Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This Is Not A Merry Day

This. Is. Not.Working.
Not the being sick, not the not being able to help Kathleen, not the nothing.
I still don't feel well. I laid in bed this morning and tried to figure out what was worth getting up for.
Although I couldn't come up with anything besides the fact that the dogs needed out, I got up anyway.
What else can you do?

And although I think the philosophy of "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all" is a bunch of hoo-ha-hog-wash, I think it may just be a good philosophy for me today.

Later, y'all.


  1. You need cat food--that is worth getting up for :)

  2. love to you Ms. Moon.
    sometimes you have to believe that getting up for yourself is more than enough... and it is.

  3. Mary, please allow yourself this time to heal. Sit on all your porches and enjoy the light, read, watch a movie, revel in the nothingness; this may be just what the doctor ordered. Know that you will be back to your busy, productive, overflowing life soon enough!

    I'm sending you love and encouragement to just BE!!!

  4. Bless your sniffly heart.
    What can we do?

  5. SJ- Too true.

    deb- Thank-you.

    lulumarie- I'll try.

    Lisa- Ditto.

    Ms. Fleur- Not one thing but thanks.

  6. my darling ms. moon,
    i am home and here....with all the virgins, saints and sinners of mexico to conjure your verve. to breathe into your every vein the pulse of tango, lust for life, the song of contentment....
    come let's dance together....i have missed you so!

  7. rebecca- I am so happy you're home. I have my candles lit, and they are giving me some light. I have missed you too.

  8. oh hey!! give yourself a break dear thing...if you dont rest and do nothing you wont be fit for all the things you want to do later...

  9. Wish I could over with a pot of homemade soup and warm crusty bread...I would bring it to you on a tray just like my Nan use to for me when I was sick...

  10. Hey. Some days you just need to stay in bed with a good book and some spiked tea and read and bitch then read some more. Or spiked tea and crappy tv. Put on Fox and yell at the boobs on the tube. Purge


  11. Please take care and know that we love you.

  12. Attacking The Dark Side with light sabers and The Force always works for us.

  13. Oh Ms. Moon - what a thing. I hope youu feel better now. Maybe you need mindless TV and chocolate. Some days are just like that. Best not to fight it every time.

  14. I'm glad that you got up, and you had something sweet to say on my own blog, as I'm sure you did to many others. So, you're ahead. Way ahead. But I'm sorry you feel terrible. I really am.

  15. Screamish- I know. I know. Still sucks.

    Ellen- I'm not even HUNGRY! But I would eat that. Thank-you.

    Michelle- Going to go watch crap TV and knit now.

    Nicol- Okay.

    Stephanie- And I love you.

    Lisa- Bob Rosenberg needs to be my Jedi Knight.

    Mwa- You're probably right.

    Elizabeth- Sigh.

  16. I get this totally. There are some days where I have no purpose other than just to breathe. Sleep sounds nice to me at the moment.

  17. Thinking of you. It sucks to be down. Just know how loved you are.

  18. If you don't have anything nice to say, come and sit by me. That's my philosophy.


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