Saturday, November 13, 2010

Decoding The Invisible Code Of The DNA Of The Mind

I woke up this morning from dreams which I described to Kathleen as the floor sweepings of complete junk, dumped out for my brain to show me.

And then after actually thinking about them for three or four seconds, I realized they had more obvious meaning than anything I've dreamed in a long, long time which is not to say they WEREN'T the results of brain floor sweepings, it's just that my brain has some really untidy and nasty stuff in there.

Kathleen wanted to go home this morning and said she was feeling fine so I took her. When we pull into her place, I always feel as if we are entering a kingdom of sorts, a magical kingdom where the dogs and the cats and the chickens and the flowers all reach out to her in the light of her own piece of this earth's sun and embrace her back into themselves. The dogs are frantic to see her again, the cats act as they don't care but each must have his or her scratch and rub, each must have part of mama in some way. The roses, still blooming, seem to open a little fuller, the peeps sing a little sweeter.
She is that sort of woman who has created a kingdom of simple and good things and she is happy there.
There is so much to be said for that. There is so much I could say about loving Kathleen.

I talked to Mr. Moon and he is on his way home to me. I am so glad. He got to ramble and rove around the place he grew up, he got to see his cousins, he got to hunt and fish. He is not bringing home a Tennessee buck but he is bringing home memories and something he can only get from going there, just as I can get things in Roseland I can get no where else.
I will be so glad to see him pull in tonight. So very, very glad.

I guess I am going to the Opera House this afternoon. They are having auditions for Steel Magnolias and hell, I might as well try. I've never seen the play or read it either but I know it's quite different from the movie and it all takes place in Truvy's beauty salon and there are no men in the cast. Only six women. As much energy and time as it takes to be a part of a stage play, I know it is good for me. I know I need to step out of myself at times and put something else on center stage, quite literally. And who knows? I may not get a part. I can only imagine that every woman in Jefferson county would like to be a part of this and half the women in Leon county, too. But I'll go.
I've done no preparation and it'll be cold reading but I'll do the best I can.
I will do the best I can.

Which is what I am doing this day. I swear. I feel like I'm in the middle of a crazy sea that pops up tsunamis one moment and the waves wash me into a placid place the next.

Here are some pictures. Jessie took the ones of Owen yesterday. When Kathleen and I got back from Thomasville Jessie was here taking care of Owen until I could get back and when I took him on my hip, it was like I could finally breathe again.
Look at this face:

And look at this face:

I took that of Elvis this morning.

And the faces of the loquats:

They are opening now to the delight of the bees.

And then finally this:

He is so brave and so curious and he has my heart in every pocket of his jeans and he has my soul in his finger.

It is one of those days where I cannot understand why I have to feel everything so damn much.

I guess I just have to. And if I didn't, well, I would not be who I am. I would not be floating in this crazy sea and I would have missed everything that matters.

That's what I'm telling myself as I do my best, as I think about the things revealed in sleeping, dreaming, and awakening.

Happy Saturday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It is good to feel. I feel good today.

  2. That little Owen is absolutely precious and so are you!

  3. Holy cow, that's a friggin' cute child you've got there! :)

  4. Well, you sound GOOD. I'm relieved and joyous to see those photos, too.

  5. if there is anyone more perfect for a part in Steel Magnolia's, i'll suck my foot.

  6. Oh, Moon. Wouldn't you know it? They are doing Steel Magnolias in the spring here. Haven't decided if I have the resources to be in another show but I have been thinking about it. Our lives like to chase each other by the tails, huh?

  7. Yes, indeedy, you are right for Steel Magnolia's! I'll be curious to see which part you get.

    And the pictures of the O-Boy are good for this G'ma's heart as well. Only 5-6 more days before I get my hands on the Corn Tiger. Um-mmm!


  8. That intense ability to feel, is what makes you an incredible writer.

    Hope you are having a brilliant Saturday with all of those sweet faces.

  9. What a beautiful boy in his dungarees.

  10. Syd- I'm glad you feel good. I am...feeling.

    lulumarie- Owen is the most precious of precious. To me, anyway. I love the images Jessie got of him.

    Nicol- He is, isn't he?

    Elizabeth- You should see what I wrote and deleted. Sigh.
    But the pictures are wonderful and the whole other side of that coin.

    Maggie May- I live in the capitol of women-who-would-be-perfect-for-Steel-Magnolias. Trust me.

    Omgrrrl- They always have. Don't know why they'd stop now.
    Wish you could come do the make-up.

    N2- I can't wait until you get your hands on that boy. I want to see pictures!

    Lisa- I had a good time at the Opera House. I promise you.

    Mwa- Isn't he?

  11. Well Owen is simply adorable and Elvis is stunningly handsome. That's all.

  12. You'd be the best M'Lynn Eatenton. I hope they cast you!

  13. I love this: ...I think about the things revealed in sleeping, dreaming, and awakening.

    And I love that fat little hand being licked by the pink tongue.

    Thanks for this post. Every word rings true. And I cannot wait to hear how the audition goes.

  14. I love the photo of Owen and the goat. It made me smile. And on a Monday, that's needed greatly.

    Love you, dear.


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