Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Solstice

So it's the Solstice, eh? I swear to you, it's like the weather here got an alert notice and brought it on for us. It could hardly be more beautiful.
Still, I spent most of the day inside. I watched that film again, yes I did, and then I watched all the bonus features and although I am sure none of you will ever do this, if for some reason you ever decide to, schedule an entire day. Damn. There's a lot of bonus in that bonus.

Mr. Moon is home, washing off the equipment he took with him, his clothes are in the laundry. I am feeling very glad to have him home. Oh, and I finally asked him what it is he plants for the deer and it is a mixture of wheat, oats, two sorts of peas I've never heard of, turnips and radishes. A veritable salad bar of delight. My beloved hunter-farmer.

My twelve hens laid me seven eggs today and since none of those eggs was either Eggy Tina's or Missy's, I have to assume that two of the old hens have gifted me. Missy is spending more and more time off the nest and I am glad of that. I feel so sorry for her, sitting so still with her feathers spread over her imaginary eggs for so many hours every day, neither eating or drinking or socializing or taking dirt baths. Hormones. Whether in chickens or in humans, they are powerful things.

I see that over three hundred thousand people turned out to march for climate change in NYC and I am glad of that. I am also glad to hear that world leaders are coming together on Tuesday for a United Nations climate summit.
May it all not be too little, too late. Lord have mercy but if we stupid humans could just get together for the saving of our planet instead of waging war, it could be the saving of all of us in more ways than one. I do not have any faith that that could truly happen but one never knows. Perhaps a Messiah will show up and lead the way. It would take a damn Messiah. I don't really believe in Messiahs.

I really have nothing more to say. I have had a beautiful, slow, easy day of it in Lloyd and the falling sun is doing that crazy beautiful light thing once again. Our planet is so fucking incredible and here I am, living this tiny life and as such, am able to spend much time observing and noting the small details of the seasons and their passing in my my minuscule part of the world. It is a small life, but for me, a rich one.

I may not believe in Messiahs but I do believe in glory and some days are just damn steeped in the light of it.


  1. I drop in occasionally to read your blog, and love your writing.
    But right now it's not the solstice (which is on Dec 21 and June 21, when the sun "stands still" and then makes its way back to the other hemisphere).
    It's the equinox. See this:
    You can delete this comment after reading it, if you wish.

  2. Anonymous- Why would I delete this comment? To prevent myself from the shame of mixing up solstice and equinox? Ha! I am human, I don't know shit.
    Thank you for schooling me. I shall make apologies.

  3. It's been a strangely and also gloriously warm day here, and a good one to boot...things were done. hugs, Carroll

  4. I am moody and broody myself on this sunday, along with Missy :) I'm glad you devoured your beloved Keith this weekend!

  5. The planet is fucking incredible and I believe we are not too late. Not yet. I believe this planet can recover from all the damage. She is strong.

    And oh my god, I just love you so much. People like you are like messiahs in my life. People like you that send out love and strength; a hope that the world can right itself.

  6. Carroll- Good!

    SJ- I learned that I do not know shit. Again. Big shock, right? And yet, it was enjoyable.

    Birdie- We have so much in common. You, too, send the word out. We can and do overcome. We all suffer. We all care. So much. Much love.

  7. Our planet will recover eventually, we may not though. The planet will go on without us. It really will.

  8. You live in nature's cathedral and you are a glorious steward of that corner of the world and in that way you are saving the planet. It's a very big work that you do, Mary Moon! xo

  9. it may not be too late yet but I have no faith in the ability of the human beings that actually have the power to make the changes to care enough to do so. those people have already shown how greedy and thoughtless they are. I don't worry for me so much since my life is winding down but what kind of world will my grandkids have to suffer through. anyway, the solstice happens at something like 2:35 PM today, which is Monday.


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