Thursday, November 11, 2010


I went over to Kathleen's where she and Judy were both in their respective lounging positions watching an old black and white movie on TBS.
"What's on?" I asked.
"We don't know," one of them said. "It's Pat O'Brien week. We're just watching lots of Pat O'Brien movies."
I don't think they've moved much since Kathleen got her surgery on Wednesday. She was, in fact, completely floored at how seriously her body took surgery. As in pain. As in needing to sleep all the time. As in being nauseous. As in not wanting to move, eat, or, well, move.
Judy is being her caretaker. She warned me before I went over there that Kathleen was still in her hospital gown and she herself was in sweats and wasn't wearing her hair. I said, "Well, then I'll fit right in in my overalls and my undershirt and holey socks. I sure as shit ain't putting a bra on. But I do have hair."
"That's okay," she said.

I stayed for awhile, knitting and chatting while yet another Pat O'Brien movie came on and then I started coughing and felt like I was spewing viruses into the air. So I said, "Well, I guess I'm going to take my surprisingly full head of hair on home."

That made 'em laugh. I love those women. God, I love those women.

I called Mr. Moon just awhile ago and we had a nice chat. He's still up in Tennessee and he hasn't gotten his big buck but he's still hopeful. He told me about the little four-point buck he saw this morning, chasing two does for all he was worth. Animals have interesting sex lives which seem to me to be at least as complex as humans' sex lives.
Anyway, we laughed about the little buck going after the women and we talked about Aunt Elizabeth, too. He'd read my blog post about her and said it was perfect and that it had made him cry and boy, if that didn't make me feel good, I don't know what would. Not that my husband cried, but that I got it right enough so that it moved his heart. I love that man.

Now the crazy thing is, is that another aunt of his has also had a stroke. She was the wife of Mr. Moon's daddy's brother. So Aunt Ann is the last of that little group and who would have thought that she'd have a stroke a few days after Elizabeth, and yet- she has. She is not expected to live, either and you just have to wonder sometimes. I got an e-mail from her daughter this morning and she said in it that the family hopes she does not linger or suffer.
Me too.
She lives in Tennessee and Mr. Moon went to see her yesterday. So at least he got to see her.

Funny world. And this is not the hunting trip that my husband planned but then- whatever turns out the way you planned?

I hear Owen got a goldfish at the fair last night. This makes me happy. I hope he got to eat something fried. I wish I'd been there but I just wasn't feeling up to it.
I'm glad he's got a new pet. I hope he lasts awhile, Goldy. Or whatever they name it. I'll see him tomorrow. Not Goldy, Owen. I'll be taking care of him after I take Kathleen up to Thomasville and I'll be bringing Kathleen here to stay for a few days until she feels better. She said that since she's met Dr. M, she's been miserable. Colonoscopy, endoscopy, PT scans, lab work, and now surgery. But, he's doing his job and that's that. I think she's starting chemo again on Monday. Lord. She is brave.

I'll bet she and Judy are still sitting there, watching Pat O'Brien movies. "Two old bald ladies," is what Judy called herself and Kathleen. Two beautiful bald ladies, not that old, either.

I think I'm going to take my surprisingly full head of hair for a nap. It's going to be a big day tomorrow. I need to rest up.
And then Mr. Moon will be home on Saturday. I sure will be glad to see that man. I'm going to hug and kiss him a lot, even if he doesn't bring home a buck. I didn't marry him for his hunting skills, y'all, but that's been a nice bonus, even if it took me about twenty years to figure it out.

I'm a slow learner. What can I say?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Thanks, Ms. Moon. I'd venture to guess, and we all know, that more of you is uncommon than your hair; if that makes sense. I know what you're saying, though.

    Kathleen is incredible. Brave. Inspiring. As are her dear friends. This web is what Life is.

  2. Glad you took your knitting and your cornbread & salad and your surprisingly full head of hair over to see Kathleen. I am sure she was glad to see you. Keep taking care of you, too. You don't want to have a cold relapse. x0 N2

  3. I'm glad that you were able to get over to see your friends. Take care though as rest from a cold is what's needed.

  4. Laura- Yep. That whole web of life and all that entails. I am constantly in awe of the people I love.

    N2- I am fine. Feeling better every moment. Thank-you, sweetie. I mean it.

    Syd- I am. I took a nap today. It was heavenly.

  5. I hope Owen got to eat something fried too.


  6. Somehow I missed that Kathleen had surgery. I need to check in more often. Surgery gets harder with every year I get older. My last was two years ago and it was just really, really hard. Hope Kathleen perks up before the next chemo. Maybe those Pat O'Brien movies will help.

    So sorry to hear about your aunts. I miss mine so much. One uncle is left, the last of his siblings, and I just saw him for the first time in 14 years.

  7. while reading, i somehow mixed up your sentences and thought i read:

    " I got Owen to eat a goldfish last night, and.."

    I stopped there and went, nooo, that's not right....


  8. Michelle- Why else go to the fair? I hear he rode the Ferris Wheel. Oh. How I would have loved to have seen that.

    Maggie May- No. I don't think he ate a goldfish. Maybe one of the cracker kinds. But wouldn't that have been funny?

  9. I remember winning a goldfish. That's big shit to a kid.

    I also once flushed some live
    goldfish down the toilet with my cousin, Rob. We were always getting into trouble together.

    Please tell Mr. Moon I am sorry about his aunts.

  10. Remember when Lily would win the goldfish every year because she had long enough arms to just reach over and drop the ball in the cup?

  11. WHOA... Lots of intensity in your world. I'm here and can be at your house anytime if you need.
    Hugs to kathleen and Mr. Moon. You both will need a big ole hug when he gets back.

  12. Ms. Bastard- Beloved- Who's idea was that? To flush the goldfish? I'll tell Mr. Moon. He'll appreciate that.

    DTG- YES!

    Ms. Fleur- Thanks, babe. True about the hugs.


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