Friday, September 19, 2014

Whoo-Hoo! It's A Wild Friday Night!

Uh. Not really.
I spent about forty-two hours in town today. At least that's what it seemed like. I went to Trader Joe's where I bought sweet potatoes and a red pepper and to TJ Maxx (which is not where the purse was, sorry, it was at Marshall's) and bought nothing there, and then to Steinmart where I bought Lily a birthday present and finally found a kitchen rug. See above.

I sent a picture of it to a friend. "Too much chicken?" I asked her.
"Mmmm. Yes." she answered.
Oh well. I bought it anyway. It is the right size, it will be easy to wash, it is colorful and it was cheap.

Let's see. Then I went to the liquor store where I saw a guy I've known forever and ever. I performed the wedding ceremony for him and his wife almost ten years ago at Wakulla Springs and they are still quite happily hitched and it was so good to see him.

After that I went to the library. And then to Marshall's with a fierce determination in my heart to just buy that fucking purse! Buy it! Fuck it! (Well, not literally.) Be crazy! Be wild! Do it!
The purse was gone. I am not kidding you.
All I could do was laugh.

I ducked into Michael's because I have this crazy notion of knitting a blanket and letting my wrist be numb and not even worrying about it. The potpourri almost knocked me out. I swear to god when the potpourri thing started happening about twenty years ago I thought that surely it would last a season or two.
Nope. Still happening.
I'd rather smell horseshit than potpourri. It gives me a headache and makes me want to break things.
Also? Michael's didn't have any decent yarn.
I got out of that place fast. To me, Michael's is like hell exploded and they made a store out of it. They have Christmas shit up already. Right alongside plaster Frankenstein heads you can buy and paint yourself for Halloween fun and frolic. Fuck them.
All right. While we're talking about this kind of thing, let me bring up the subject of pumpkin. All over the internets I read about how women (always women) are orgasming at Starbucks because the pumpkin latte is back. And there's pumpkin beer. And pumpkin-scented candles. And pumpkin I-don't-even-know-what and you know what? Pumpkin is fine in pumpkin pie. Pumpkin smells lovely when you carve a real one and stick a candle in it. Beyond that- NO! Jesus god. I thought of the first lines of a novel (which I will not write- feel free) which goes something like this:
Thomas stretched his legs out as he leaned back in the rocking chair on the wide front porch of his family's antebellum home, took a deep and appreciative sip of the bourbon in the thick, leaded crystal glass he held in his long, aristocratic fingers, flicked a piece of non-existent lint off the front of his pink cotton Polo shirt and said to his daddy, "Fall. The time of year when even Addison's farts smell like pumpkin."

Moving on. Jessie got the job. Are we surprised?
Three weeks. Three weeks and she and Vergil will be moving in. This is rather unbelievable. Oh, how I hope she and Vergil will be happy here. Vergil is leaving his home and loved ones, friends and childhood memories to come to Tallahassee and I so want him to be happy. We love him so.

Lily is still feeling like shit. I called her and her voice sounded so puny I thought it was Owen. Please may she feel better tomorrow.

When I was kissing Mr. Moon good-bye today I said, "You have a good time."
"You have a good time too," he said.
"Oh. I will. I'm going to buy tofu AND salmon," and we laughed and kissed a little more.
"Thank-you," he said, "for letting me be who I am."
"Thank-you," I answered, "for letting me be who I am."

I have salmon marinating in a soy-ginger sauce right now. The chickens have been put to bed, Missy carried in my arms like a baby from her nest, Butterscotch back on the roost with her sisters. The church next door is leaking gospel music from all the windows and doors, my air conditioner is rattling, my movie did not appear in my post office box, I am feeling less like someone who is cool and all sex-drugs-and-rock-and-roll and more like someone who might read in bed for hours and hours.

I spent forty-two or six hours in town today and I do not have to go back for days.

Agoraphobic? Nah, not really.
Love your house and yard so much you rarely feel the need to leave?
Most likely.

This is my life.

Love to all...Ms. Moon


  1. Thank you for letting me be who I am.

    Oh my god. That's exactly it. Exactly.

    And that is NOT too much chicken.

  2. To me, Michael's is like hell exploded and they made a store out of it.

    Yes. A million times this!!

    I am SO envious of Jessie, for getting to move back home and get her life started with her love. Even though of course, her life HAS started -- I am big-time projecting my own desires to pick up and GO! I've lived in this apartment in downtown for FIVE years. Can you even believe it?

    I love the chicken rug.

