Friday, September 19, 2014

More Clips No One Will Watch

All right. Mr. Moon has gone to the hunt camp. Jessie has driven off for home. Maurice and I are here to hold the fort, light the lanterns, feed the chickens, and...well, we're going to do it up, y'all. Yep. That cat and I are going to celebrate a rock and roll weekend. That's the plan.
And when I say a rock and roll weekend I mean we're going to party like rock stars.

With a bit of luck, my Netflix pick of the documentary, Stones In Exile, will be in my P.O. box today or tomorrow.

Yes, we get the actual disc. Yes. We are lame. Yes. We know it. Yes. We are old. So the fuck what?

I see that the Stones are going to be starting out their next bout of touring on October 25 in Adelaide, Australia next month and that just happens to be Mr. Moon's and my 30th anniversary of marriage. And the Stones have been playing together for twenty longer years than that.

Wouldn't it be fabulous, wouldn't it be amazing if we got on a plane and flew to Australia to see the concert?

Oh. Like that's going to happen. I mean, if I really wanted it to, it would. But just the idea of flying to Australia is enough to make me want to roll into a fetal ball of helpless panic. Let's not even mention the thought of being in a crowd of thousands of people trying to see the stage from wherever it is we would be sitting. Oh god! The humanity!
(Wouldn't it be fabulous, though?)

Nah. I'd rather watch concert footage on my TV in my own living room. That is how old I am.

And of course, I'd simply love to have Keith over for drinks and a good shepherd's pie. I'll see if I can work that one out.

Meanwhile, here I am in Lloyd with my chickens and the cat and dishes and laundry to do and trash to take and plenty of time to weed and tidy and read in bed way, way too late into the night. But I tell you what- if that movie gets here, Katy bar the door and Maurice hide your eyes 'cause Mama's gonna break out the whiskey. (Not really. I hate whiskey.)

Stay tuned for any and all reports.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon

P.S. Thank you Ms. Saturdaysgarden for the awesome picture which you knew I would love.

P.P.S. Perhaps it would be a good idea to go to town and purchase one of those Life Alert button things so that if I fall down while dancing and CAN'T GET UP, Mr. Moon won't find my cat-chewed corpse on the floor of the den when he gets home. What do you think?


  1. Okay, so I did watch the first clip. :) They've been doing their rock and roll thing a long, long while. I can appreciate that. I'm a long time Aerosmith fan. Now, I couldn't put this on MY blog today, but can say it here... while I was doing all that cooking yesterday.. I actually did (gosh, do I want to admit this??) think I wonder what it would be like if someone famous... someone like Steven Tyler (eh, I've always preferred Joe Perry, but Steve IS the more social one) walked in and just sat down and hung out with me, like a friend. While I was cooking. Just like a neighbor or a friend would do. Only I'm a housewife and that guy is a rock god. Yup, back to reality.
    So speaking of Joe Perry, his book comes out on October 7th. So there's that. And there's also that my Ron and I will be married 31 years in November. But not if he hears me talking about hanging out with rock stars, ya know.
    Have a nice weekend, Ms. Moon. You seem like such a lovely person. I like it here.


  2. I think I must be old inside because I would always rather do it from my living room. Except for travel, I guess, but the crowds overwhelm me, even if I know the experience is going to be spiritual and orgasmic.

    It sounds like a lovely weekend. You and Maurice live it up!

  3. I agree. The last concert I went to was LOUD. I mean, the kind of loud that makes your ears ring on the way home. So I guess that was my last concert. :)

  4. Ms. Mary Crystalchick- Well, look- if you got the chance to have Joe Perry or Stephen Tyler over for supper, your husband would just have to DEAL WITH IT! That's my belief. I think my husband would love it if Keith came over for supper. He knows I have boyfriends (Keith, Bill Murray) and perhaps it is reassuring to him that they have beautiful older faces which show all the life they've lived. And what good is life without a little Rock God walks into the kitchen fantasy? Huh?
    You're sweet.

    Ms. Vesuvius- I think we would be fast friends if we ever met. I just have that feeling.

    Marty- I've been to way too many loud performances and I know it and I know I do not need to do it anymore.


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