Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kathleen is Pure Both Inside And Out

I have been called Sweetie about four times today. I am not kidding you. By four separate people. Whom I do not know. Men people. Only once on the phone!

Okay. I just had to tell you that because it's so odd.

Anyway, no pictures, okay? I took the camera but really- it's in very bad taste to take someone's picture either before or after a colonoscopy so forget it. It was only Kathleen and me because Judy has the stomach flu and couldn't leave her bathroom. Is this irony or just cruel? Either way, it was just the two of us.
And I didn't know whether to hope they found cancer or not but they didn't. The reason I didn't know which to hope for is because if they do find out where this primary site is, they have a better chance at a more effective treatment.
Anyway, no cancer in Kathleen's gut that they could find. So.

I took her home and dropped her off after I made sure she was settled in. She's so EASY, that girl. I asked her what she wanted me to get her.
"Water," she said. "Out of the tap."
Okay. So I did.
I imagine she's asleep. Not only was she up half the night going to the bathroom for her pre-procedure cleansing ritual, but also her ex-husband was there. Now I don't know if you've been following her blog but it turns out that her ex-husband also has cancer. Brain cancer. I mean please- could you make this stuff up?
I couldn't and I have a pretty good imagination.
But he's on his way to Tennessee where some world-famous cancer specialist is supposedly going to see him. And oh yeah- the WFCS is a chiropractor.
So, well, we shall see about that and Kathleen was tired and that stuff they give you for the procedure knocks you for a loop so I imagine she's going to be sleeping for the rest of the day and hopefully the night as well.

I'm tired too. In fact, I just forgot how to spell "tired." I hope it's just fatigue and not a brain tumor. The way thing are going...

Jessie's back home to vote and have supper and Mr. Moon will be coming in too and all I'll have to do is heat up the soup and make some oat bran muffins so yippie!
And since I did nothing today but sit in a waiting room where a TV was blaring first game shows and then the news and then soap operas, perhaps my legs and feet won't keep me awake tonight. I'm hoping.

And the elections will be over tonight which means that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and other well-known people will quit calling me. I have to tell you that it feels weird to hang up on the president. Did you?

So that's it.

Enjoy your evening, non-ringing telephone and all.

Yours truly...Sweetie Moon


  1. A day of being an angel for Kathleen...do hope she is sleeping well but I do worry of her and the ex in the same house after the previous time that she wrote about.

    And sometimes I swear when it rains it DOES pour...for a person to have so much going on like Kathleen she does not need to take care of anyone...she is the one to be coddled and cared for...

    You deserve to be called endearing names...sweetie...I often refer to everyone as "dear" or "honey"...I can't help it!

  2. You get calls from Barack Obama? Even pre-recorded that is just WEIRD. America really is a different country.

  3. I'm glad to hear the cancer isn't there. But I do hope they can figure out where it is soon enough.

    Hopefully she's getting some good rest, and you ARE a sweetie!

  4. Sweetie Moon :)

    Love to Kathleen.

  5. I've received no calls from presidents. I did get a call from the wild last night.

  6. You take us through events in such interesting ways. It reminds me of reading a deeply personal letter directed to me.

    When someone calls me 'sweetie' I listen out for their tone of voice.

    Sometimes it feels endearing, at other times patronising. How was it for you?

    The idea of a telephone call from the president or his representative feels downright icky, given that it's presumably been pre-recorded to reach millions, whereas your lovely blog only reaches a few of us, and we and you are genuine. Thanks.

  7. No, the president didn't call me, he didn't even call me in 2008. He just takes my state and my vote for granted.
    I only got to hang up on the outgoing County Executive....
    However - I'm going to think that Obama did call me and I just didn't answer the phone, because I don't answer the phone when I don't recognize the number at this time of year. Yes, the president called and I just wouldn't take his call.

  8. You're very kind to look after your friends. I wish everyone could be so lucky on both counts. 1) to have friend that would look after us and 2) to have the time to look after our friends.

  9. sweetie, sweetie, sweetie, sweetie, just doubling it up for you, since you sweeten my days.
    glad kathleen is home and safe and pure.
    i want some of that soup desperatly now.

  10. Ellen- No. The Ex is gone to Tennessee. He was with a cousin or something like that. I told her that after the procedure she should feel REALLY relieved- the ex was gone and the colonoscopy was done.
    And I call everyone "honey" too but mostly because I can't remember names.

    Mwa- Yeah. We're weird as hell.

    notjustafemme- You're a sweetie too.

    Jo- I'll tell her!

    Elizabeth- Every sweetie I got today felt nice. Isn't that wonderful?
    And you know, when I write, I think to myself, "Oh, this will crack Michelle up," or "Elizabeth will relate to this," or, well...you know. I AM writing a letter to real people. Isn't that funny? I always said that my dream job would be getting paid to write letters. Now if I only got paid...

    Lucy- "I only got to hang up on the outgoing County Executive...."
    That made me laugh.

    Sandra- I AM lucky. And I know it.

    Bethany- Ha! Thank-you, Sweetie! I wish you were here to eat this soup. We're just about to sit down.

  11. Happy about the no cancer, but I know it's a precarious win.. Has her pancreas been checked? Probably so, but it is a little booger and that is a place that I understand is hard to test for. sigh.

    Sending well wishes and kisses.

  12. I am glad that her ordeal is over for the moment. I do hope that they find the primary site. I am tired too. I voted and am glad. Who knows what will now happen.

  13. I'm wired too. This election thing has my stomach in knots. I mean, if they choose to be republican, why don't they choose to be intelligent? I know I'm not making any sense, but I'm worried that the republicans will take control of everything.
    You are a wonderful friend to Kathleen, Ms. Moon. I am thinking of her this evening, and hoping she'll have a good night.

  14. Ironically and for whatever reason, I was thinking of Truly Scrumptious from "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" today. I think her little theme song from the movie entered my brain mysteriously.

    As such, I will not be calling you Sweetie today. I will be calling you Truly.

    A Truly dedicated friend, mother, wife, caregiver, grand-maw, chef, keeper of chickens.

    Truly inspirational and....... Truly Scrumptious.

  15. I didn't get a call from The President, although I still cherish the memory of Bill's voice on my phone. I think I saved it on my old answering machine, it felt so personal!

  16. Oh, and I'm glad that Kathleen's visit went all right. That's some crazy shit with the ex, though.

  17. Only you can make a colonoscopy appointment read like a day out with a friend, Sweetie. Glad there was no cancer in there. Give Kathleen a hug from me when you see her next. Sweet Keeses. N2

  18. I few weeks ago, we got a call from sweetie Richard Nixon. That was really disturbing.

  19. You are a good woman, Moon. Prayers.

  20. My number is private, so I didn't get any of the political calls, but I would listen to Bubba Clinton any time, any place. I love that man! I'd vote for him a third and a fourth time if those fuckers in Washington would let me.

    Love you, Sweetie. Laugh.

  21. Ms. Fleur- Yes. And checked again this week.

    Syd- She's been poked and prodded everywhere.

    Angie M- Mmmm. Turn your question around and let's see- if they were SMART they wouldn't be Republicans. I know that's not really true. There are some very intelligent Republicans. I guess.

    Elizabeth- Amen, amen.

    N2- Will do!

    Nick- YOU DID NOT! Hey. I have to get over and start visiting you. I will. Thanks for coming here!

    Angella- You are too. You are too.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I love him so much I'd be Hillary's Sister Wife.


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