Friday, November 19, 2010

Mr. Moon

Do you see this man? He is probably, along with my children, the reason I am still here.
The first night he stayed with me I gave him the first test. He was going on about how beautiful I was or some such thing and I said, "Don't bullshit me, man."
He has done his best not to ever since then.

Tonight we were sitting on the porch, having our Friday night martini and we were talking about this and that, things we might want to do in the future and I said, "I need to get out of this hole before I can think of doing anything at all," and he said, "I'll be here when you're ready."
And then he asked me again if there was anything he could be doing or should be doing or shouldn't be doing to make me feel better and I said, "No. You are doing perfect."
And then I told him that I would marry him again tomorrow.
"I feel the same," he said.

Oh that man.
Tall as the clouds and sweet as honey. Feet on the ground and arms long enough to wrap around me and pull me close.

We were talking about how it's time to start thinking about building our house in Apalachicola and he asked me a while later, after a kiss, "Will you kiss me on our deck looking out on the bay in Apalachicola?"
"If we have a deck in Apalachicola, I sure will."

I have no ending for this little bit of writing. I hope I never do.

If he lives to be ninety-nine, I hope to live that long too, minus one minute.

What else can I say?

I call him Mr. Honey Man. I call him my husband. I call him my love.

I call him Mr. Moon. That is his name.


  1. outch*!!!

    you are a wonderful family.....

  2. Danielle- To have someone to hold you. Yes. And we do have a wonderful family. I know it. I cherish it.

  3. Enjoy the full moon this weekend, you loving moons (and omg that was just the sweetest thing I just read here!)

  4. Before I met Miss A, I thought posts/thoughts like this were cheesy at best-but now, I know better...and now feel pretty much the same way.

  5. Mr. Moon is as lucky as you are, I suspect. This was beautiful and tugged at my heart strings too.
    I hope all your wishes come true.

  6. I love the way he loves you, and you him. It is something I've never seen before and it give me such hope. Plus, he's a HUNK.

  7. This says it all. What a lovely man. Plus he's gorgeous, too.

  8. You and Mr. Moon are just amazing together. It's both of you individually being just a perfect fit. You're very lucky to have each other, but I know you know that. That's also what's cool about ya, Ms. Moon. You appreciate what you have. I love this story.

  9. What a man Mr. Moon is...every woman should be so lucky. That you and he bend with the wind, the storm, the blue skies, the thunder all of it and you just love...what could be sweeter..Mr. Honey Man Moon....and Ms. Mary Honey Moon? Oh yes...that is a story that will go on and on...

  10. But you are beautiful, Ms. Moon. That's no bullshit.

  11. Perfect together...I think you think "meant to be" is some kind of bullshit, so I won't say that...I'll just say "perfect together"...

  12. When you write these Mr Honey Man Moon posts, I can see clearly why you love this Man, and he you.
    x0x0 N2

  13. Michele R- I love how you always remind us of the moon's fullness. Thank-you.

    Mr. Mischief- Cheesy, when heartfelt, is okay.

    A- I think we know that.

    Mel- So many things have come true already. Things I didn't even know to dream of.

    Bethany- He's pretty darn handsome, isn't he?

    Angella- Your man isn't hard to look at either. Uh-huh.

    Nicol- I am constantly amazed. Constantly.

    Ellen- We know what's important, I think.

    Angie M- Ha! Thank-you.

    Lulumarie- I'll happily accept that one.

    N2- He sweeps me away sometimes. He does.

  14. You are both blessed to have such a good relationship. Many people never get that ever.

  15. 15 years ago, I met Moon. And I was blessed.

    She guided me through a lot of crap.

    Later, I met Mr. Moon. Taller than the sky and so kind to my young son.

    Moon and Mr. Moon glide seamlessly through the shark-infested glitter-pool of life.

    I have NEVER met a more genuine and charming couple of people.

    I KNOW why she loves him so.

    And I KNOW why he loves her so.

    And the rest of us can only wish for a love like that.

  16. Dianne- He deserves a lot of tribute. And credit.

    Syd- Amen.

    Omgrrrl- I miss you.

  17. Mr. Moon is good to one of my favorite people in the world, so I dig him.

  18. The sweetness between you two makes my heart flutter.


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