Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday After Thanksgiving

Things To Do List:

1. Address fatness issue.
a. Quit eating like a beast on steroids.
b. Throw those Cheezits in the cabinet to the chickens.
c. Figure out how to get Kathleen's exercycle over here.

2. Take trash and recycle (CHECK! DONE!)

3. Do laundry.

4. Think about Christmas shopping.
a. Count number of Ativan left in bottle.
b. Get Christmas lists from children.
c. Make Christmas list.
d. Force Mr. Moon to make Christmas list.

5. Just consider sending Christmas cards.

6. Complete healing of knee.
a. See 1. (c) above
b. Buy knee brace.

7. Leave Lloyd. For awhile at least. Put on a bra. Get in car. Drive away. Go to town.
a. Go to Publix and buy orange juice and bananas.
b. Go to Costco and buy fat-free Greek yogurt. Do not sample the cashew clusters.
c. Go to drugstore and buy knee brace.
d. Go to Lily and Jason's and play with Owen.

8. Come home.

9. Take coolers back to garage.

10. Wash hair. No. Really.

11. Learn more lines. Relearn ones I "learned" yesterday.

12. Plan healthful, low-fat, high fiber meals.
a. Buy beans.

13. Try not to beat myself up.
a. For hating Christmas.
b. For not even thinking about Christmas "decorating."
c. For fatness issue.
d. For not finding a cure for cancer or solving that pesky "world peace" issue.
e. For not getting books published.
f. Etc.

14. Drink eight glasses of water. (Not all at once.)

15. Ice and elevate knee at some point.

16. Try to find line between overdoing and being a lazy slob.

17. Don't dance!

18. Even with Owen.

19. Especially not with Owen in my arms.

20. Kiss his little face a thousand times.

21. Sweep kitchen.

22. Clean out nests in chicken house.

23. Turn off computer and clean keyboard carefully with Magic Eraser. (It really IS magic!)

24. Turn computer back on.

25. Wash hands before using computer. (Especially after #22 above.)

26. Do something about facial wrinkles. The store-brand Oil of Olay is not working.

27. Come to terms with facial wrinkles. There is no magic potion.

28. Do not come to term with fatness issue!

29. Remember what is important.
a. Family
b. Friends
c. Birds.


30. Try not to curse out loud when I hear Christmas carols on the Muzak.
a. Or sob.
b. Or throw things.

What's on your list today?


  1. Best. List. Ever.

    I particularly love no. 13. And anything that involves sweet Owen.

  2. Your list is making me tired. (Or maybe it's all of the pie I have consumed in the last five days.)
    More evidence that I need a longer list...

  3. Love your list. I got fat when I wasn't watching, and I'm not happy about it. I understand the correlation between Cheezits and Corn chips and my pudge, and also understand the whole calorie/exercise equation, but here I sit, all jiggly from Halloween candy, Thanksgiving stuffed and thinking about how hopeless dieting is during the holidays, which the only part I really enjoy is the food and family. Sigh.
    Your list is a fine place to start. Take care of that knee. And don't feel guilty about the decorations, just go look at your stairs! Have a good day and don't let that Muzak get to you. Hugs.

  4. You have a very ambitious list there! I'm just hoping I can stop eating so much. So far, so good, but it's getting close to lunch time!

  5. Here it is:
    1. Hang upside down in the engine compartment. Contemplate wiring.
    2. Do some electrical wiring on the boat for a light in the cockpit and a stereo speaker for the VHF out there as well.
    3. get dock guys to pump the waste tank out.
    4. Vacuum the boat.
    5. Take a shower
    6. Cook lunch for us.
    7. Go to my home group meeting tonight.
    8. Read blogs and write something.
    9. Read a few pages in a book that I am about done with.
    10. Crash

    The above is sort of in order. I would like to get C.'s Christmas stuff out of the closet and put away the fall decorations. Maybe tomorrow on that.

  6. The freaking music already has me threatening to kill people.

  7. gosh, this list made me realize I'm not having such a bad day just going to work. Mama mia!
    I'm in the same place as you with the fat issue, but on my list is eat a big fat turkey sandwich with real mayo and stuffing, so hmmm...
    Already did most of my list this morning, animal chores, make bed, etc... more of that when I get home tonight.
    I think on my list today is just:
    1. stay awake
    2. act friendly to patrons and workmates
    3. work
    4. drive myself home

    Good luck with yours, it's a doozy!

  8. oh my gosh, also, what's with the Cheezeits? They are on my list of not allowed in the house, which I've followed for over and year and then bam somehow I have a family sized box in my cupboard. They did not have a chance to go stale.

  9. i made a nose dive into my to do list,
    decided to multi task..
    threw in a load of wash, fed the cat,
    threw together a bowl of "quick" cereal and immediately covered it with half and half instead of the skim.....(seriously, multi tasking is so not working for me!)

    which completely screws with
    and takes me directly to 16.

    loved your list,
    you GO girl....

  10. love your list and you.

    Christmas is a test sometimes. I 've always wondered if that is the reason for the season ;).

    At least the house down the street finally took the halloween decorations down that are intertwined with the Christmas ones. I guess putting them both up together seemed brilliant? ugh.

    I like the process of Advent . It's a slow reflection, seeing light in the dark. It's not about shopping !!

    my list today includes calling my daughter who has gone back to school after being home and I already miss her.

  11. Angella- Well, it's a start, that list.
    I'm pretty sure I'll get the Owen things accomplished.

    Lisa- You already bought Bob Rosenberg's presents! You're so far ahead of me.

    Mel- You're right! I've already decorated!

    Lois- It's so hard. Dammit.

