Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What Grandmothers Do

Take pictures of their grandsons in Marshall's, lying on the furniture.

Take pictures of themselves trying on camo-print stilettos with zippers up the back at Pay Less while their daughter buys their grandsons new flip-flops. 

And then send them to their husband. 

It's been a good day. 


  1. Wowza! I bet Mr Moon got some ideas when that photo arrived of you in those shoes!

  2. Whoa. Can you actually walk in those things? They're awesome.

  3. If you can walk in those shoes without breaking something (I would break all my bones and anything breakable within 5 feet) I say get them and do a dance for Mr. Moon!

  4. Did you twerk, too?

    Too much? Hmmm.

  5. You mean everyone over the age of 60 doesn't really wear corrective shoes and carry their own tea bag?
    Thank you from Grandmas everywhere.

  6. Those are some pretty wicked "Fuck me" shoes!! Lol!
    Again, I'm throwing curse words around but that IS what I call those shoes!

  7. Jesus Christ! I bet Mr Moon LOVED that! I think you should have taken them home to surprise him. Gorgeous!!

  8. Oh. My. Dan would have loved a picture of me in shoes like that.

  9. Angella- He did like those pictures. He joked today saying, "Go get those shoes and a camo nighty." I said, "Darling, I could never get in the mood wearing a camo nightie." He said, "Well god. Don't get one then."

    Bob- Sort of. Yes. I have no idea how I do it.
    I would not try with a martini in me though.

    Big Mamabird- My feet and ankles look great, right?

    ditchingthedog- He'd love that. He can dream.

    Elizabeth- Right?

    gradydoctor- No. I leave the twerking to Jessie.

    Steve Reed- They were actually not the least comfortable shoes I've ever had on my feet.

    Marty Damon- I probably SHOULD be wearing corrective shoes. And I'm far more apt to carry a flask than a tea bag.

    heartinhand- They ARE fuckme shoes. Especially if a hunter's involved. Ha!

    Yobobe- I'm thinking...

    Jo- I'd be too worried I was tearing up the wood floors.

    Denise- And that makes me think I should have bought them. Love you.

  10. How did I miss this? You have great feet :)

  11. Stephanie- If you don't see all the callouses, cracks, and ingrained dirt. But beyond all of that, my feet are lovely!


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