Friday, November 5, 2010


I'm sitting here watching Away We Go once again. I've eaten my dinner and been going through my iPhoto's, deleting in order to make more room on my hard drive. I need to go buy an external hard drive and put my stuff on it. Make more room.

Lately I've been thinking that I wish the kids would just come and take stuff. Towels and table cloths and furniture and kitchen utensils and clothes and stuff. Just come and take it.
What do I need?
Not much.

I'm just about at the place in the movie where the couple goes home to a house that looks so much like this one that it's eerie.

The sun sets on the Spanish Moss in the movie and the sun has set on the moss here at this place, where I am.

A few minutes ago, while I was heating up my supper my car alarm started going off. I have no idea why. I did nothing but fumble for the key in my purse and by the time I found it, the alarm had quit. I locked the car with the remote, grabbed a knife and opened the kitchen door to see nothing. Nothing at all. Just the dark and quiet.
I finished heating the food and ate it. Some of my doors don't even lock.
Well, if I am murdered tonight, it's my fault.
I am tired. I am going to go to bed.

The movie has ended. The man said to the woman, "This place is perfect for us, don't you think?"
And the woman said, "I hope so. I fucking hope so."

We all look for the perfect place, don't we?
But I'll tell you something- there is no perfect place. There are only places we feel at home. What happens after we find them is up to fate and luck and choices and nothing we can explain. The good and the bad, both. We may deserve both, neither, doesn't matter. What happens is what is going to happen.

But we might as well feel at home where we live. If we are very lucky, we do.

I am that lucky.

Good night.


  1. good nite sweet mrs. moon. don't think any more about murderers! i hate it when night becomes imbued with fear from some eerie happening or movie. the weather is changing and your internal barometer is swinging around, like mine. sweet dreams. xoxo

  2. Maggie May- I'm not even thinking about murderers at all. It was just odd. And that movie is so sweet.
    You are right about the weather. Lord, it is changing. Sweet dreams to you, little mama. I hope you get good rest.

  3. Funny--"Away we go" is one of my favorite comfort movies. I think I will pop it in right now.

  4. We Tivo'd away we go but still haven't watched - I think I know what we'll be doing tonight...

  5. I am tired tonight. Too tired to write much. Maybe tomorrow there will be more to say.

  6. "We all look for the perfect place, don't we?...But I'll tell you something - there is no perfect place...We might as well feel at home where we live. If we are very lucky, we do."

    Wonderful, just wonderful, and very apt for what's currently happening to me, or rather what I'm doing with (to?) my life.

    So thanks.

  7. i watched that movie on your recommendation and loved it and loved how much the house seemed like yours. magical.

    yes to all you said.
    goodnight dear you.

  8. Heck, mom, I've been stealing your towels for years.

  9. Lol, dtg.

    Mary, I am so agianst grab a knife. You grab a knife and you either have to stab someone or they have to hurt you. Please don't do that.

    Anyway it was probably a squirrel.

  10. Very true. I am comfortable in my home but I would love it to be more in the country.

  11. I love that ending of the movie when they find the home...the doors opening out to the view, their future, oh makes me want to rent it again!
    I was trying to find the post you did way back about the book someone wrote of living in your home. Can't find it. What was the name of the book? I thought I would read it.
    And night sounds...give me the willies! My heart will race and my imagination runs...

  12. SJ- It is a funny movie and a heart-breaking one. It is good.

    Lisa- If you watch it, tell me what you think.

    Syd- You get some rest, boy. You've been working mighty hard for someone who's "retired."

    Nigel- Some things are just the truth. I hope that wherever you land, you are at home.

    Bethany- Oh. But if my house was only on a lake! Well. Love you, sweetling.

    DTG- Come get the mustard, too.

    Jo- I know. I was being silly.

    Jeannie- The country IS nice. For those of us who like it.

    Ellen- The book is by Connie May Fowler who did live in this house before me and it is called How Clarissa Burden Learned To Fly.

  13. OMG Ms. Moon, you want to hear something funny? I saw that same movie on tv, and I thought of your house too!

    When they first come in, and you see the stairwell on the right and the grand front doors, and then they walk through to the back. I knew it wasn't your house because of the ocean behind it. But still. Totally reminded me of the pictures you've posted of your house.

  14. I have been searching for home all my life. Closest I have found is Savannah, GA, when I am there with the Moms. The Moms is essential, I think.

    Please have Mr. Moon fix the locks which do not work. PLEASE!

    Love you. I worry.



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