have a couple very small things on straps, just big enough to hold wallet, phone, and keys but I don't like having to carry one around, much prefer to stick my stuff in pockets when you can find women's pants with decent sized pockets.

  12. Denise- Only a thousand dollars more!

    Ellen Abbott- That's why I wear men's pants. Always nice big pockets. Plus, they fit me better. I am built straight.

  13. I think that I have a boat addiction, although now I only have two. Glad that no implants are needed on anybody around this house. Sounds expensive--although a real Maserati would be nice. There is a dealership in town!


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