Thursday, September 11, 2014

I still don't feel well and whether it's my head making my body feel sore and tired or whether it's my body making my head feel sad and teary, I do not know. See- this is one thing I miss about having periods. There were weeks of the month when I knew I was bound to be more tender, both in body and in mind but now there is no rhyme or reason, and I do not know whether the moon's own season still has its way with me or not.

I was walking this morning up Lloyd Subdivision Road which I find to be a most oddly named street, when I saw what could have been a large, beige dog but I knew immediately to be a deer and then yes, two more trotted across the road and when I got closer, one more bringing up the rear. Lady deer on the move, the males are shedding velvet and will soon be in rut. I love the way the does appear so silently and when they fade into the woods, there is no sign of them having passed. No sign at all.

It is a regular morning here in Lloyd, almost afternoon and I am hanging laundry on the line and the cat is napping on the newspaper and when I saw the flag at half-mast at the post office, it took me a moment to remember why and a young white guy was strolling up and back and up and back beside the parking lot and I have no idea why and my hackles rose a tiny bit but I do not think he was a terrorist.
I tried to watch the President's speech last night and I think he is trying to do the right thing but when is the day going to come when someone says, "Bloodshed only leads to bloodshed and we shall have that no more"?
Well, never anyone with the power to change things. We stubbornly insist on doing it the way we have always done it.
Even the Bible called for it. "And they shall beat their swords into plowshares," and no, it hasn't happened yet.

We are a violent species and we pick our tribes and we defend our borders, our rights, our religions, our beliefs, our everything we feel we must defend with bloody intent.
Over and over again.

Meanwhile, forgetting entirely that we are ultimately one tribe and we have one home which is sorely in need of defense and protection and nurturing and caring and action and love and that all of our children are all of our children and borders are made-up things and flags are made-up things but rivers and oceans and fields and forests and the air we breathe and babies are real.

That's all I have to say right now.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I do believe the moon always has its way with us. I feel tired and achy too. Yesterday I was dragging myself around town when my brain finally said to me--you're sick, go home and act like it. So I'm drinking tea and resting. I hope you find time to do the same. Wouldn't it be magical to find some antlers in the woods? The velveting and dropping thing fascinates me. Much love.

  2. Yes. Sore, tired, moon, teary...
    But you always manage to find some magic in your day to share... bless your heart Mary. You have no idea how your words can help turn someone else's day about. We have our micro tribes where we can love our babies (however old they are) and surely that love can be shared and multiplied? And at least then we can hope and know that we have made even the slightest difference.
    Velvet. Some words just sound beautiful when you speak them... my favourites... almond, leopard, and now velvet. That is all, you'll be relieved to hear! x

  3. I love everything you said. Wouldn't it be interesting and wonderful if the phrase "Never Again" actually came true?

  4. I would definitely not want to be president.

    But ideally, of course, I agree with you.

  5. I wish we had not gotten into Iraq. Now it is resulting in more bloodshed. Not a single war since WWII has made any sense.

  6. Bloodshed only leads to bloodshed. I believe it.


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