Saturday, September 6, 2014

And Emmy Lou Harris Is Singing To Us

Afraid the sunset has other plans tonight. problem. 
We've floated in the bay today, read, eaten shrimp, fooled around, napped. 
Now Prairie Home Companion and cards on the back porch so we can feel the breeze, watch the sky, the water. 
A Great Blue Heron is fishing down the beach in the lowering tide. The rain isn't bothering her either. 

Neither is this. 
He's lucky at cards. I'm lucky in love. 


  1. I feel like a fangirl, but that handwriting = swoon.

  2. Me too, swoon...your photos, your handwriting, and most of all, you and your MoonMan!

    So funny you wrote Emmy Lou in your 15 minutes I'll be watching Austin City Limits with her and Rodney Crowell...again, swoon...

    Thank you for taking us along on your beautiful journey!

  3. "Fooled around" That made me smile. So did the little heart on the paper between Mr and Mrs. Sweetie.

  4. It has been pouring here. Miserable weather. But I believe I will luck out for going on the boat. You are lucking out in lots of ways.


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