Friday, November 19, 2010

Early Morning

It is dark as ink outside and yet, I'm up. Mr. Moon is already out of the door to go to the gym. He is like that Nike commercial- Just Do It.
Me, I'm like a, well, it's too early to think. But I am definitely not a Just Do It sort of girl. I'm a waffler, a drama queen, a preparer, a procrastinator, a no, no, no, I can't do it sort of woman.
I'm a stay-very-still-in-the-sheets until the last second sort of person. Not a jump-up-and-get-it-done sort of person.

Another doctor today, but this one Kathleen's surgeon. We go up to Thomasville so he can take out her stitches, check to see that the incision sites are all clean and not infected. I talked to her yesterday and she is not feeling very well. This last chemo kicked her ass. She's taking it easy, though, resting. Trying to eat. Taking her nausea medication, doing her best. She's such a reminder of how strong humans can be. She puts me to shame, she does.

The sky is lightening. Elvis is crowing in the hen house. I need to go take a shower, get dressed, go let the chickens out into the coop, get on the road.

The dogs are lying at my feet, Buster on a pillow which has fallen to the floor, his head tucked into his legs.

This chilly day has begun and here we go.

Happy Friday, y'all.
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I hope that it's a good day for you and for Kathleen.

  2. Hugs to both of you, and good luck with the doc.

  3. hugs from me too:-)

    and a happy friday along your way...

  4. Hoping, with others here, for a good day for you and your friend. May she feel better soon. Nausea is the pits.

  5. I hope its a good day for both you and Kathleen. You rockin' chicks stay safe.

  6. Getting out of a too comfy, cozy bed is hard. Hoping that the days get better for Kathleen. The strength in her is boosted by her friends loving support Mary.
    Bundle up and face the day...tis chilly and to rain here in CA.

  7. I hope your day is warm and sunny and light and happy. HA!

    Seriously, I'm with you --

  8. good Friday, Mrs. Moon. waking up in inky dark is a strange experience, even after years and years of being alive. xo

  9. Happy Friday to you too Mary. I'm the same sort of gal as you are.I like the way you described it.
    Good luck at the doc today.
    Hoping Kathleen feels better soon.
    And you too.
    I imagine you are still hiding a lot of your despair.

  10. Hope you have a good day Ms. Moon and best wishes and thoughts to your friend Kathleen.

  11. Yep. Here we go, and look at all these elves and fairies coming along with you! Love you, Moon Lady.

  12. Hugs to your downtown guy. I love how he cares for his Mom. I have 2 downtown guys, well one is a down in the basement guy and the other is a down in San Antonio guy. Aren't sons wonderful! Have a beautiful weekend.

  13. Syd- We had as good a time as you can have under the circumstances. And you know- we ate at the Waffle It was good.

    Ms. Fleur- Thank-you, honey.

    Danielle- Well. It is a Friday. We do what we can.

    Leslie- Thank god they have drugs for that.

    DTG- Love you too, baby. So much. I feel your arm around me. It helps.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- We rocking chicks were safe. And rocking.

    Ellen- It starts out cold here, then gets warmer as the day goes on. We dress in layers.

    Elizabeth- Honey- I always feel your love in my pockets.

    Maggie May- I am getting used to it. It is a bit magical.

    Bethany- You know me too well.

    Mr. Shife- I can only repeat- you are precious.

    Laura- I know! I love the fairies and elves who situate themselves all around us.

    Robyn- My son is my blessing. I swear. You have a good weekend too!

  14. It's been a chilly day here, and it will be an even chillier night. Stay warm. Best wishes to Kathleen.


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