Thursday, November 25, 2010

Not Very Many Pictures

L.L. Cool Tay and Waylon late last night. How precious are they?

The food. Which my children made. Except for the mashed potatoes, which Ms. Fleur made. Thank-you, Ms. Fleur! They were delicious!

Me going first through the line. First time. Ever. And Hank and May, two of my babies.

Mr. Moon about to apply the pepper sauce to his greens.

Oh, y'all. It has been such a day. Well, two days.

And I am so tired and not thinking right but the food was so good and my family has been so wonderful to me and I have felt so loved.
They all worked too hard. I hope they rest easy tonight.
I hope they know how much I love them.

Sweet dreams.
Be well.
I wish you that.


  1. I am thankful, once more, for you (and yours). Love to you on this day and always ==

  2. oh man! i just realized that cutie boy at the back there is the one feeding me delicious wierd photos on the blog "I've had dreams like that"...or am i hallucinating??

    by the way did Mr Moon take that photo? you guys have really high ceilings....all that food has made me hungry..and homesick for family get togethers...

  3. I'm glad you were first on line. And I bet your kids feel REALLY GOOD about doing Thanksgiving for you. Looks perfect.


  4. Nice photos. And look at the food. We had a lot too and will be eating it for the next four days. Glad that you were surrounded by love.

  5. food porn..again! that looks all so good!!

    and your babies look so happy..:-)

  6. ooh that spread looks delish! Yay for your kids and PF. Hey, that shot of you all in the kitchen? Did Mr Moon take it? Or was Owen like taking it from the ceiling fan? The perspective is so HIGH. Is Mr Moon REALLY THAT TALL? Wow.

  7. Everything looks fabulous! The kids did a wonderful job. It would have been so wonderful to join you outside for Thanksgiving...something so foreign and exotic to us northerners. :)

  8. Elizabeth- And to you and for you. And yours. Aren't we blessed?

    Screamish- You just realized that he's my son? Well he is! And that girl is All Writey Then. And Jessie took the picture. I think she was holding the camera up high. She's tall but not that tall.

    Michelle- I think they were proud. They should be.

    Syd- I am surrounded by love. And luck.

    Danielle- Yep. All American Thanksgiving Food Porn! And I do think the babies were happy.

    Bethany- Jess took it. I think. From up high above her head.

    Mel's Way- It sure has been warm this year. I like it.

  9. Hey screamish, yep! That's me. I added one over there today that I went back on forth on for quite a while.

  10. I've said it before, but I must say it again - you have some good kids there Ms. Moon. Glad you had a great day!


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