Monday, November 29, 2010

Sex, Religion and Politics. Sort Of.

Well I got quite a few of the thing on my list done today. I'm not too disappointed. And how could I be disappointed when I got to play with my Owen? Bless his little heart- he does love his grandmother. He holds his hands up to me and I pick him up and hold him close and when I went to leave today he cried piteously.
Of course he was very tired.

I bought the knee brace. I am wearing it. It's all black and stylish. And smells rather serious. Like, oh, I don't know. Almost rubber-like. I hear there are rubber fetishists in this world. I wouldn't care to meet one.

Isn't sex just the oddest thing? It's so animal-like and I guess that's why all the religions try to control it so closely. As far as I can tell, that hasn't done one damn bit of good. But they keep trying.

I heard two interviews on NPR today and in both of them, the interviewees had left the Catholic church. One was Anne Hathaway, the other Anne Rice. Mmm. Both Annes. I hadn't thought of that before now.

For both of them, the gay question was the deal breaker. Throw in the fact that women can't be priests and the cover-up about the priest sex abuse scandal and both women felt they had to leave the church. Anne Rice talked about it a lot, her "reconversion" back into the church and then her leaving it. She said in her interview that she had never once had a supernatural experience (although she has famously written volumes and volumes about vampires and now she is writing about angels) but it occurred to me that if she has ever taken the Holy Eucharist, which she has, she has indeed participated in a supernatural experience. Or at least one in which faith makes one believe it is supernatural.

Well, like I have said, I don't have the religion gene and so I really don't have the right to discuss it, I suppose but then again, maybe I do.

Sex. Religion. Politics.

If we don't discuss those things, what are we going to discuss? Lipstick? Crossword puzzles? Recipes? Those are all fine but this life is filled with so much more.

I don't really talk about sex much. My children read this blog and you know, you really don't want to think about your mother and sex in the same sentence. I have a lot to say about it but mostly that it's a big mystery to me, still, after all these years and that in my next lifetime, if there is such a thing (who knows?) I would hope not to be sexually abused as a child. I think it would improve my outlook on such doings.

I am cooking some brown basmati rice and it smells incredible. I'm going to cook a piece of salmon and some spinach and let the rest of the Thanksgiving leftovers sit for another night.
It's dripping rain here in Lloyd and Mr. Moon is gone off on business and it's me and the dogs. I shall give old Pearl the salmon skin. It is her due for being The Oldest Boxer Still Alive On The Planet. She loves it so.

And eventually, I will fall down into my dreams and the dripping rain shall inform them as shall the small dog curled up beside me.

But wait- should I mention politics? No. I don't know enough about it right now to comment. I hear there is such a thing as Wikileaks and I should figure out what that's about but honestly, right now I just do not care.

I would rather fill my heart with what's right in front of me. Think of the ones I love.

That, strangely or not, includes so many of you.

Sleep well.

Have sex if you can and/or want to. Same with watching the news and praying.

Love...Ms. Moon

P.S. I know one thing about sex- it can lead to grandchildren. I highly approve of that.


  1. Sex Religion and politics.

    Reminds me of that old Warren Zevon song, Lawyers Guns and Money.

    If there is anything sexier than hearing him sing those words, I'm not sure what it is.

    I'm with you on the rubber fetish.

    Anyway, good post.

  2. great post!

    especially because i wonder all the time if i should blog more about my work...which includes sex..a lot..then again i much sex on a blog is too much sex??

    ps: i was a big fan of anne rice (when i was a teenager) till seh went all crazy over the religion part and i feel like she is deneying herself by what she is doing dont care that she writes about angels only nowadays..of course that is totally okay..but i dont like the way she feels about her old work..the way she treats her old work is like slapping those who have read it in the past

    and i love anne H. for her beeing so resulute towards the church..greta girl...

  3. sex religion and politics. My husband and I only discuss the one. I think that is why we have stayed married for 30 years.

  4. Religion extremists are really irritating me right now. I'm frustrated because a group of people who call themselves christians are protesting at funerals of fallen soldiers. Nobody should celebrate the death of someones loved one. Been hearing about it on the news too long and ....the freedom of speech does not mean you can go to the grave yard or funeral home to say that the soldier deserved to die. Fired up.....Ms. Moon, I'm fired up.

  5. Ms. Fleur- Thank-you, honey.

    Danielle- This is so bad, but I feel like when Anne Rice got (a) sober and (b) religious, her work went to hell. But I wish her the very best and god knows that sobriety and religion can bring great peace.
    And I have no idea how much sex on a blog is too much. I am quite certain I've never pushed that envelope.

    Sandra- You may be right. And whatever works for you!

  6. Rebecca- Are these the "Christians" who protest gays in the military? I hate them. Plain and simple.

  7. Well, I know that my parents had sex at least once which resulted in moi.

  8. Of late I feel like the only problems I want to wrestle with are on an intimate scale or on a scale that far outstrips humanity.