    Do you broil salmon or bake it? I'm scared to attempt it myself, although i always get it when I'm out.

  3. What the fuck is wrong with reading in bed for hours, hmm? HMM?

  4. I love the rug. Who doesn't love a pretty chicken?!
    I'm such a reluctant shopper. I miss out on a lot of stuff (that I don't really need) because I have to think on it.
    I couldn't agree more about Michael's.. I hate pot pourri and yankee candles. Sickening.

    Enjoy enjoy enjoy your tofu, salmon, whatever!

  5. Michael's description = laugh out loud good!Reading in bed and being happy at home, priceless...why do people think you have to get away, anyway..? They make me think I must be some kind of hermit, the way there must always be a destination, a new something or other to experience.

  6. A lot going on in the Moon household, and I loved that line about Addison's farts. Too funny. We were shopping today for Halloween stuff and it's already discounted 50 percent while the Christmas stuff everywhere. Enjoyed your post Ms. Moon. Lots of LOLs in there. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. I have so much beautiful yarn! Please may I send some to you?

    And the too much chicken rug looks quite nice there. I'm glad you disregarded your friend's flippant remark.

  8. that's not a chicken, that's a cock. you can never have too much cock.


  9. I am happy Jessie got the job and I like the rug. Gail

  10. I too love the rug. Burst out loud laughing at Mrs.missalaineus comment! Thank goodness no one is home right now, although my dog is looking at me funny :) She is right you know.I dont make pumpkin pies. As a southern gal I much prefer sweet potato pies. pumpkins are for carving and seeds,thank you very much... Have a lovely Florida day. OH we are playing each other 2day! Tell Glen Roll Tide :) Ta ta

  11. The thing about pumpkin-flavored this and pumpkin-scented that is it's really pumpkin-pie SPICE (i.e., cinnamon, cloves, etc.) flavored/scented, plus maybe with orange dye for pumpkin-evoking visual fakery. Because who wants something to actually taste/smell like a big raw squash?
    (They probably use the same flavors/scents without the orange dye in December and call it eggnog.)

    --Awesome Cat Mama

  12. "Fuck it! (Well, not literally.) " hahah!!

    I don't get that excited over pumpkin, but I did actually just buy a couple bottles of pumpkin beer. I'll buy wine or beer if it has an interesting flavor, label, name, just to try.
    Where I'm on the verge of orgasm is in the paper isle at a craft store. lol

  13. heartinhand- I think when we are young we honestly believe we can change someone with our love or our nagging or with something but of course we can't. What a relief to realize that not only can we not do it, but that there really is no reason. As Lyle Lovett once said, "If I were the man that you wanted, I would not be the man that I am."
    I want the man I have. Period.

    SJ- No. I can't believe you have lived in that apartment for five years. Time is going by way too fast.
    I cook my salmon in a skilled. I put some oil in there and cook it skin side down first so I can peel that off easily, turn it, usually put a lid on it for awhile. Maybe turn it again. Possibly baste with whatever I marinated it in.
    Not hard at all.

    Jo- Nothing at all! I just don't like to keep my husband awake doing it.

    Denise- It was salmon last night! Yeah, I hardly ever shop either. But I've been on a tear this week. I didn't buy much but I did shop.

    big mamabird- I am with you.

    Mr. Shife- Oh, how I love making people laugh! Thanks, sir!

    sarah- Thank you!

    Elizabeth- Send me any yarn you want. If I don't use it, someone will.
    When I got my friend's text, I was already in line to buy and it made me laugh. You know what? I almost never buy chicken and rooster stuff for myself. Well, actually, I used to BEFORE I HAD CHICKENS! Hmmmm....

    Mrs. A- Haha!

    Gail- Me too! Both.

    Mary i- I prefer sweet potato pie as well. Did you know that Mr. Moon used to play basketball for Auburn?

    ACM- Yes. It's that fake cinnamon that makes me gag. I love real cinnamon but this is not that. It's just awful. Pumpkins themselves have a very light and not unpleasant fragrance when cut.

    Crystal Chick- I like paper too. But when you buy it at the craft store, it smells like potpourri.
    I have decided I am buying no more flavored beers. With the one major exception of Shinerbock's Ruby Redbird which is seasonal and the season is over. I don't like flavored coffees either. I just want things to taste like what they are. Mostly. I've always been this way. I remember one of my Girl Scout leaders telling us that she always rinsed her tuna very, very well so that it would taste like chicken which baffled me- why not just get chicken? She wasn't poor so I couldn't figure it out. Still can't, to tell you the truth.


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