Friday, September 5, 2014

This Is Florida

When Mr. Moon and I were crossing the bay from Lanark to Dog Island we saw something we'd never seen before. I tried to take the picture but that doesn't do it justice. The colors were brilliant- blues and greens and red. Not a rainbow but clouds lit with the colors of the rainbow. I looked it up and it's a phenomenon known as circumhorizontal arc or fire rainbow. 
All my years and it was the first time I'd ever seen it. Never even heard of it. 
It was glorious. 

Here's my Viking husband. He is happiest on the water. 

The crossing went so very smoothly and we pulled up right behind the house as it was high tide. Mr. Moon toted all the bins and ice chests up to the house and we turned on the AC and put things away and tried to cool down. It is wicked hot. 

All is well here in our little shacky house. Its smells as it always does with its particular odor of baked wood and old furniture and sulphur water and something undefinable which is probably made up of the dried husks of scorpions and the restless spirits of those who haunt this place. 

We've had our nap and the tide is going out. I am sitting on the back porch (how I love a porch) and the island insects are chanting their late afternoon devotions and dragonflies do air acrobatics and the pine trees and scrub oaks reach out their wind-twisted branches. 

The sky to the east grows dark and thunder rolls across the bay. 

I am most glad to be here with my Viking, my love, my husband. 

Sunset pictures to follow unless there is a storm and that would be fine too. 


  1. Oh my goodness! INSANELY jealous. We need to visit Florida - we're thinking about it next year.

  2. beautiful photos! Here in California we call those *sun dogs*. Not sure if they are the same, those cloud rainbows, but they are stunning. Enjoy!
    Susan M

  3. So nice that you are there. I am with Mr. Moon, being happiest on the water.

  4. I have never seen a rainbow like that -- nor, like you, have I even heard of it. I'm so glad you got a photo even if you feel you didn't do it justice! I'm not sure I could ever have visualized it otherwise!

  5. Wow. That's just ... incredible.

  6. Oh honey. These pictures bring rest to my soul.

    My poor SoCal raised husband is happiest on the water too. But I'm the one with the viking blood. Perhaps we're one of those multi-life couples. HA.

  7. Dog Island looks amazing! Do you not have TV because it's not available? What is it like in the winter?


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