Saturday, November 20, 2010

Boy Kisses

So the boy next door, Harley, as we call him, had a surprise fifth birthday party today. When I got the invitation from his mama, Ms. Petit Fleur, I wondered about the surprise element. For a fifth birthday? I asked her if he was intrigued with surprise parties and she said that yes, he was. He knew he was having a birthday party but he wanted to be surprised. He wanted to hear people scream, "Surprise!"
And thus it happened.
Lily and Owen and I were there with all the other guests when Harley came into the house with his daddy and I had my camera ready to snap the shot of surprise but it happened when he was still in the kitchen and we were in the dining room so I made him come into the room with the cake and refreshments to recreate the moment, as it were.
"Look like you're surprised," I instructed him. And he did.

We didn't stay too long. Owen needed a nap and Lily had things she needed to do but before we left, I asked Harley if he'd give me a birthday kiss. He said, "Of course!" and jumped up and gave me one, right on the lips.
Harley's friend from school, Mikey was at the party. Mikey's father hovered over him the entire time and whenever Mikey would ask questions, his father would say, "Don't worry about that, Mikey. Just don't worry." And that made me worry that Mikey would then begin to worry about things that it did not appear to me that he was actually worried about to begin with and it was a bit odd, I thought.
Anyway, after Harley gave me the birthday kiss, Mikey said, "Do you want a kiss from me?"
"Of course!" I said. "I would love a kiss from you."
I didn't even dare look at his father, one foot away. For some reason, I thought that the idea of his son kissing me might worry him.
Mikey sprang to his feet and kissed me just as Harley had, right on the lips.
It was good. And I wanted to say, "Mikey, I like you. You worry about whatever you want to."
But of course I did not. I just thanked him for the kiss and still not looking at the father, I took my leave with my daughter and my grandson.

Owen kissed me today too and so did his grandfather.

So there you go- I've been kissed and it was good and so another day has almost ended and I have recorded the sweetness of boy kisses.


  1. Awwwwe! So sweet! I also noticed the thing with Mikey's dad. It was odd. I think Mikey's and extrovert and dad is, well, not and he gets uncomfortable with Mikey's being so out there. sigh. The good thing is that ole Mikey seems to take it in stride.

    We were so happy you guys could make it... and even Mr. Moon! That was very cool. It was a fun time. Oh, and THANK YOU for the marvelous gifts. I'm sort of excited about them my own self!

  2. ah what a sweet story..i m sure harley had a great b-day with all of you..:-) so..happy b-day harley :-))))...i m happy the petshark in the leg got cake to eat today..:-)

    that really must been a wonderful party...reminds me on my surprise b-day blogtour which made me so happy this year:-))

  3. your voice here sounds like John Irving to me. i love it and this story.

  4. Ms. Fleur- Forgive me, but I think Mikey's father might be neurotic. The kids were fun. Harley was so totally cool and obviously happy with the whole deal. And Owen had a great time, playing with the big kids. Thanks for inviting us.

    Danielle- Wouldn't it have been awesome if you had been there? Yes. It would have.

    Maggie May- It's not every day that I get kisses from four boys. I thought it necessary to make note of the fact.

  5. You got kisses from 4 handsome guys in one day...sounds lucky to me.

  6. As always, Ms. Moon, a beautifully wrought brief vignette; a glimpse into something I'd otherwise not have seen or considered today. What a fine writer you are. Love you.

  7. Nice to have the kisses. Regarding Mikey and his dad, it seems rather dismissive of the father. Better for the father to explain things to his son than just tell him not to worry.

  8. Mel's Way- That's how I was figuring it, too.

    Angela C- Thank-you, honey.

    Syd- The father was just so...weirdly concerned.

  9. I'm glad you gave and got kisses.

    Poor Mikey. Poor Mikey's Dad.


  10. Ms Moon, I agree Ms Moon, he was sort of Woody Allenish without the humor. sigh... What can you do?

    Daniell, I can't believe you remembered the shark in the leg! Great memory!!

  11. I somehow almost missed this post and it's such a nice slice. How cute, Harley acting surprised and wanting a surprise party. And all the boy kisses and you feeling for poor little Mikey who you're right is going to be fucked up, I'm sorry, he is, sheesh.

  12. I know a hovering father and he worries me as well. I wish there was a good way to tell such a father to stop hovering and let the child be free. I haven't found one yet.


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