Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Country Living At It's Finest

Jessie got in just in time for supper and when Mr. Moon went to shut the chickens up there was a damn possum in the henhouse and some of the hens were missing and he killed the possum and we rounded up chickens in the dark.
This is my life.

It is gorgeous here today.
Rained again last night.

Jewels on the elephant ears.

Jewel on the back porch. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Loving the jewels..! Have a wonderful day.

  2. Big Mamabird- Thank you.

    Angella- Our babies...

    Stephanie- Damn possums is right. And lovely Jessie.

    Ms. Vesuvius- Yes. Indeed. Except for the possums.

  3. Why is there not a missing chicken report? Who's missing? Who's found? And Jessie is the most adorable person ever --

  4. Do you mean missing, like PERMANENTLY missing, or just temporarily missing from the henhouse? I hope all the chickens have been accounted for. Possums wouldn't eat a chicken, would they? I thought they ate mostly fruit and bugs.

  5. OMG it just occurred to me that if I ran into a possum here, I'd have to kill it myself. Yesterday, I had to save myself from a giant grasshopper clinging to my front door. I didn't kill him but I sent him on a broom ride he can tell his grandkids about!

  6. Aw, where do my comments go?? :'(

    I said the same about Jessie, she does indeed shine like a jewel.

  7. it's why my sister doesn't keep chickens anymore. too painful when they would become some other creatures dinner or sport.

  8. Elizabeth- All hens now present and accounted for.

    Steve Reed- Everyone is safe. I think that chicken is on the top of every specie's desired favorites.

    heartinhand- Ha! I can just see that too!

    Jo- She's a pretty jewel too.

    Ellen Abbott- If you can't accept that fact, you shouldn't have chickens. Sigh.

  9. Every day has jewels of some kind. The brightness of the fall light and how it glows in the afternoon is just amazing.


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