Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It'll Be A Thing

Some days I am just so very grateful for the roots of my life.
Those incredibly small things which anchor me to it all, which give me enough purpose to keep moving. Laundry, my walks, floors to sweep, soup and bread to make, the chickens scratching in the fern and camellia bed.

Their eggs to gather.

Wonderful escapist novels to listen to, read by fabulous narrators. 

I think I am going to ask my children to start addressing me as "Lady Mother."

Love...Lady Mother


  1. Lady Mother Moon, Your Highness.

  2. Today I was sitting in the school pick up line wondering what there is in life to actually believe in. And here is your post, with the answers.

  3. Sounds like a good plan, Ms. Moon. Or is it Lady Moon? I do ponder what it's all about as well and what keeps me moving forward. It's all about the little things.

  4. Lady Mother, you are the best.

    And Vesuvius At Home is the second best.

  5. Lady mother sounds like a perfect name for you!!

  6. Lady Mother. My mother would have liked that. She always thought she deserved to be royalty. Somewhere between junior high and high school I stopped calling my mother Mom and switched to the more formal Mother which is what I called her til the day she died. You can probably guess we didn't have the greatest relationship.

  7. I think of you as Queen Mary. But not the bloody one!


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