Saturday, September 27, 2014

More Birthdays, More Pictures, More Damn Tears

Saturday morning and still gray around this joint. I called Lily to wish her happy birthday and I could hear chaos in the background. Breakfast was being made and the boys were clamoring and excited. Owen told me about more presents he'd unwrapped, about how he was going to get MORE presents this afternoon at the party, how Gibson wanted to unwrap his presents.
I am so glad I got Gibson a present too. He'll be able to unwrap one, at least. My littlest beautiful prince.
And Lily. She'll have presents and a cake. Twenty-nine she is and how can THAT be? She was just born yesterday in her father and mother's bed, taken to breast, loved immediately and immensely. A cool September day with the sun shining on the flowers I'd planted, Hank and May playing in the back yard, me not dealing especially well with labor (as I am wont to do) and walking and hiding in the shower and begging my husband to just kill me now but he didn't and I pushed that over-ten-pound-baby girl out myself although her shoulders got stuck and it was scary for a few moments.

Look at her now.

Or at least two years ago when Gibson was a sprout. 

Here she was last week when we ate lunch at Fanny's with that same sprout, now older. 

My beautiful daughter, a woman well and truly.

Strong and brave, wise and the person who can probably make me laugh more than anyone on this earth. Not only my daughter but my friend now. A woman I share hearts with. The kind of friend every woman should have. 

In my present state of fall-induced melancholy, every damn thing makes me cry. Not big sobs, just leaky eyes, sniffly nose. I've spent so much time in the last two days, looking through old pictures. Time traveling. 

Trips to Dog Island and weddings and showers and more birthday parties than I can count. Births. Dancing. Christmases. Cakes and cakes and cakes and feasts and Easter Egg dying parties and judging by my pictures, it's been a happy, busy life. 

Families made and babies made and of course, it's Vergil's birthday today too. Remember when he came into our family? I remember having a party (yet another!) and Vergil was here and our beloved friend Colin came by, just to check this new fellow out, to make sure he was worthy of our Jessie.

All right. Now I'm really crying. 

Their dance had just begun. 

Remember this?

The night Vergil surprised Jessie by flying in the night she graduated from FSU's nursing school. 
One of my favorite pictures in the whole world. 

Another from when Jessie and Vergil came to Cozumel when we were there. Rogelio was a little miffed that Jessie had a boyfriend. He saw her walk into Playa Corona, turned to his son and said, "Now THERE's the kind of girlfriend you need."
But. Vergil was the kind of boyfriend Jessie needed. And the kind of husband she has always wanted. And he, like Jason, the exact right sort of son-in-law to have. 

All right. I have to stop now. 
Happy Birthday, Vergil. See you soon!
Happy Birthday, Lily! See you even sooner. 

All love from the luckiest woman in the world...Mama Mary


  1. The picture of Colin, Jessie and Virgil has set every tear duct I own into overdrive. Oh my, I remember that night so well. Thanks for sharing the reminder. Happy birthday love to Lily, Owen and Virgil!

  2. You people are so beautiful.

  3. I remember those photos and those times. Beautiful family. I love fall but it makes me sad too. Not sure why but perhaps it is so beautiful.

  4. What beautiful memories! Happy birthday to Lily and Virgil and happy birthing day to you! I remember some of these moments and that makes me happy to know I have been reading here awhile. You have a beautiful family - Maurice included! Sweet Jo

  5. Jan- I miss that man SO DAMN MUCH! I still can't believe that he's not right here with us. There was no one like our Colin, was there? Love to you and Jack.

    Jo- Thank you, dear, for saying that. I think we are but then, you know, I'm one of them.

    Syd- Maybe that IS it. But beauty combined with the sure-knowledge of coming-winter. Pleasure and pain. Thank you for being here for so long. I think of you as a dear friend. I hope that's all right.

    Beth- We seem to have crazy love. Which means my life has not been in vain.

    Sweet Jo- You are someone who always makes me feel as if what I write is not for naught. Your soul is a gracious and loving one. I thank you for being part of my life.

  6. I remember every single one of these pictures. I found you right around the time you were planning Lily's wedding. You have become a mama to me too along the way.

    The day looks and sounds wonderful, and a perfect birthday with L and O!

  7. I love this! I feel like I know all these people. I even remember you posting about that evening with Colin. Thanks for the retrospective on your beautiful family. :)

  8. PS -- I also like Hank's "Pabst Blue Ribbon Body" t-shirt. LOL!

  9. SJ- I love being adopted mama to many. All the perks, none of the pain of labor!

    Steve Reed- Pictures do capture things, don't they? My god.

  10. Happy birthday beautiful Lily and Virgil!

    That picture of Jessie and Virgil dancing is one of my favorites. I had only recently found your blog and they were brand new then, if I recall. What a privilege to have watched their love blossom from the beginning. I also loved seeing Lily's wedding pictures. Loved it all.


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