Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oh Lord

Well, I'm gonna be Truvy. In Steel Magnolias. Jan just called me.
I'm going to play a woman that Dolly Parton played on film and who says, "There is no such thing as natural beauty!"
We shall see how this goes.
I have to tell you that I feel completely intimidated.
And a little bit excited.
I hope I can wear one of those beauty parlor smocks the whole time. And I guess I might have to curl my hair.


  1. SWEET! When I did the show in college I was Ousier. But *IF* I audition this spring for it here, I will probably audition for Truvy.

    Oh I would love to come see you! When is the run?


  2. OMG that is an awesome role!!! I can totally see you in that part. Do you have what it takes to fill Dolly Parton's bra? :)

  3. Omgrrrl- Last two weekends in February, first weekend in March. I need to get a script NOW!

    Nicol- Lord, don't let me fuck it up.

    Mel's Way- Uh- no. Not even close. I need to start researching bra fillers now.

  4. I KNEW you'd get a part. And Truvy? Sweet!!

  5. Well, congratulations! You'll be just fine, you've got a great support team and talent galore.
    Don't panic, once you get your hands on the script and your nails in the part, you can kiss that intimidation goodbye!

  6. Michele R- I will do my best.

    Mel- I wonder if _I_ will change as I get into this character. We shall see.

    DTG- Of course! He's so excited. I'm going to get him to come to some rehearsals and help give notes!

  7. Oh, how perfectly perfect. How awesome! I wish I could come and see you perform. Please make a video and please let us see it. Please.

  8. ditto on what Elisabeth says!

    or else we are going to have to charter some wheels and high tail it down there.

    congratulations. call Dolly. she can help.

  9. PS: I've been reading the posts I've missed. Kathleen is beautiful. I love how you three love. and support. and live. Also, I love the rainstorm photos. wow. and little mr. owen is more adorable every day, but of course, you already know that. hugs to you, dear one.

  10. I can well see you in this role. Go for it, Ms Moon.

  11. You will be Fabuloso! Keeses on the run to Brooklyn and the Corn Tiger x0 N2

  12. What fun! I love that movie. Truvy has some of the best lines too:

    "There's so much static electricity in this room, I pick up everything but boys and money."

    "I'm just screamin' at my husband; I can do that any time!"

    And my personal favourite:

    "Oh, Sammy's so confused he don't know whether to scratch his watch or wind his butt."

    I need to watch it now!!

    (Found you via Nigel's blog. Love what you're doing here.)

  13. If you need a blonde bombshell wig, let me know - I have one from when I was the Salsa Queen for a benefit that Jill Conner Brown (the Sweet Potato Queen) did here several years ago.

    I love that movie! I could do most of the lines by heart.

    And thank you for your encouraging words. I'll let you know if/when I start.

  14. Angelika- Oh boy. Gonna be fun.

    Elizabeth- Marcy's in the play, too, and her sweet husband Fred always videos. So...

    rebecca- I keep thinking how much fun it's going to be to create this reality with these women.

    Laura- Oh hell no. I would be WAY too nervous. But that's a sweet idea.

    Syd- Like I said, maybe it'll get my head out of my ass.

    Jo- Woo! yourself, you sweet Irish woman.

    Elisabeth- I'll give it what I got.

    N2- Kiss him for me.

    Agnes- I know the play is different but many of the lines are the same. Thanks for coming by- come back and play anytime!

    Lora- I'm so lucky to have the Opera House so nearby with those friends and that community.

    Juicie- I'm thinking I'm going to need a wig for sure. And just get started- do it!

    Angella- Sometimes old ladies do get to have fun.

  15. I loved that movie and totally want one of the trees from that movie in my back yard. Can you send me a seedling from your yard?

  16. lulumarie- Maybe you and Lis come come see it. We could have a slumber party, too!

    Rebecca- The magnolia tree? Sure. I can send you a seedling but unless they sell them in nurseries where you live, it won't grow there.

  17. Congratulations, but I would have wanted to be Weezer (or whatever her damn name is).

    You'll be great at whatever part they gift you with.

    Love youse.

  18. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- It's pronounced "Weezer" but spelled Ouiser.
    I shall do my best as Truvy! I will embrace the Truviness!

    Lulumarie- start thinking about it.

  19. I think you'd make a great Truvy, in your inimitable Ms. Moon way... looking forward to that video.

  20. Congratulations!

    Do you think you'll get to wear fake fake boobs? That would be fun.

  21. They do sell them in nurseries around here but they are way too expensive for us to afford. Sure they are already 4-5 feet tall, but they are around $100.

  22. Yes! I'd love to see you perform in a play. Maybe someday.


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