Sunday, September 14, 2014

Just A Suggestion

Sunday morning is something for breakfast beyond a smoothie or yogurt or cereal. Today it was biscuits and eggs and bacon. The biscuits rolled out, folded, rolled out, folded, rolled out, cut with a floured wine glass. They were perfect with butter and Tupelo honey. The eggs had yolks of paint-pot yellow, I burned some of the bacon. Still, it was good.

The pictures I have taken today will not, for some reason, send from my phone so I will just say it is a beautiful day here in North Florida and that I am back in the garden and that I slept for over ten hours last night, drank in that good sleep as if it were pure clear water and feel lovely again today.

And I'd like to add that wouldn't it be awesome if doctors and scientists read Facebook posts, thus learning the secret cures to all sorts of diseases like cancer and high blood pressure and diabetes and depression and we could all just drink non-fluoridated water and eat organic vegetables and drink apple vinegar and take baking soda and exercise and meditate and the world would be a completely disease-free and perfect place?

Oh yes. I think so.


  1. Meh, it'd also be great if they were quicker to recognise that prescribed medication kills a hundred thousand people a year. None of it's perfect, drug-wise or otherwise.

    You know someone who got lots of extra time from conventional cancer treatment, I know someone who's still alive in his nineties after being given weeks to live in the seventies, and got here by switching to a macrobiotic diet instead of taking the few extra months they said chemo would give him. Both have worked there, but I'm sure we both know lots of people that both approaches failed for.

    People strive, people don't, we do our best. I'm getting better at not reading the blog posts I don't like or that enrage me.

  2. 100,000 Americans a year, not worldwide.

  3. I have learned (through the InterWebz, of course) that vinegar cures everything from Alzheimer's to Zinc deficiency! I even tried the honey, vinegar and cinnamon thing once in hopes of lowering my blood pressure. The honey mixed with vinegar was a bit 'off,' but the teaspoon of cinnamon damned near killed me! The thought of going from high blood pressure to NONE was just too much for me. I've been meaning to tell you my son is now raising Serama chickens (don't know if I spelled that right). I think they're more 'show chicken.' He's got 9 babies right now, and they're adorable! By the way, your homemade biscuits put me to shame! I made them this morning, too...but the 'bangin' kind.' You bang the can on the counter! :-)

  4. Jo- You know for certain that I am not against natural remedies when they are appropriate and I would wish they all worked for everyone! I know how many people die every year via medical and pharmaceutical mistakes. I just think the simplistic Secrets Doctors Don't Want You To Know! posts are out of hand. Many of them, if you investigate at all, are meaningless and based on nothing. They are there to sell advertising, pulling the sick and the gullible in. I wish everyone could drink pure water, eat organic food. But goddammit, if apple cider vinegar cured everything that they have been saying it would cure for at least seventy years, there would be no need for any pharmaceutical industry at all. I highly support the use of cannabis oil, as you know, and I think the medical community should be shamed at not getting on that boat far faster than it has.
    I think there is plenty of blame to go around but these bullshit lie posts are really, to my mind, getting out of hand as yes, the whole medical industrial complex has been for a long time. You will not find me disagreeing with that.

    Catrina- Yes, I love the posts that say, "Make blood pressure go away!" and I have actually seen those. I think to myself, "well, that's one way to deal with the problem."
    Baby chicks! What a delight! Keep me posted!

  5. P.S. Catrina- My husband calls those sorts of biscuits "whomp!" biscuits. Because yes, you whomp them to get them open.

  6. I want some "whom!" biscuits. And some of that honey, too. All of it sounds divine.

    Hey, did I tell you about how I wash my face with raw honey? It's an amazing find and super cheap for fighting blemishes.

  7. Apple cider vinegar and raw honey cure a lot of ills I'm told. It did cure me of the flu the last time I had it. Drank it. Woke up cured. The mind is a powerful thing. Your Sunday sounds beautifully homey.

  8. Gradydoctor- Really? You wash your face with honey? Isn't it sticky? I use Dr. Bronner's. Of course, I am way past the age of worrying about blemishes. I did get a little pimple the other day. It was sort of refreshing.

    Angella- If it works, it works. I have no argument with that. "Homey" is a good way to describe my entire life.

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  10. I think, all we need is to smoke/eat marijuana. it seems to cure everything. so says FB.


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