Tuesday, September 30, 2014

So The Wind Changes Or The Chemicals Are Right. Whatever.

This is the fortune I got in my cookie today when Lily and the boys and I ate at the Panda Buffet which is Owen's favorite and it was a merry lunch with noodles and green beans and dumplings and chicken-on-a-stick and wonton soup and so forth.

But honestly- did I get the right fortune or what?

My walk today went so easily. I did three miles and could have done four. I know it. I skimmed over the dirt and pavement, I did not suffer fatigue and when I got home, I realized that my emotional self was as good as my physical self and I CALLED THE ORAL SURGEON AND MADE MY APPOINTMENT to get that implant started. I did it. And I asked if they would prescribe "one or two" Xanax for the surgical event and they said they would.
God. I love these people.

I went to town and had such a good time with Owen and Gibson and Lily. We did the lunch thing, and Owen kept kissing me and telling me how much he loved me and then we went to the brand new Publix which was gorgeous. They are having to keep up with the Trader Joe's and the Whole Foods and blah, blah, blah and they were selling wild dandelion greens and all sorts of new things that I've never seen in a Publix before.

I bought all my stuff and Lily bought all her stuff and after I got many, many hugs and kisses from the boys,  I came home and put things away and then went out to finish the garden. God. I planted a long row of collard seeds and wild and domesticated arugula and kale and butter crunch lettuce and salad bowl lettuce and a spicy salad mix and carrots. I have beet seeds but you have to soak them. Which I will do tonight. This is, in theory, the very best fall garden I've ever planted. I hoed and spread horse shit and got down in the dirt and mixed up the soil with the shit and made tiny depressions for the minuscule seeds and patted them firmly into the soil like I was patting baby bottoms and oh- what hopes I have for this garden!

Now I've made supper for my returned husband and I'm going to pack his lunch for tomorrow and wash the dishes and finish the laundry and whatever the hell it was that made me wake up today in such a fine mood, I am grateful for beyond words. I have no idea how this works or why but when it does, I just couldn't be more aware of the goodness of it. Who knows? Not me. I took a dozen and a half eggs to a friend of mine today who used to be all about the raw foods but recently she's been going to see a Chinese acupuncturist who is also a Chinese MD and a nutritionist who has my friend on a diet to relieve the pain of her arthritis and here's the crazy thing- the only raw foods she's allowed to eat on this diet are avocados and peeled apples.
And she's supposed to eat eggs every morning. And she feels incredibly better, her pain level going down from a 5-6 to a 0-2 every day.
We have so few true answers about these things. We read this and we study that and we think we know, but honestly, we don't.
And maybe there are no magic answers.
I'm just glad that my friend is not in the pain that she was.
I am glad I could take her some nice fresh eggs.

Tonight, I am glad I am here. And that's saying something. More than I should admit.


  1. You are already living that fortune. I still have my favorite from when I was really falling in love with Dan: Happiness is trying to catch you.

    So interesting about that diet.

  2. Picture Julie Roberts whooping at the horse races in Pretty Woman...what a glory day for you...I think we are doubly blessed when we KNOW we are blessed. Good for you!

  3. I'm so glad that you've had a wonderful day both emotionally and physically. May your good spirits roam far and wide and reach all the way out here on the left coast!

  4. Talk about a great day! You certainly did and you went with it, made the most of it, and look at all you did! With family you love, then back home to a home that you love, a garden you are creating....and sharing and giving to a friend of eggs from the hens you love....yep...beautiful day.

  5. Well AMEN to having a good day. That is definitely a suitable fortune for you. Hearing about your garden makes me wonder if we should try vegetables...do you ever get deer in your yard?

  6. That fortune seems quite true. :)
    I love to save them... a bunch on a plate in the kitchen and also I have a Buddha lamp in the dining room where a pile of them are sitting in the lap.

    Kisses, love, and a bit of shopping. Ahhhh, wonderful.

  7. Glad to hear about such a good day. It lifts the spirits.
    I never knew that about eggs!

  8. I'm so glad that you had a good day. It's knowing that they're around the corner which makes the other ones seem just a little bit bearable. Love, love, love Mary x

  9. I am happy when you're happy. And that pain relieving diet, who knew? Not me, and yet I eat an egg every morning and I feel better than when I wasn't eating an egg every morning. And the only raw foods I really like are avocados and apples. I like bananas too but I never eat them. Are nuts raw food? I like them, too, but mostly I like my food cooked and steaming hot. I never really thought about it this way till now but given my own arthritis situation, it would seem I'm intuitively on the right track.

  10. Denise- I AM living that fortune. Sometimes these dang things get it right, don't they?

    Big mamabird- I do not take one good moment for granted.

    Elizabeth- Oh, how I wish too!

    Ellen- Some days are just like that. Nothing special just good.

    Steve Reed- No, we don't get deer. We've got the railroad track on one side of us and the road on the other. Also, our garden is fenced. But hell, yes! You should try to grow a little bit of vegetables. Why not?

    Crystal Chick- Lovely idea with the Buddha. Thanks!

    Jenny Woolf- Well, that's just part of the diet.

    Sandy- It is a saving grace to have those days now and then, at least .

    Angella- Well, she also can't eat dairy or wheat or birds in the summer because birds don't thrive in the summer and oh, god. I don't know what all. I'm with you though, I mostly liked my food cooked too. Except for nuts. Those I do like raw. And avocados. And apples and peaches. Okay, fruit. Mmmmm....
    Whatever, it's working well for my friend.

  11. I'm glad for the wind/chemical/whatever change. I know that relief. Love and light to you, always.

  12. what a great post. I think crazy diets are weird and, well, just crazy.

  13. We are way behind with our garden. Hopefully, this weekend we will get things in. But it may be too late for some.


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