Saturday, November 27, 2010

More On Dancing

Yes. Crows. Here are a few I caught. If I had been quicker, I could have caught a hundred in that tree. I am not very fast right now. As Truvy says, I am built for comfort, not for speed.

Another day of lying on the couch. I have watched more movies in the past few days than I have watched in a year. Don't even ask me what I watched. One with Alec Baldwin, one with Seth Rogen playing three different roles. All right, the movies were Lymelife and one was Fanboys. There were two Culkin boys in Lymelife and they were both good and let me just say this- if you want to hire a young actor to play a child observing the break-up and misery of a family with the greatest skill and power, look for actors whose last name is Culkin.

I have watched other movies, too, but I drowsed through huge parts of them. I watched part of one called The Brothers Bloom and I want to see the whole thing. I could watch Adrien Brody all day long doing nothing but reading a phone book. Silently. To himself. That nose. That face.
Ah me.
I do love a good nose. I always have. And I have always wondered why they were put squarely in the front of the face. They must really, really be important to our survival as a species. And although we don't really think or talk about it, they must say something important in the silent language of attraction too.
Well, that's my theory.
And there's a woman in The Bloom Brothers called Bang-Bang (Rinko Kikuchi- what a name!) and I love her too. It'll be on again sooner or later. I'll see the whole thing.

So I got up off the couch and made turkey soup. It has turkey, of course, in it and collards and celery and onions and garlic and curry and chili powder and edamame beans and oh, I don't know what all. Leftover gravy. One sweet potato. Rice. The rest of the wine leftover from Wednesday night. I hope it's edible. And I made some Irish Soda Bread but it doesn't have enough flour in it and it's the shortest loaf of Irish Soda Bread you've ever seen.
Oh well.

Today I saw and heard flocks of crows. It's been slow and quiet. And I wanted to show you one of the things I did to decorate the house on Wednesday night:

Magnolia branches twined in the stairway. I think we'll be keeping this up the entire holiday season. It makes me happy and when those branches die, I'll just replace them. I wonder if any one at the party noticed. I sort of doubt it. And if they did, I doubt they realized that the branches were real.
I did.
And that's okay.

And I remembered something tonight- dancing may have contributed to my knee problem but it was dancing that cured my foot-tendon problem back in January. So there.
Dancing IS prayer.

Remember that. Do a little shuffle, a quick-step, a polka, a waltz, a slide, a down-and-dirty boogie. In the moonlight or kitchen or living room. It'll do something to change your life.

That's the advice coming to you tonight from the Church of the Batshit Crazy.

Soup's on.

Love....Ms. Moon


  1. i ,love crows..:-)

    and i like macauly culkin a lot..i diodnt like dhim as a kid..but party monster or even better..saved!! he plays so well...

    and dancing..yes..dancing is praying and music is pink says: if god is a dj is the is the rhythm and you are the musik...

    i always loved dancing...dancing with my babysister on my hip...dancing with the one si loved..or all by in the kitchen in the knowledge that this is a good day..a good night...

  2. Yes dancing is prayer... and your stairway looks wonderful with the magnolia and lights...

  3. I did notice the magnolia branches! They make the house look very festive and Christmasy, and I mean that in the best possible way. It's something I never would have thought to do with magnolia branches.

  4. I love a nose on a man. So sexy. See my husband in profile sometime--that's what I'm talking about.

  5. Just checking in for the first time--hope you had a good thanksgiving. I don't know much about crows or about good husbands or soup or childbirth...but I'm glad you do, and I'm glad you're in my life.

  6. I'm not sure how a feel about online matchmaking, but it seems to me that the couples they show on the eharmony commercials always have similar noses to eachother, I've always noticed that.

    I love the magnolia leaves. That's one tree I still need here.

  7. I'm thinking about noses in an entirely new way.

  8. YUM! Adrian Brody and his nose. I love your woolly mammoth theory on noses. I bet you're right. Yummy food and yummy mates. And danger.

    The magnolia branches are beauteous.


  9. Thanks for a sermon today. I love you Mama!

    And yes, I could watch Mr. Brody reading a book for three hours too. He's got one of my favorite faces in the world, and it's because of that nose of his, and I guess his dreamy eyes don't hurt either.

  10. Those magnolia branches and lights on the stairway, so lovely and so You!

    Dancing is the electric light of the universe flowing through me and you and anyone who dances.

    Glad that you felt well enough to get up to make the soup.

    x0 N2

  11. Ah noses! Mr. Rosenberg's nose is spectacular...

  12. Danielle- Dancing is the best, isn't it? At first I thought you said, "dancing with my baby SITTER on my hip," and I thought, "WHAT?"
    Ha! Babies love to dance, don't they?

    Dianne- Thank-you! I think it's very festive.

    Anna- I'm glad you noticed. You're a sweet woman, you are.

    Nancy C- And I love a woman with a good nose, too.

    SJ- And I'm glad you're in mine.

    Stephanie- I'll have to check that out when I see my next eharmony ad.
    Wouldn't it be funny if that was how they matched people? Noses?

    Elizabeth- And I hope it enriches your life.

    Michelle- It all goes back to the wooly mammoth, doesn't it?

    Leslie- Isn't that staircase a wonder?

    Honeyluna- Good point on the eyes, darling. Very good point.

    N2- Exactly on the dancing!

    Lisa- Oooh. Give us a profile!

  13. We dance all the time as well. Dancing with children, dancing on my own - I do find it the most healing thing as well.

  14. I showed the phot of the magnolias to my wife and she was captivated. She wants to do that with our stairs as well. It's almost time to decorate.

  15. Like Stephanie, I seem to think that couples with similar noses stay together longer and seem happier. I have my grandfather's Cherokee nose...hard to match...probably why I'm 2xdivorced ;) jk.

  16. The magnolias on the stairwell look swell! You are giving fucking Martha Stewart a run for her money, sister. I hate that bitch.

  17. Syd- Feel free to steal my idea.

    Mwa- It's a glory, isn't it?

    Michelle- I did not know that!

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- The thing I like most about Martha Stewart is that she went to jail and seemed to be okay with that.


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