Monday, September 29, 2014

Well, It Finally Rained

I planted the collard, turnip, red cabbage and romaine plants we bought yesterday. Also the seeds of mustard (oh, ye of little faith!), spinach, and green cabbage. I was just about to start a row of arugula when the rain came and it came hard and the chickens gathered on the kitchen porch and Trixie sat in the potted avocado plant and sang her little song.

Mr. Moon came home to get packed up and leave for auction and I made him his coffee drink and his popcorn and his snack bag and Maurice went into the bedroom to see him while he was packing and then turned around as soon as he spoke to her and walked out of the room as if she'd maybe been expecting to see Cary Grant or someone. Maybe Hugh Grant. I don't know. Hard to tell with cats.
She also came out to the garden while I was planting but when she realized I wasn't planting smoked turkey breast lunch meat, she left. That cat has the weirdest tastes. Last night I made a meatloaf from freaking grass-fed beef, may have even been organic and shit, and I gave her a tiny little morsel of raw beef and she turned her delicate nose up at it but if I give her some damn smoked turkey lunch meat she goes insane. She does love raw venison and cooked venison, as well, which is what we served her precious little orange ass the first night she showed up. Venison vegetable soup and she was so hungry and that's probably why she's living here. She also doesn't like plain yogurt but she'll arm-wrestle you for what's left in the Chobani lemon yogurt cup. And when I say arm wrestle, I mean she'll rip your arm off. She's such a charming kitty. And I adore her with all of my heart.

I love the rain. It's still falling but gently. I imagine the ground filtering the water through the dirt and the clay and the great oaks' roots soaking it up and the aquifer beneath us filling with pure, sweet water. It makes me feel, perhaps falsely, that all is right with the world or at least this tiny part of it. It's like the the opposite of the story of Noah- it's not the ending of the rain which promises a god's approval, but the falling of it. I do know this for sure- we had good rain this past spring and we've had decent rain this summer and in the ten years I've lived here, I've never seen such beautiful fall blooms, I've never seen quite the level of green we've been gifted with. And my seeds and plants will have a good start in the dark black dirt that I fortified with composted horse shit and my dream is to have so many greens this fall and winter and early spring that I can provide them for all of my children and for us and maybe there will be venison, too. My camellias are filled with buds and if there is anything which makes me look forward to winter, it would be that. My palms have all grown this year by leaps and bounds as well as my mulberry tree and long after I am dead, these things shall remain unless something truly unforeseen happens.

Well. Still raining. Air is cool once again. The doors are open.

I'm going to go heat up some meat loaf and broccoli.

What are you doing?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. She is indeed a precious little orange ass :) Never thought of giving mine raw meat although they get plenty of cooked chicken.

  2. The Ungrateful Bastard loves skim milk. Not whole or 2%, not even cream. No, it has to be skim. Offer him anything else and he turns is soft kitty nose up at it. He is a very particular delicate flower. You don't need to wonder why I call him The Ungrateful Bastard.

    I am glad this is becoming a (sometimes) cat blog. I love stories of Maurice.

    Have you ever posted pictures of the inside top floor of your house? I was looking at your header today and noticing how lovely the gables are. (Is that what they are called?) I have always wanted a gable room.

  3. This post makes me so thirsty. We Need Rain.

  4. That's a very refreshing, restorative post! We've had quite a bit of rain too -- kind of the perfect mix of rain and sun, actually. Good for the roses!

  5. Greta and Maurice are probably related. Can I send her down for a visit? She was a rescue, so newborn that my daughter had to bottle feed her. The tiny thing peed in a cotton ball. Then she grew up, she's 13 now. She loves turkey lunchmeat. She'll rip arms off too if you bother her or try to pick her up or look at her the wrong way.
    The wood floor in your home is beautiful.

  6. You live in a beautiful house, and you in that space makes it only more so.

  7. SJ- Maurice doesn't like cooked chicken. Roasted, organic, free-range. Nope. Doesn't care for that at all.

    ditchingthedog- I think I have posted a few pictures of upstairs. I'll get around to it again.
    Norbert is some cat.

    Elizabeth- Yes. You do. It is so worrisome, isn't it?

    Steve Reed- Ah, look at you- considering the roses! I love it.

    Crystal Chick- The floors in my house are heart pine. They are beautiful, aren't they?

    Angella- Ah, this old beauty needs a lot of work. Talking about the house, of course. Love you, darling.

  8. Your house is so beautiful! I do not love the rain, but it's better than the western droughts, which are so creepy and put everyone on edge.

  9. None of that. What have I been doing. Watching a juvenile yellow crowned night heron that showed up by the turtle pond yesterday afternoon. Working on a drawing. Sunday I pulled grass out of one of the neglected flower beds and dug up grass over at the shop working on the new flower bed so I can get this stuff in a permanent place. We're not going to do a garden this winter. Hopefully we'll have a few raised beds for spring.

  10. Ms. Vesuvius- My very first blog post was about the creepiness of drought. I understand.

    Denise- Meatloaf would be easier than rain.

    Ellen Abbott- I love your heron which I have been seeing on FB. I yearn for raised beds but I am going to do the best I can with this fall garden. I swear.

  11. I am, at the current, moment trying to get comfortable after doing something weird to my lower back today. But I did have a great time on the boat.
    And then had the need to go see my friend and mentor who is dying. I understand more about dying now after 2013 and this time, I wasn't as sad, but accepting.


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