Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tiny Story

I've made the strangest stew from the black beans and broth from the collards I cooked last week and sweet potatoes and corn and onions and garlic and tomatoes and venison sausage and the leftover pesto pasta from last night. I've made a loaf of bread and artichokes are cooking.

I feel like shit. Tired and achey and a bit anxious and yet, it was a good day. My boys were fine and good and sweet and they played in the water wiggler toy outside and then came in and took a very long shower and set the bathroom afloat and giggled and shrieked and used half a bottle of the new body wash I'd just bought and when I took that away, they played with a bar of soap and my god, they should be clean.

"Did you cry this morning when you went to school?" I asked Owen.
"Hardly at all," he said with a swagger. He also told me he hugged a girl named Clare. This caused him some agitation, telling me that.
"It's okay to hug people," I said. And then, because I am a nosy old granny I said, "Is she pretty?"
"So pretty," he said. And then he swung from his Tarzan rope and made his Tarzan yell and his jeans almost fell off of him and he and Gibson and I all laughed together and Maurice observed us cooly from the grass a few feet away and the chickens did not seem to care at all.


  1. I have had anxiety the last few days as well. I went for a good walk today and that helped a bit. I have also been swimming but the pool is closed for its annual clean. I met a new friend at the beginning of the summer and she also deals with anxiety so we go wave jogging together and laugh and laugh.

    I am so pleased that Owen is doing better. And a girl. Awww!

    Did you ever look into that link about The Highly Sensitive Child? From all the stories you have told he seems like such an old soul. As I said, I was a HS child and go grateful that my mom and (step) dad were so nurturing and though they did not know anything about being HS they knew that I had a tender heart. In fact, my (step) dad was even more nurturing than my mom. At times I frustrated her because I was "too sensitive". My (step) dad had a 6th sense that I needed down time and that I got overwhelmed easier than other children. Even if Owen is not HS he is obviously a sensitive soul and I am glad he has such an amazing family around him.

    I finally got your book in my e reader! I wrote Kobo and they told me how to get it. I had to buy it again but what a deal! :-)

  2. I love stories from the Owen and Gibson series.

  3. It is so great that you have this and Owen can one day read about his young years when he is older -- 'so pretty.' I just love that. I am glad that Jessie's knee is healing well. I just caught myself up on your blog tonight. Sweet Jo

  4. A girl! No wonder school has become more interesting!

  5. This and something else over the weekend reminded me of when my son was very young. Kindergarten age maybe. He laid down on his bed one day after school and cried and cried. He shared with me what happened.. found out a friend (girl) was moving far away.
    Hope you are feeling better today. :)

  6. ditchingthedog- No, I never did check out that link. Okay. I will. I believe I was probably a highly sensitive child as well. I mean...could I have BEEN any more sensitive?
    Glad you were able to get the book on Kobe. That makes me happy.

    Elizabeth- I wish I had a voice recorder in my ear.

    Sweet Jo- SO pretty, he said. It was sweet. That child...

    Angella- And his friend Mitchell. But Leo is a jerk. According to Owen.

    Crystal Chick- Gotta admit, I'm not feeling my best. Yes, children can feel things (and do) as powerfully as adults.

  7. Blogger ate my comment yesterday, but it was fabulous.

    Anyway. It's the season changing that's causing weird feelings. Trust me. I'm already in hibernation mode. Hide the Joni Mitchell CDs. Seriously.

  8. a tiny story but so lovely!
    pretty girls can make school more tolerable.
    And that stew sounds divine!

  9. I'm with Elizabeth - the Owen and Gibson series is the best.

  10. So glad that Owen is enjoying school. Girls will cycle in importance. Glad that he is friends with one now.


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