Monday, November 22, 2010

My House

The guest room. Where Owen gets his diapers changed. And loves to play Peek-A-Boo. And used to nap.

Over the mantle in the guest room.

Different sorts of magic.

A picture that Mr. Moon and I bought in New Orleans in 1984.

Our room. All my pillows. The duck and the duckling. Both.

Mud room. Magnolias. Hats.


  1. Oh I love the framed 'portrait' of the little boy. Elijah looked just like that around 15 months. Now he's thinning out and losing that baby look!

    Word Verification: refuctal...that sounds SO dirty!

  2. hehe*

    thank you for the tour...:-) that guestroom looks very cozy....

  3. It's great to see where we'll all be sleeping when we come to Lloyd for our Moon Retreat.

  4. I like the thick duvet. I have one on the boat and it is such a nice feeling to settle under it at the end of a chilly day.

  5. Erin- I didn't know it when we bought it, but I was about four days pregnant. And refuctal does sound dirty indeed!

    Danielle- You shall be very cozy there.

    Lisa- Indeed!

    Syd- That's my duck.

  6. How fun.
    Love these little snippits.
    I feel like you cleaned your ass off today, did you?
    Like you're starting to feel less pissed at the glider and the baseboards.
    Am I right?

  7. Oh, I love these photos! Thank you for posting such lovely shots of your various "nests." And that picture of the little baby -- it's the cover of one of the books we have -- my Oliver looked a lot like that when he was a bitty baby.

  8. I'm all for the Mud room, the magnolias and hats. What a splendid home you inhabit, Ms Moon.

  9. My mom has a very similar "sleeping bebe" painting - it was her mothers when she was a girl. Love it.

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who douses the house with pillows - am going to show the photo of your bed as evidence to my husband. Hopefully he will begin to see that I'm not that wonky.

    Also, one more thing before I go - magnolias used to haunt me when I lived in Alaska and there were none - so glad that I'm back down South and they're showing up everywhere, not just outside :)

  10. Bethany- You are right. More cleaning today. The glider sits, undisturbed.

    Elizabeth- It's such a corny picture. I love it so much.

    Elisabeth- It IS a lovely home. I'm so very lucky.

    Jo- Looking better, anyway.

    deb- FUNKY! Just like me.

    Ms. Controlling- My husband battles pillows all night. He is a pillow saint.
    Can't have too many nice magnolias.

  11. How could anyone help but have sweet dreams in that comfy guest room???

  12. I love your place. It looks warm and welcoming...

  13. I love your home tour, and I think I want to just climb under that duck forever. How wonderful and cozy your home is. That's me at the door.

  14. Do Americans not put covers on their duvets? Or is it just you? Or was this before the cover was put on? I am pondering cultural differences.

  15. Ack! CUTE panda picture in the guest bedroom!

  16. ok that is a serious pillow collection!!! man that bed looks heavenly!


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