    Syd- You GO boy! I'm proud of you!

    Stephanie- Me too. Damn.

    Bethany- You reminded me- I need bread!
    And Hank bought a GINORMOUS box of Cheezeits to crush for the top of his casserole and there are so many left. Those chickens are going to love them.
    Good luck with your list.

    rebecca- We do our best. And that is all we can do.

    deb- It's like ripping the bandaid when those babies leave us again, isn't it?

  12. Sorry about the Cheezits!

    My list:
    1. Get little pesky shit done at work.
    2. Obsessively plan out in my mind how I will rearrange my house.
    3. Go home, start rearranging house.
    4. Make new plan, as previous one will obviously not work.
    5. Drink a beer.
    6. Go to 3, repeat.

  13. DTG- You want those Cheezits back? Ha! I like your list. Numbers 3-6 are going to be big fun. Don't hurt your back or knee in rearranging, though. And watch for Baggie-attacks. I love you.

  14. No, no, give them to the chickens. I'll post updates as I get going!

  15. Great list. Here's mine:
    1.Order Refill of Diastat (rectal valium) 2. Pay Bills (make sure there's money in acct. before doing so) 3. Mail essay to contest 4. buy candy kisses for advent calendar 5. cancel boys' dr. appt. (can't afford) 6. reschedule my physical for new year when I come into millions of dollars 7. pick up convoluted Choice forms for public school 8. pick up children 9. brush teeth and put in contacts 10. find something funny to make me laugh

  16. The only thing on my list today is to get through the day, to lat until bedtime. That's it.

  17. I love your list! I stopped even thinking about christmas cards a few years ago. People can go fuck themselves if that upsets them. I will turn up for the parties with a gift if required, but the cards are just craziness gone too far. (Of course I get sad because I hardly receive any now. Because I'm crazy.)

    My list? Includes taking care of sick girl, and finding a way to buy Sinterklaas presents without sick girl noticing. Not sure how it can be done. Will have to send Babes.

  18. That bird would probably like a cheez-it or twenty.

    1. Write
    2. Read
    3. Clean
    4. Fold
    5. Care
    6. Pick
    7. Breathe

    That's all I guess. I could add many footnotes and addenda but that would prevent me from doing 1-7.

  19. HA! I am with you on the anxiety bus tonight! I should go to sleep, as I have to get up before 5am to get a bus to teh airport, but I can't because I'm too stressed, because they're anticipating 10-20 cms of snow tonight, and I don't know if the bus will be running, or of I should try and get a taxi to another bus, or just try and get one all the way in, if one will bring me, but I can't afford it anyway and I don't know what to dooooo!

    And I had a complete downer sobbing panic attack earlier this evening which has left me all freaked out, and my husband and daughter were watching an episode of Myth Busters where they get out of a car underwater after it's all filled up with air and that is one of my big fears and it's left me feeling more panicked and OHMYGOD why the one day I go to the airport does it snow??? In November??? It never snows in November. Gah.

    I'll deal with the Christmas/fat/unfit problems when I go home, though I've a pinched nerve in my hip today, if that counts. I support your throwing out of the Cheezits. I sponsor you.

  20. Didn't make a list today... but I did get some Slimfast for my breakfast for the rest of the week.

  21. What I did on my list today

    1) Answer blogs days after they were posted
    2) address 10 of my husbands office xmas cards
    3) design a 3 kitty mug for the family xmas giggle gift
    4) walk my over active Lab times three
    5) work out hard at crossfit
    6) design a page for work
    7) try not to think about my daughter's sloth
    8) think about getting a life coach
    9) paint a portrait
    10) fix a broken email

    nuttin much but at least I was friends with myself for a change

  22. hmm..what are those cheestliz? or ..what was the word again???

    and seriously...FAT FREE greek joghurt??? but..the fat part is the best part about the greek joghurt!!! get real one ..with honey..or hazzlenuts...and push that diet aside until january...

    christmas is stressx enough without a diet...

    oh..and face wrinnkles..well..nothing one could do least not with creams
    ant-wrinkle creams are a myth...get some botox or love the serbian partner in crime gets her botox every few month and a while ago we were having martinis and she suddently said: oh damn..i need an apoinment..i can move my forehead again..i dont like it when i can move my forehead!!!!

    crazy that woman:-)

  23. DTG- Can't wait to see the finished result. The chickens thank you.

    Elizabeth- Holy shit, woman! I love you to pieces and HOW DO YOU DO ALL OF THAT?

    Kori- That's usually my list too.

    Mwa- I love you for saying they can go fuck themselves. I really do.

    Controlling- I think that's what I was saying too.

    Jo- All will be well. Your heart is true. Everything will work out. (Easy for me to say, right?) But really- I do believe it.

    Dianne- Really? Is that stuff any good?

    Sandra- I am swooning and need to go to bed after reading that.

    Danielle- Fat free Greek yogurt is amazing. It's like sour cream, only better. No botox for me! But whatever works for the owner of the face is fine with me.
    Cheezits are a sort of cracker. They may be the Devil's communion wafer.

  24. White Cheddar Cheez-its sound so good right now.

  25. 4 a-c, not even considering 5, might consider 10, uh-huh to 26&27. absolutely to 29 a-c!

    Love that cardinal. I can never seem to catch the little birds. By the time I get out there with my camera they've flown, or I can't ever get close enough, or something.

  26. Nicol- NO! They would not be! I promise!

    Leslie- I took that picture through the screen. As soon as I go outside with the camera the birds fly away.

  27. Christmas carols put me in a FOUL way. Bah damn humbug!

    Loved your list.

  28. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I'm with you. All the way.


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