Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Am Not Even Kidding You

My friend Marcy made soup and brought it to me.
I can't believe this.
Sometimes you just have to shake your head and wonder at the sweetness of people.
It honestly made me cry a little when she showed up with those jars of goodness for me.


  1. Marcy is swell. Keep her. And now you really can "snorgle" back under the covers.

    Watched Away We Go last night. We loved it. Funny and sweet and slow and that house at the end does look like yours.

  2. Lisa- It's too damn pretty out to snorgle under the covers. I went out and weeded for an hour but that was enough for me. I'm so glad you liked the movie. Wasn't the Montreal segment the most heartbreaking thing you've ever seen?

    Life As I Know It- Oh. She most certainly is.

  3. That's such a wonderful friend to have! And you are so deserving.

  4. don't it make you feel good to be the kind of person other people bring homemade soup to when you're feeling poorly?

    it sure should.

    I hope you feel better, and more importantly, I hope you enjoy slowing down and chilling out for a minute.

    I wish I could make you a chair. I don't even know how.



  5. That is so sweet :)
    Feel better...

    (caught up on posts, and Away We Go is one of our favorites...)

  6. Angie- We are ALL deserving of soup. But it's a glory when it arrives at our door. And it's a blessing to be able to make it for others.

    Stephanie- Yes.

    SJ- Not too bad, sweetie. Not bad at all.

    Tearful- You would make me a chair? Honey, you could split a log in half and instruct me to sit on it and I would so gladly do that. I have had a wonderful day, the excuse of a little cold making me take it slow and easy and the knowledge that I am so rarely ill is like the tiny flaw in my grandmother's diamond.

    Corrine- Isn't it something, that movie? I think so. I'm glad you like it too.

  7. Sweet Marcy.
    I love the idea of putting soup in those jars.

  8. Bethany- I am about to wash those jars and will use them for something else, hopefully almost as sweet.

  9. I love that someone did that for you. You deserve it. I imagine that as a job YOU normally do for others.

    And anything in Mason jars is worth it. They make me happy.

  10. notjustafemme- You are completely right about what comes in Mason jars whether it is pickles, moonshine or chicken soup.

  11. Those noodles look good to me.


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