Monday, November 8, 2010

I Love Ms. Bastard-Beloved So Much That Sometimes I Have To Write Like She Does (Kathleen- I Have Eaten Your Soup)

I have had a container of frozen SoupMan soup in my freezer for a few months now. I bought it in case Kathleen was ever here and wanted something tasty and quick and easy to eat.

But I motherfucking ate it myself today.

I did not even look at the damn nutrition label either. I am sick, Motherfuckers! and I can eat whatever I fucking want and I am not worrying about fucking fat grams.

It was not the best motherfucking soup I ever ate but it wasn't the worst either.

Now. If you want to read a REALLY good post, written by the genuine Ms. Bastard-Beloved, go here.

I don't care how motherfucking sick you are, you will laugh.

Love...Ms. Moon
P.S. I'm sorry Kathleen. I will make you more soup. I promise.


  1. I love you SOFA KING MUCH. Do you know that? I am glad you ate the soup. I wish I were closer so I could bring you some fancy fucking soup from some restaurant and make you feel better. Also, we could have martinis. I had four dirty martinis this weekend and thought of you each damn time.

    I adore you! Get well SOON.



  2. Ah, Mary Moon, my dear........I wish I could gallop up onto your porch, bang on the door and hand you a pot of Lo's Magic Chicken Soup, still warm from the stove. That would fix you.

    Well considering the geographic distance between us and my bum knee and lieu of that let me just say,"I love you and please get well."

  3. ah you do that very well, thanks for the laugh. SB is a fantastic teacher. I couldn't talk/write like her if I tried, she's motherfucking brilliant.

  4. Soups gone and now you will have room for something else in both the fridge and your tummy.

  5. Next year get a flu shot in early October.
    Hope you feel better. I'm sure Kathleen understands about the soup.

  6. I had king crab corn chowder today and it was great. So I understand your wanting some good soup.

  7. That gave me great smile. Hoping you feel better soon.

  8. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Why don't we live in the same neighborhood? Why?

    Lora- I am trying.

    Lo- I would just love to see your face. Forget that soup. I would kiss you for days.

    Bethany- She's a motherfucking genius.

    Sandra- Yes!

    Lucy- It wasn't the flu. I promise you.

    Syd- Oh my goodness. That sounds GOOD!

    Mel- Working on it, baby. Working on it.


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