Monday, November 22, 2010

We All Have Different Philosophies

Here I am, awake again, mouse shit in the laundry basket- too much nature around here. A party day after tomorrow and not one dust-free surface in the house, baseboards needed painting seven years ago. You should see them now.

Big fat turkey in the refrigerator, you could use it as a bowling ball. Wouldn't affect my score.
Mildew in the toilets- yes! seriously! Don't even want to talk about the floors.
There's a rusty old glider on my back porch that sat in the woods for twenty years and no, it doesn't glide and no, we're never going to fix it and for some reason, it is pissing me off today like you cannot believe.

Another beautiful day in North Florida, perfect temperature, roosters crowing, light tumbling down and painting leaves. I live in my dream house.

The rooster crows to announce his presence on this green earth. I am here! I am here! I am here!
I write these short, choppy sentences, same-same. I am here.
And one is as of as much importance as the other.

This is a one-foot-in-front-of-the-other day. This is a don't-even-think-about-it day. This is a mouse shit in the laundry basket day.

What is the difference between Scarlett O'Hara and the Buddha? I don't know.
I'll think about it tomorrow when I am stronger, says Scarlett.
All is illusion, says the Buddha.

Even mouse shit in the laundry basket?

All you need is love, say the Beatles.

I see the light come shining, says Bob Dylan.

I will shit wherever I want to, say the mice.

I am here, I am here, I am here, says the rooster.

I think it is time to do the laundry, I say. I think it is time to clean the toilets.


  1. Scarlett is right!
    Time for me to clean my scrap/hobbyroom... No mouse shit in there but almost...
    We have more important things to do in life then clean the uncleanable... I had a "stuff-overwhelming" day last week. Very annoying to be in a state like that, where you think you will never get the house clean in the first place, and secondly because it should not matter. If we are only loved for the cleanlyness of our house, let them go to hell...

  2. i love you ms. moon,
    i am so quiet this morning,
    after a week of too many words.

    don't over due...
    remember mood lighting is your friend!


  3. it's endless ,
    it's on and on and over and over.
    which is eternal which is do overs and oh how did I forget and new every morning and forever . which is the good with the not so. which is life.


  4. Don't forget to scatter some broomstraws.

  5. Photocat- I think it's ME that thinks I am lovable only if I have a clean house. Which is ridiculous.

    rebecca- Candles galore.

    deb- Exactly. And so it is.

    DTG- I will be scattering broom straws. Almost time for a new broom.

  6. My house is in a similar state, so much so that I am taking Wednesday off from work to try and get it clean. My turkey is thawing and I am cooking and both of my kids, their spouses and my grandkids will be at my house. I'm a little nervous about it because my 2 grown children have not spoken to each other in over a year (a long silly story--but no doubt part of the reason I have been having such a hard time lately). I think they have seen the toll it has been taking on me and them and they have agreed to try and put the past behind them. It will either be wonderful and or it will backfire. I'm hoping for the best so we shall see.

  7. Lois- Oh. That is so much pressure on you. To try and make everyone happy and rejoined in love. AND clean house and make the dinner. I hope it goes well too, but remember- no matter what happens, you are not responsible for anyone else's behavior. And I know your grandchildren will have a wonderful time.

  8. There are days of petty annoyances. When they rear up and strike even though they are docile most other days.

    I try to do the pesky cleaning the same day every week. That is the day. If there is dust or mildew any other day, it doesn't matter. Because it will get done on cleaning day. If it doesn't, then I am annoyed because I have to clean on a day that isn't "cleaning day" and that is just wrong. Cleaning day used to be Monday because Monday is a wrong day any how and you might as well pack all the misery into a day that is already ruined. Somehow, it has morphed into Friday which is a happy day before the weekend and even cleaning doesn't ruin it. Go figure.

  9. Oh, Ms. Moon, it is the ambience of your home, not the cleanliness! People come to see you and Mr. Moon and bask in your loving environment, not to judge you because your baseboards are dirty!!!

    Lois, I have a good feeling about your children reconciling ~ and what better day than Thanksgiving?

  10. Life is too short to splice wire rope-- a quote from Bernard Moitessier, my favorite sailor who went around the world many times solo. I apply that philosophy to many things in life. No one will look at the baseboards. They will just love being there and all that the day and party have to offer.

  11. Good morning, dear lady! Greetings from gloomy Buttfuck, Ohio.

    You are loved.

  12. One foot in front of the other kind of day, I wish there weren't so many of those...
    I opened the pantry to grab some oatmeal the other day and felt my foot stepping on something, I looked down and it was a mouses tail. I think they are taking over the world.
    Here's to more bright days than one foot in front of the other days for all of us.

  13. I hear that mice are incontinent.

    So I suspect they don't even think about it.

    It's the dogs that like to make the shit statements.

  14. P.S. I'd rather be in a home with dirty baseboards than clean ones any day, if the house with dirty baseboards was as full of as much love as your home seems to be!

  15. I found a dead centipede in the laundry basket today.

    Hugs to you Ms. Moon.

  16. I am here. I am here. I am here.

    I love your new header.

  17. Love that last bit especially.
    Good luck cleaning, even after just one scrubbed toilet you will feel renewed,I promise.
    Forget the baseboards and try not to think of that bastard glider.

  18. Thank you for the kind words Mary and lulumarie! And yes, my grandchildren will have a wonderful time and hopefully lighten everyone's mood.

  19. Jeannie- I suppose that would be a good idea. I used to do something like that, a long time ago.

    Lulumarie- I know. But sheets must be clean and oh- those dog beds! And dust must be dealt with. And toilets and sinks. Oh- you know!

    Syd- I'll remember that. Thanks.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- You are loved too.

    tiffany- That must have been a shock. Jeez. The little bastards.

    Jo- Yes. It's just the proof, though, that rodents are running rampant in my house.

    Mel's way- Why are these critters in our laundry baskets?

    Stephanie- Thank-you, sweet pea.

    Bethany- Excellent advice.

    Lois- Here's hoping!

  20. Once when I opened the lid of the laundry hamper the mouse itself jumped out. I was not delighted.

  21. A- Every time I change the straw out in the chicken house, they run around but that's to be expected. Little fuckers should stay outdoors!

  22. I too have to clean house today and feel tired at the very thought. The way Tearful Dishwasher scrubs and polishes, with a vibe that I somehow imagine as cleaning a gun, fascinates me. I think I need to move my mind over when it comes to housekeeping. And/or a steady supply of captivating books on CD for entertainment.

    Rodents--yes, fuckers should stay out of my space. The bugs, too. There are about 400 ladybugs trying to get in a side door.

  23. A- I am listening to a recording of the book Dogtown. It's good. It helps.
    Lady bugs- why do they always come into the house?

  24. A- Correction. The Last Days Of Dogtown by Anita Diamant.
    I think it's better than The Red Tent. And the narrator is wonderful.

  25. one foot in front of the other day. that's a good one.


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