Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Keeping It Simple

Jessie and I ran to town. Well, we didn't go all the way to town. Just as far as the Costco. Bless their hearts. They made it simple. They had two coffee makers. One Mr. Coffee that looked entirely not good enough. And this one. The Cuisinart. It looked like it had everything I wanted. And it was not very expensive.
We bought it along with some other stuff which I doubt I really need but I'm at the point in the situation where I'm just throwing things into the cart for good luck.
A swing through the Publix and we were home.
I am drinking my first cup of Cuisinart coffee and it is fine. And it came with a real manual. And it is about fifty times easier to program than the old Krups. And it pours like a dream.
All is well.
Time to get busy, busy. Hank is coming out and so is Owen. I have the kitchen to do, the cornbread to bake and some side dishes to make for tomorrow before the party if I have time.
Peter Rowen is on Terry Gross, telling Bill Monroe stories. It's a beautiful day. I have coffee.
Life is not so bad.
Not bad at all.
Thank-you for all your suggestions. Someday I'll grow up enough to get one of those coffee makers that grinds beans. For now though, I'll just be a coffee non-gourmet. Hell, if I really liked the way it tasted, I'd put cream and sugar in it.
And I'd weigh four hundred pounds.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It is a magnificent coffee maker! So glad everything worked out. I have just about cleaned myself silly today and now I'm off to Publix for a few more things. By the way, my therapist said the same thing you did about me and my kids and getting through tomorrow. Why am I paying her when I have you!

  2. I have coffee maker envy.

    Have a wondrous evening.

  3. Congrats on the new coffee maker! I got 2 bags of Yukon Golds!! For real baby!

    xoxo m

  4. I'm thinking of firing my therapist and just using a what would Mary Moon do philosophy myself Lois.

    Yes your coffee maker is beautiful. My new thermal cuisinart that ginds and all is nice but it does not pour like a dream and it doesn't fill up the house with the coffee aroma, I miss that.
    Oh, the cream and sugar, is that why I weigh 400 lbs? Damn.

    Happy day to you MM.
    You make the hoildays fun for us too, you know.

  5. a) Fantastic new coffee maker!

    b) Don't you just love that about Costco? Not too many choices. I don't do well with grocery choices.

    c) I cannot buy good coffee here in Liberia. I'm not even talking about my normal organic gourmet fair trade dark roast little beans of heaven. No, I can buy Nescafe. And Arabic coffee (which I do like, but it requires sugar, and it's expensive here), and somewhere I hear there is Folgers. That's all. How can I live on instant coffee? How? How? It's tragic, really. So I'm counting on you to let me live vicariously through your coffee joy. Feel free to live through me vicariously with all those potato greens I'm eating.

  6. That's so weird. That's our coffeemaker which I erroneously told you was a Kitchenaid this morning. Well, there you go. That's the exact one we have and we love it.

  7. i loves me some costco! i get a little overzealous with the deals there at times, but that's also why i own a seal-a-meal!

    enjoy your company!


  8. We've been using that very same Cuisinart coffeemaker for 5 years. Great coffee and totally reliable, or at least, as reliable as the operators.

    Kiss your grandbaby for me.

  9. Glad that you got what you wanted. We use those K cups and order through the mail. Great stuff. Anyway, I drink decaf so I am a coffee slob.

  10. Cuisinart is always a good choice. Good job!

    Love you.


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