Thursday, November 18, 2010

Haiku My Heart, Beware The Virgin

Altars everywhere
The eye cannot rest for fear
Of some Virgin's gaze

I believe this is self-explanatory. And yet, at the same time, there is no explanation whatsoever. It is what it is.

You may join us, if you wish, over at rebecca's place for more haiku.
And don't be afraid- you, too, can haiku.
We'd like it if you did.


  1. Our Lady of Sitka looks at me when I'm brushing my teeth (I have her tucked into the edge of my vanity). She always looks so terribly, disappointingly, lovingly at me with my mouth full of foam.

  2. I don't have any virgins in the house. I do have St. Francis in the garden and a little angel overlooking another part of the back yard. My religious figures are the ship's models that I love.

  3. If God is Love, why fear the Virgin? :)

  4. While recently on the road, I saw a place ahead of its time in setting up the nativity scene in early preparation for Christmas. I thought of the whole virgin thing and how that might have played out back then.
    That statement, like your photo, has a lot of meaning and no meaning at the same time.
    I like coming here. Good stuff.


  5. I'm with 'the meaning' and 'no meaning' thing, it's how you see it!

    Thanks for posting.

    Sue x

  6. religious,spiritual, meaning, no matter what it is, if it pleases your eye and lifts your heart, then so BE IT. I love this image.

  7. play with images, words and thoughts - one of our jobs on this planet I think.
    Happy Friday !

  8. sitting on the deck
    the angel from mary moon
    watches over us

  9. I guess I'll have to come to Florida to hang with some virgins. We don't have any here in Ohio. When you live in a boring state, all there is to do is eat out and fuck.

    Okay, so that was crude. So shoot me.

  10. There's something both unsettling and yet somehow peaceful about the Virgin's gaze. All of my life I have felt this, but maybe it depends on me - where I'm at in the moment when her gaze graces me.



  11. controlling- Bill Murray looks at me while I brush my teeth. He is highly amused.

    Syd- Ship's models can be powerfully religious. I love that you said that.

    EGWow- Is god love? I don't know. I do not know.

    Spadoman- I like it when you come by so there! I hear there were plenty of virgin births back then. Amazing, huh?

    foxysue- Exactly.

    debdidit- goddess, mother, whatever. The virgin seems to comfort me. Sometimes.

    KimMailhot- It is mine, I do believe.

    Lulumarie- If I have angels, I send them your way! Oh- wait. You are one.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Sometimes the truth is a bit crude. And some truths can only be spoken of crudely. I love you, girl.

    paper-n-soul- Like Frida Kahlo. Inspiring and disturbing at the same time. You get it.

  12. Oh, do I love the fingers in this photo!

  13. Sometimes I am tempted to buy a saint's candle but then, not.

  14. @Sarcastic Bastard,

    That's because there are so many Catholic girls in Ohio - we were raised to revere the Virgin, but decided early not to be virgins ourselves.

  15. Controllingaspicyuniverse,
    Jesus H., could your moniker be any longer? I'm kidding (kind of). Thanks for the clarification. It made me laugh. Have a great weekend, you non-virgin, you.

    Sorry I hijacked your comments, Mary. A thousand apologies.

  16. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- They are yours for the hijacking any time.

  17. oh my yes indeed
    ms moon watching from above
    and the towel drops...

    xox - eb.

  18. I don't have any religious icons watching over my behavior yet, but I do have an upside down St. Anthony-find-me-a-mate shrine to hang.

  19. the lady of guadalupe has a strong pull in some circles... when i was a child the catholic church we went to was so named...i like the reverence and yet the fear of nothing...

  20. lol! I love this. makes me think of trying to live up to some form of perfection no one can accomplish.

  21. Very profound, and most philosophical too.

    All the best, Boonie

  22. i LOVE this!!!
    the virgin as a true MOTHER,
    admonishing...from afar. (eyes even in the back of her prayerful head)


  23. There is no fear, when a mother looks upon her child,it is only with love :) so no fears !!

  24. Ms. Moon

    I have many Virgins in my home. I collect them and feel so safe where they are.



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