    It seems like anything that involves more than twelve people is just a gigantic shit pool.

    But keep it under twelve, I'm with you. Get real, real big, cosmos-sized, I'm with you. Real small, quantum-mechanics style, with you again.

    Church? Politics? Local government? Corporations? Whole food co-ops? Zoning commisions?

    Y'all have fun without me.


    Sex, though. There's a notion I can get behind. You'd think by the time we're this old we'd either get tired of it or have it all figured out, but I sure don't.

    Either one.

    It is a damn shame I can't walk over there with a couple of beers and sit on your porch and pet your old boxer and shoot the shit with you.

    But the world's a fucked up place.

    There's good pockets of it hidden away, though, if you keep your eyes peeled.



  9. Syd- You can be pretty sure of that.

    Tearful- Shit. I don't even know what to say. I guess I'll say what you have said before- there is beer in the refrigerator.
    And as to your post tonight, well, I just don't want to muddy those waters. It's too clear. This?
    "Every time there's one of these things it is like a tuning fork trembling far down inside of me, singing a razor's song."
    Well. Yes. Clear and true.

  10. Oh Ms. Moon, very sassy knee brace you have there!
    Yes, the big three. Sex, religion, and politics. There is always something to ponder.

  11. My brace sometimes gives me a rash and smells funny. Same with religion, politics and sex. :o)

  12. I love a woman who talks about sex, religion and politics. Those who don't scare me.

  13. this is a meat and potatoes AND dessert post. ah. i love it.

  14. Ah, sex. It's all that's on my mind (and body) of late. Want to add a little something different? Do a man from a tribe where all the women's clitorises are removed (note: he did not allow this done to his daughters). I felt like Dr. Ruth; he felt like Sir Edmund Hillary. Win-win.

  15. Lora- 'Tis true, dear. 'Tis true.

    Ms. Trouble- Ha! You're right.

    Elizabeth- Me too.

    Maggie May- You are the brave one dear. You talk about it all and I love you for that.

    NOLA- You, my bold and intrepid friend- YOU win!

  16. Great post. Sex is so basic, so primitive and so mystical, religions have to try to destroy it, sanctify it or make it sinful - or all three. I have had spiritual experiences and, in the end, they have made me less religious because religion boxes things and spirituality can't be - like sex which can also be spiritual. Politics is just religion in different wrapping. They are all wrong and corrupt and try to tell their brand of philosophy which will best enrich their practitioners.

  17. Love this post. Such a smorgasbord of good stuff. I love how your last sentence leads the reader back to the first paragraph.
    A few years ago I had my right knee start to hurt. It comes and goes. of course it comes whenever I decide to start a jogging routine. You have probably heard of Glucosamine supplements, which are supposed to be good for the knee cartilage.
    I love how you take care of yourself with good, whole food--that is so important. And I bet that salmon skin is really good for the doggies' coats.
    Thank goodness a strong knee is not needed for sex.

  18. I'm with you, I don't get it all all, any of it really, but mostly the sex.

    I wish that for you too, that it never happened.

    I wish I wasn't so confused about it, so terrified, because then maybe there'd be hope of some grandchildren. But I took too long to start figuring stuff out.

    Glad you got the knee brace.

  19. Hi Mary, Melissa here. I started another blog because I apparently need a new one every couple of months. I'm going to try and keep this one.

    I just wanted to say I think you're beautiful. And I love your hugs and kisses on my cheek.

  20. Did you ever watch that Surfwise movie about Dorian Paskowitz? At one point in that he says that "fucking is the word of God." He said that because sex = life. Dude may be batshit crazy, for real, but I liked that bit.

  21. PEARL!!!!

    See, you don't even have to post a damn picture to get PEARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Jeannie- I agree with you on ALL of that.

    Michele R- A strong knee is not needed for sex. Except for some positions...
    I can't take the glucosamine because it has sulfate in it. I get terrible headaches when I do. Damn.

    Bethany- Honey, we're all just trying to figure it out.

    Melissa Kaye- Girl. I could keep you in my pocket and pull you out and kiss you all day. Love the new blog.

    Stephanie- Haven't see it. He's got a point.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- You and Pearl would be inseparable if you met.

  23. I've been dithering and wondering if I should write a post about Belgian politics. I never know if it will send all my readers to sleep. Or if they will just skip, skip.

    It's funny this blog thing - I sit and think about so many of the virtual people as well. Like you. But of course you are not virtual, you are real.

    As for sex, I think I may need a little more sleep first. Which is a shame, because I could probably do with some. :-)

    Praying - I agree with all those reasons for leaving the church. And I have. And still my inner Catholic wonders if I'm going to hell.

  24. Mwa- The fact that anyone can leave an institution like the Catholic church after childhood induction is a miracle. And hell- go ahead and do a post on Belgian politics. Educate us!


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